Thursday 05.29.14

School is in session!

School is in session!

Surfer on Acid
3 rounds of:
400m Run
21 Burpees

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Are you ready for the Sea of Red!!!

Are you ready for the Sea of Red!!!

Regionals is just a day away and our athletes are fired up and ready to throw down! Click HERE for the Regionals Heat List. Also, come by the CFNE tent for your free Sea of Red T-Shirt! It’s going down!


  1. Chad M

    Surfer on Acid. 9.02 tried to chase Doug E down but couldn’t pull it off. Great job 5.30am! Looking forward to being a part of the sea of red this weekend, watching the team and our individual competitors throw down!

  2. Greg D

    Surfer on Acid: 7:51

  3. Andy M

    Surfer on Acid: 9:21 (row)

  4. SoA: 8:26

    4×8 close grip bench: 135 across

    OTM x 7: 2 hang squat cleans: 205 across

    4×4 front squat: 135, 185, 235, 275

    1×5 back squat: 235
    1×3 back squat: 265
    1×6 back squat: 295

  5. Scott L

    Surfer on Acid 9:44 rx

  6. Jen W

    Surfer On Acid: 11:33 Rx

    First time with this one

    EMOMx7 2x hang squat snatch: 2 @ 105#, 5 @ 115#

    4×8 close grip bench: 75-80-75-75# (Ben corrected my chicken winging elbows after the second set)

  7. Heather V

    Surfer on Acid: 8:43 Rx

  8. Big Mike

    Surfer on Acid: 9:14 (:25 faster than 4/28)

    Have a 8:56 in the books but that was with the 400M run and burpees done outside so will call this a new course PR

    Great speech this morning Harry. I didn’t look at the clock once and focused on my run which is where I think I gained the time. You can only fold/unfold 6’2″ of man meat so quickly…

    Good luck James, Cheryl, Rachel, Kate, Ally, Tracy, Jeff, Hamel & Kevin. The work is done and you’ll have the biggest team behind you. The rest is all fun.

  9. SOA: 11:55 RX

  10. Michelene

    Surfer on Acid: 9:58 Rx (:45 PR) Great tips from Coach Harry, plus I had Amy B. in the corner of my eye the whole time… ;)

  11. Kaitlyn

    Surfer on Acid – 9:00 RX
    First time with this one!

  12. Jonathan M

    Surfer on acid: 10:46 (:21 pr)

  13. Amy B

    10:03 RX – 31 second PR thanks to chasing Michelene

  14. Rachel E

    Surfer on Acid meets Hey Diddle Dunkel (remember that one??): 8:17 (40 air squats for burpees, except for round 2, in which I did 50 for no reason except to get fitter by accident. It’s how I roll.)

    Thanks for the push on that first run, Mike G.!

  15. Ali G

    Surfer on Acid: 8:39 RX (PR)

    Tied with Mike G…

  16. rich t

    Suffer with Acid – 11:41
    same exact time as last time.

    • rich t

      kick some but CFNE!

    • Andy M

      Hope you’re not peeing any more brown Rich.

      • rich t

        clear as a bell Andy. my Murph rhabdo scare has been averted, but thank you for sharing. one big familly. :-)

        c’mon everyone…what color is your pee?

  17. Kathy

    Long run on this gorgeous day!

    Also, I have 2 tix to Red Sox this Saturday, 5/31 @7:15. Email me @ if interested

  18. denise sullivan

    surfer on a: 9:36 rx! 27 sec pr
    thanks ben for the mental prep….huge!!!!!

  19. michelle

    Surfer on Acid: 9:54 w/ row :57pr
    Staying in the moment tip was great- tks Ben!

    Good Luck TEAM CFNE, James, Rachel, & Cheryl! We are so proud of you all!!

  20. Surfer on Acid: 8:47 Rx (19 sec PR)

    • Nell – you were flying! Your burpees are so good!

      • I was trying to keep pace with Melinda…still got some work to do!

    • Melinda

      Nice job today. You are a great runner, always trying to keep up with you!

  21. SOA: 10:29 Rx. Had to write the “Rx” since there are so few I can do that way. Burpees just don’t seem to get faster for me no matter how many I do…

  22. Eugene

    Surfer – 8:16

  23. Susan Stein

    Surfer on Acid: 8:42 (in & out burpees) a 24 second PR

    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend!

  24. Melinda

    Surfer on Acid: 8:38rx (PR)

  25. Surfer on Acid: 9:28 Rx (:36 sec PR)

  26. laura c

    Surfer on crack: 10:43 – row for run..

    I am a slower rower then runner…enough said…which makes my burpees slow….but i got fitter today and I protected my heel that hurt

  27. Jonathan

    Surfer on Acid: 8:20 (PR)
    Great talk Harry! Loved the strategy…and it worked!

  28. Surfer on Acid: 8:31 w/a row

    Morning work:
    Close grip bench: 4×8 up to 165#
    10×10 Strict pull ups

    Hang Squat Cleans: 7×2 up to 175# then singles up to 190# (25# PR)
    Good coaching by Max and LJ on these…thx.

  29. Braatz

    I will be in Salt Lake City, UT (downtown) next week for work. Many CF gyms there… any recommendations?

    According to the Affiliate finder, my hotel is closest to Ute CrossFit Downtown, if that matters…

  30. Surfer on Acid 9:18 (:43 PR)

  31. LiZ m

    Surfer on Acid- 9:37 Rx
    So helpful trying Harry’s coaching to pay attention to the process.

  32. Joe D

    Surfer on Acid
    400 row/21 Burpees-11:16 :32 PR!!

  33. Patrick

    Surfer on Acid – 7:53Rx.

    first time running with speed in over 15 months. unfortunately, there was only speed on the first round….

  34. Sonia

    12:43Rx (1:14 PR)

  35. Surfer on Acid: 9:24 Rx. :02 off pr

  36. Nicole D

    Surfer on Acid: 8:49 Rx (32 sec PR)

  37. Cotter

    “Surfer on Acid”: 9:42

  38. Big Bri

    First workout after second shoulder repair!

    1 min on/1 min off Assault bike
    Round 1-5 held 5 calories
    Round 6-10 held 6 claories

    • Ken K

      You are a symbol of perseverance. No doubt you will be RX’ing again when the time is right.

  39. Cheryl J

    Surfer on acid: 11:46 – 14 sec PR from a month ago.

  40. Ken K

    Surfer on acid: 7:58 (row)
    Exact same time as April 28. But felt a lot slower, consider this an improvement considering how sore and stiff the knees are.

    OTM7: 2 C&J 135- no gas in tank
    4×8 close grip bench 135
    4×4 FS 135-175

  41. Sarah W

    Surfer: 8:21 Rx

  42. Kelly F

    SOA: 9:32 (1:13 PR)

  43. SoA: 9:42 (Big 1:29 PR from end of April!! – magic of clean eating and of course Max and the 7:30)

  44. 7:30pm was on FIRE tonight! HOT HOT HOT!!!

  45. Surfer on Acid: 7:32 (Row)

    4×4 Front Squats: 195#-255#

    Morning Work
    4×8 close grip bench: 135#-165#

    OTM x 7: 2 hang squat cleans: 155#-190#

  46. Surfer on Acid: 10:27 Rx

  47. Good to see the crew at the sensual 7:30.
    Surfer on acid 10:34 – only did 3 rounds this time! Ha ha

  48. Mary Abe

    Simply amazing!!

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