Tuesday 05.27.14

Murph at CFNE

Murph at CFNE

Stretch Armstrong

100 Double Unders


3 rounds of:
15 Deadlifts (225, 155#)
35 Abmat Sit-ups


100 Double Unders

Post Scores to Comments.

Casey getting after Murph on the West Coast.

Casey getting after Murph on the West Coast.


In case you missed this yesterday. Gives me chills every time I hear Coach Geoff give this speech.


  1. Casey T.

    Miss you all! Happy Memorial Day. Good luck at regionals CFNE!

  2. Andy M

    Stretch Armstrong’s Brother: 12:47
    30 cal. row
    3RFT of 10 cal. on assault bike and 35 abmat sit ups
    30 cal. row

    thanks for the subs Harry.

  3. Braatz

    Stretch Armstrong: 10:25 (185#)

  4. Colleen (OC)

    Active recovery day…. 10 minutes of rowing at a slow pace and many more minutes of the foam roller and lacrosse ball! Owww….

  5. Greg D

    Stretch Armstrong: 12:36 Rx

  6. Amy B

    Stretch Armstrong: 10:42 – 75 DU attempts

  7. Sarah W

    Stretch Armstrong: 8:36 Rx

  8. LiZ m

    Stretch Armstrong- 11:37 Rx
    The last set of 100 DU Took me a lifetime.

  9. Stretch Armstrong: 11:24 (115#)

  10. Stretch Armstrong: 11:03 (140#)

  11. Big Mike

    Stretch Armstrong: 13:32 (50 DU’s cash in/cash out & 225#)

    Soon DU’s……soon.

    My three Paleo Challenge takeaways (since no one posted yesterday)
    1. Water: I was OK before but Dr. Chad suggested getting a full 32 oz. before a workout and I’ve focused on that and I think it has helped…or at least meant that I sweat more. At my desk I have a reminder to have at least two more 32 oz servings each day. Easy and the only part of the challenge I’ve been 100% on.
    2. Sauces & Dressings: I used to not even bother, just assumed that it was such a small part of my meals and that it was an indulgence. When you start reading the ingredients though-sugar, corn syrup, fructose…..probably not enough to kill you but certainly enough to elicit a insulin response. Will focus on on this going forward because there are a lot of healthy choices.
    3. Complaining: April holdover. I ripped off my white band pretty early last month. Need to work on finding the right response for things. There are an awful lot of “first world” problems in my life that many people would love to have to deal with. Need to keep those in perspective and focus on the now, prioritize, enjoy and make sure those around me are doing the same. One exception…Ho crushing me in workouts….I still get to bitch about that by drowning myself in ice cream and chocolate sauce while not drinking any water.

  12. Stretch Armstrong 10:06 (200 Single Unders/ 225#) First set of SU unbroken; first two sets of DL unbroken. Thanks to Harry for tips on single unders/ arm position. Probably time to start doing more DU work.

  13. Derek

    2 days in a row at Cfne! It’s like Christmas in may!

    • Big Mike

      Yeah, so out of shape. Figured you for sub 3 on this…

  14. Alison

    Stretch Armstrong – modified. 30 cal row sub for du, rest Rx. 14:14.

  15. Michelene

    Stretch Armstrong: 13:51 (105#) DUs took a long time, need to get more consistent.

    • Sarah W

      Awesome to see the look on your face when you finished! Great job today on the DU’s, Michelene.

    • Tricia D

      Nice job, Michelene! Way to sick with it.

  16. Ali G

    Stretch Armstrong (open version with GHD): 7:47 RX

  17. dandoc

    Looking forward to Stretch Armstrong at noon!

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  18. Laura C

    SA: 13:43 115# 50 DU
    100% exhausted and bad head space today. Almost didn’t post but that’s a bad attitude!

    Happy I got the 50 DU and didn’t just do Max DU in 2 min that’s silver lining

    Murph took more out of me then expected!

    • Tricia D

      nice job and funny seeing you in the starbucks drive through yesterday. I was like, wait that person in front of me has a cfne sticker, who is that :).

