Friday 05.30.14



***Open Gym 5:30am – 1:00pm and 5:00pm – 6:30pm***

Red Nation
10 Toe to Bar
15 Box Jump (24, 20″)
20 Wall Ball (20, 14#)

Post Scores to Comments.

Best buds ready to throw down!

Best buds ready to throw down!

Rachel will get to use both of her hands to handstand walk tomorrow. Go get em girl!

Rachel will get to use both of her hands to handstand walk tomorrow. Go get em girl!

It’s go time!

CrossFit New Englanders, let’s rally together and cheer on our team and individual competitors!

We hope to see you this weekend at Reebok Headquarters in Canton.



  1. rich t

    CFNE Boooooooommmmm!!!!!!!

  2. Brian L

    good luck everyone!

  3. Amy B

    Red Nation: 4 + 22 Rx – had to redo quite a few wall balls

    Good luck all!

  4. Andy M

    Good luck Team CFNE and all individual athletes competing this weekend!

    Red Nation: 4+34 (step ups)

  5. Braatz

    Red Nation: 5 + 11 Rx

    10 x 5 HSPUs

    c/o: 5 minutes of perfect form, 1-armed handstand pose. And wouldn’t you know it, no one snapped a photo!?!

  6. Andy L

    Red Nation: 5 even Rx

    GO CFNE!

  7. Rick-V

    Good luck to all of the CFNE competitors this weekend as well as those volunteering. I hope to make it there on Sunday. Does anyone have a list of all of the CFNE competitors competing?

  8. Sarah W

    Red Nation: 5 + 10 (3rds of 14# WB, 2 rds of 10#). Thanks, Eugene!!!! You’re the best! I respond well to a good shaming.

    Aw yeah Team A plus Rachel, Cheryl and James.

    Amazing picture of Rachel.

  9. Jen W

    Red Nation: 4+21 Rx

    Just didn’t have anything in the legs & TTBs are still slow.

  10. Colleen (OC)

    Good luck CFNE!!!! I unknowingly booked a trip to Asheville with my college friends…. Can’t believe I am going to miss regionals! I’ll be watching online!!! Go kick some butt!

  11. Todd B

    Good luck to all the CFNE athletes!

  12. Tricia D

    Love these pictures!

    Good luck CFNE!!! We are on our way to Canton to cheer you on!! Woot woot!!

  13. Red Nation: 4+10 First two rounds were RX, then had to sub abmat situps, but kept 24″ & 20#. Kept going after the 15min to complete the 5th round, not for time.

    At work in Quincy, hoping to duck out early and make the quick drive to Canton in time to see some action. GOOD LUCK CFNE!

  14. Rachel E

    Red Nation: 5+32 (GHD for TTB, 30# med ball squats for WBs)

    Go get ‘em CFNE!

  15. Katrina

    red nation

    5+25 RX

    (my allergies are killing my lungs.)

  16. Alison

    Red Nation – 5+40, WB squats, rest Rx.
    3 mile run not for time.

    Good luck CFNE!!

  17. Malik

    I’m stuck in school, but I’m watching the live stream every second I can. GO C-F-N-E!

  18. Michelle

    Red nation: 5 + 28 rx
    DL: 2 x 260#
    DL: 1 x 275#
    Ctb progression/ ghd
    Thank you, Ali l for opening the gym!!
    Go Cfne!!!

  19. Go CFNE! We’ll be there cheering for you this weekend!

  20. Molly C

    Red Nation: 4+40 Rx

    Good luck CFNE!!

  21. Crabbe

    Red Nation: 6+10 Rx

  22. Ashley R

    Red Nation:

    5+2 RX
    2 K row
    Strict Press

    Amazing what I can get accomplished in an hour and 15 min in Open Gym

    Best of luck all team and individual athletes from CFNE!!

  23. Kelly B

    G-O, GO CFNE GO!

    G-O, GO CFNE GO!!

    GO-O, GO CFNE GO!!

    Taken from the cheers my students do for basketball.

  24. Stephan

    Red Nation:

    4+15 RX. Bad idea to do a 22 mile ride at 5:45 and then try to pull off this WOD

    Go Luck to all the CFNE competitors!!!

  25. Big Mike

    Red Nation: 5 & 5 Rx

  26. Red Nation: 4+15 Rx

    GO CFNE!!

  27. denise sullivan

    you guys are SUCH rock staaaaahs!!!!!!! go, go, go

  28. Ali G

    Red Nation: 5+42 RX

    Great job today CFNE!! Gluck the rest of the weekend!!

  29. Red Nation: 6+13 (GHDSU for BJ)

    Pre WOD
    3×5 Strict Press: 115#-135#
    DL: 2×415# (PR)

  30. Eugene

    Red Nation – 5+33 Rx

    GO CFNE!!!

  31. Red Nation: 5+2 (8#)

  32. Red Nation: 4+12 with 16# wb and 24″ box jumps

  33. Brien d

    Good luck to all Cfne competitors!!!

  34. Ken K

    Red Nation: 6+7 Rx

    DL work up to heavy 2 – #295

    CTB PU 7×9 with :40 rest -about half were CTB

  35. Paul Buehler



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