Friday 05.23.14

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Happy Birthday Cheryl!

Pinky and the Brain
Teams of 2
Wall Balls (20, 14#)
60m Farmers Carry (70, 53#)
Partner 1 starts with Wall Balls
Partner 2 starts with 60m Farmers Carry
Switch when Partner 2 returns.

Score is total Wall Balls completed.
Post Scores to Comments.

Millie's got the Eye of the Tiger.

Millie’s got the Eye of the Tiger.


  1. Happy Birthday, Cheryl!

  2. Patti Jeanne

    Happy birthday Cheryl!

  3. happy birthday cheryl!

  4. Alison

    Happy Birthday Cheryl!

    Pinkie and the Brain with Michelene – 341 reps. I modified to 25# plate overhead carry and 10# WB squats

    • Michelene

      …and I did 10# WBs & 35# farmers carry. WBs are finally feeling good. I think I’m ready to graduate to the 12# ball.

  5. Happy Birthday Cheryl!

    Pinky & the Brain with Rae: 273 (35s for the carry, Rae 8#, E 14#)

  6. P and the B (with the great Dave Crabbe): 310 Rx

    7 x u/b c2b: 9, 6, 7, 9, 6, 9, 7

    2 rds:
    20 DLs at 135
    20 Romanian at 135
    20 stiff leg at 135
    20 sumo at 135

    Back squat 3×3: 215, 250, 280 (8 reps)

  7. Colleen (OC)

    Pinky and the Brain with Amy: 157 (Amy: 90 reps and 45# KBs, me 67 reps and 35# KBs). Fun WOD!

  8. Big Mike

    Pinky and the Brain: Team Big Ben (I just got back from London and could not help myself) 205 (70/53)

    Nothing better than a partner WOD as I reenter the EST zone. Figure I’ve been in about 20 time zones this month. Lost a lot of sleep and CFNE bonus points but if it was not for the four frites I had to eat Wednesday I’d be close to perfect on food.

    How about a little Mayhem breakfast next week at the Maugus before we head to Canton-yes-that means we are all taking the day off to go watch Team A, Rachel and the birthday girl!

    • Sarah W

      Your absence was noted; glad you are back. You should give yourself a bonus point for every day you managed to be “perfect” while traveling. That’s as unfathomable as Rachel Martinez’s Fran time.

    • Big Mike

      OOOkay. I called and reserved a stool. Wait staff was excited because they’ll only have to clean a fork and plate.

    • Braatz

      What day Big Mike? We need specifics. Not all of us troll the CF Games site and memorize the Regionals schedule.

    • KarenH

      James Hobart too :)

  9. Andy M

    Pinky and the Brain: The A-Team (with Andy L.) 226 Rx Andy L. carried us on the wall balls for sure, otherwise they were a dreadful showing for me. Nice work Andy.

  10. Lára Vukson

    Happy Bday Cheryl!

  11. Tricia D

    3 pu on red, 21 push ups, 15 du’s (haha) and 1:59.2 row

  12. WOD @ kennebunkport: 5k at the beach; no tunes, no hrm, no clock, just the s’s (sneaks, socks, shorts, shirt, sand, surf, missed the last s: sun); made a goal to say good morning to everyone I saw, pr’d it.

  13. John S.

    Pinky and the Brain: Team John and Devin 181 (J: 53/14, D:35/8)

  14. Jen W

    Pinky and the Brain: Team Just Kidding: 235 Rx

    Kaitlyn totally carried us on the wall balls

    • Jen W

      Also today: 2 minute DU test: 83 (sad, sad showing)

      5×4 bar-assisted pull ups

    • Jen W

      And catching up from earlier in the week:

      Monday: 3x400m sprints w/ 10 min warm up and cool down

      Wednesday: 3 mile run with the middle mile at short tempo pace

    • Kaitlyn

      Fun workout!! Happy birthday Cheryl!

  15. Braatz

    Pinky and the Brain: 231 Rx w/ Eugene

    OTM 7 x 7 C2B

    DU 2-minute drill: 152 (PR)

  16. Ashley R

    Pinky and the Brain with Nicole Z!

    35# KB and 14# WB. That was fun. I love team anything (except maybe for Team Tosh :)

    Big Birthday wishes Cheryl.

    Little Millie M is awesome. So cute.

  17. Wendy P

    Pinky and the Brain with my lovely daughter Lauren

    26# KB , 10# WB =237. Fun class!!

    Happy Birthday Cheryl :)

  18. Happy Birthday Cheryl!

    Team Sam /Angelo
    229 wall balls @ 16# and 53# kb f

  19. Pinky and the Brain: 303 RX w/ “Doug, the wall ball killer”

    have a good weekend all!

  20. cheryl nasso

    thanks everyone for the birthday wishes! it has truly been an amazing 6 months here at CrossFit New England! You guys are all amazing people, talented athletes, and a joy to coach! thank you thank you :)

  21. Ali G

    257 RX w/ Katrina

  22. What’s better than an early close and going to the nooner? :)

    Pinky and the Brain
    Liz & Lara: 205 rx WB and 45#’s for FC

    Thanks for pushing me Liz! Happy long weekend all!

    • liz messina

      Thanks Lara for being a great partner! Super fun!

      Stict PU- 10#
      HS hold for 1 min and then 16 push ups
      122 DU in the 2 min
      1:50 for the 500 meter row

  23. Melinda

    256 w/ Kim P. (12,14#WB / 53#)

    Happy bday Cheryl!

  24. Krystle

    Pinky (Maureen) & The Brain (Krystle): 171 (35# kb and KO 9′)

  25. Shannon Dren

    Happy Birthday Cheryl! Thanks for cheering me on while I practiced my pull ups!

    Millie is a cute cutie pie! Go Millie! You are awesome just like your mama.

    Pinky and the Brain: Shannon and Mellisa: 300 (8#wb, 26kb), could have gone heavier on both but it was still a great workout!

  26. Sonia

    With the one and only Susan W.: 220 with 10# to 9′ and 35# KTB

  27. Pinky and the Brain: with Will – 215Rx

    Once again, happy birthday, Coach Cheryl

  28. LEARD

    Pinky and the Chief: 228 RX

  29. Pinky and the Chief solo 125 wall balls 5 laps w2#53kb

  30. Pinky: 305 Rx (70# DBs) with LJ who carried the load on the WBs.

    5×10 OHS (75#) + 10 strict pull ups.

    5×10 Strict Press + 5 FSQ (95#)

    DL complex 2 rounds of regular, Romanian, straight leg, sumo (135#).


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