  19. Stretch Armstong: 12:51 @ 155# and 50 double unders(double-single-double-single)
    Not my best time, and double unders are still a challenge/frustration for me. Too much energy/time spent doing the double-single-double etc scheme.
    Stayed after class and linked 10 double unders together—best result to date! thanks, Nell and Daisy for the help!
    Max–thanks for making my day:-)

  20. Ashley R

    11:41 105#

  21. Stretch Armstong: 12:40 or 12:50. First round of DUs got 37 unbroken. Huge PR. Then fell apart mentally and was lucky to string 2 together.

    DL @ 135# still trying to dial in form. Last round of DUs I had to sub 2X singles.

  22. Michelle

    Stretch Armstrong: 8:51 comp wod w 21 ghds
    CC: 110
    SP: 3 x 8: 7 @ 70#, 8 x 65#, 6 x 75#
    PP: 3 x 5: 95#
    PJ: 3 x 3: 110#. (F last rep)

  23. Eugene

    Stretch Armstrong – 11:17 Rx

  24. Melinda

    Stretch Armstrong: 8:15 (with 21 GHD)

  25. Krystle

    Stretch: 15:43 (125#) last set of DU took foreveverrr

  26. Todd B

    Stretch Armstrong: 16:40 Rx (or maybe 16:20, I can’t remember now!)

    Slow and steady, but happy to Rx this one.

  27. dandoc

    Stretch 14:28 @ 165#. Great to have found my double-unders that went missing a year ago

  28. Stretch Armstrong 10:36 w/ 135#

  29. Tricia D

    Stretch Armstrong 12:58 (105, 50 DU attempts)

    Harry – thanks for the cues on the dls. slightest change makes a world of difference.

    Geoff – really great job delivering that speech yesterday.

  30. Susan Stein

    Stretch Armstrong: 9:26 (200 single unders, 105#)

  31. Lára Vukson

    Stretch Armstrong: 12:55 (115#) DU attempts. Thanks for the reminders Fox!

  32. Stretch: 13:00. (115#). Did max DU for first three minutes and last three minutes. 25 to start the workout, 66 at the end.

  33. Craig B

    Stretch Armstrong: 9:26 rx

  34. Stretch Armstrong: 9:50 Rx

    SP: 3 x 8: 115#
    PP: 3 x 5: 155#
    PJ: 5 x 5 with 5 second pause: 95#

    Clean Complex: 95, 115, 135#
    5×1: 135#

  35. SA: 8:30 Rx

    Clean Complex: up to 205

    5×1 squat clean: 205

    • Sarah W

      From the grave. Nice work, kid.

    • Strict press 3×8: 115
      Push press 3×5: 145
      Push jerk 3×3: 175

      Strict press:
      1×5: 125
      1×3: 140
      1×3: 160

  36. Stretch Armstrong: 9:24 (225#, subbed 500m rows for DUs and did 21 GHDSU for Abmat SU)

    Clean Complex: Worked up to 175#, failed the hang squat clean at 195#
    5×1 Squat Clean: 195#

    Morning Work
    SP: 3 x 8: 115#
    PP: 3 x 5: 145#
    PJ: 3 x 3: 175#

  37. Stretch Armstrong: 10:08 (115#)

  38. LEARD

    Stretch Armstrong: 10:02 @185# RX’d everything else

  39. Corey

    Stretch Armstrong: 11:30 rx

  40. Ken K

    Stretch Armstrong: 15:30 225# 50 DU attempts (strung 12 in a row PR!)

    C&J complex up to 155
    3 singles at 185

    ST 95
    PP 115
    PJ 155

  41. Nicole D

    Stretch Armstrong: 11:23 (75#) slowly and carefully getting back into deadlifts

  42. 11:02

  43. Kristin B.

    Stretch Armstrong: 10:52 — rx weight, 2x DUs

  44. Rachel E

    Stretch Armstrong: 10:33 (125#) Pretty sure I did 10 extra DUs in round one, whatevs. Soooo happy to be back at CFNE after a little time off! Favorite place!

  45. Stretch Armstrong: 12:28 @ 175#. DUs Rx baby!! Got the first 100 in around 90 seconds, who am I?

    Right weight for me after Murph yesterday.

  46. Gradon

    Stretch Armstrong: 14:58 (50 DU/DU attempts, 205#)
    DU are my undoing but I refuse to go back to singles!

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