Friday 05.16.14

There's a new Dudley in town.

There’s a new Dudley in town.

Mighty Mouse
1000m Row
15 Clean and Jerks (135, 95#)
100 Air Squats

Post Scores to Comments.

Meg working her muscle ups. Kaitlyn doesn't look impressed...

Meg working her muscle ups.


  1. Rob C

    Just want to report in and tell you all I miss CFNE so much. Been traveling and recently sitting with my 95 yr old Dad, WWII vet who passed away this week. Besides being my hero, he was a Captain in the Army Aircorp serving as a quartermaster in Burma driving the supply chain to the Pacific theater. Not many left from that one. Will miss him.

    Need a CFNE WOD so bad….

    • KarenH

      Thinking of you Rob. So sorry to hear of your Dad’s passing. Take Care of yourself.

    • michelle

      I am so sorry to hear about your Dad, Rob. Thinking of you and hope to see you back very soon.

    • Braatz

      Sorry for your loss, Rob. Proud salute to your Dad and his service.

    • Andy M

      Sorry for your loss Rob.

    • Christian

      Hang in there, Rob… Sorry for your loss.

    • Rob, I’m sorry to hear of your loss, but man it sounds like he was a cool guy who lived a long and amazing life. The stories and lessons learned must have been epic. My thoughts are with you and your family. Hurry back!

    • Big Mike

      Rob, thoughts and prayers and the Greatest Generation has lost another hero.

    • Jen W

      Rob – So sad to hear about your dad. It’s good he had a long, adventure-filled life.

    • Travaun

      Sorry to hear about your dad Rob, hang in there.

    • Tricia D

      Rob, I’m so sorry for your loss. Such a difficult thing to go through.

    • Jonathan

      So sorry Rob. Sounds like he was an amazing guy!

    • Wendy P

      So sorry for your loss rob- hang in there!!

    • Gradon

      Sorry to hear about your dad. Thinknig of you.

    • Melinda

      Rob, thinking of you, your family and dad. He was clearly loved. Hope to see you soon.

    • rich t

      condolences Rob. full life. must have some amazing stories. “The Best Generation”

    • Alison

      I’m sorry to hear about your father. How nice that you were able to visit with him.

  2. Patti Jeanne

    I am so sorry for your loss Rob. Take care of yourself and we will see you back at CFNE soon!

  3. Braatz

    Mighty Mouse: 9:35 Rx

    7 x 8 C2B (not unbroken…)

  4. Mighty Mouse: 10:27RX Have a good weekend all.

  5. Andy M

    Might Mouse: 11:44 Rx Meg, thanks for the cues during the WOD.

    7×8 C2B. All but 2 sets unbroken

    • Christian

      Thanks for repeatedly checking in on me this morning, and of course the barbell cleanup.

      Nice work too. The work you put in all winter is really showing. Huge progress in strength!

    • rich t

      thx for do EMOM

  6. MM: 7:32 Rx

    Beat Max: no rep

  7. Tricia D

    Might mouse: 11:01 (65#). (1k time 4:19)

    Meg thx for the cues on the jerk. Def easier when you actually get under the bar!

  8. Jen W

    Mighty Mouse: 9:56 Rx

    It’s good to be back

  9. Big Mike

    Mighty Mouse: 9:32 Rx

    Wanted: One overweight, introverted, Ginger with a reasonably intellectual sense of humor willing to be humiliated on a daily basis by an old man until he gets his ass in shape. Current Ginger has officially jumped the shark and now achieved a level of fitness befitting someone of his age and stature. When I get beat off the rower its game over.

    Note: Please notice that I did capitalize the G in Ginger. I mean no disrespect to those with a mutated MC1R protein on chromosome 16. I just don’t want people around me taking pictures with them and putting it on Instagram. I’ve hired plenty of Gingers in my day. Please don’t fine me or kick me out.

    • Sarah W

      I rest my case, Ho. And both my 16th chromosomes are totally unmutated because I just checked them in the mirror the other day and they were fine.

    • I miss our hugs more than anything…

    • Jen W


    • rich t

      i’ve noticed a bit of separation. kind of sad.

  10. Mighty Mouse – 14:18 @ 95#

  11. Sarah W

    Per usual, Mayhem was like a mullet today: business in the front; party in the back. I’ve got about 300 comebacks now, Max. Come at me, bro.

    Mighty Mouse: 10:23 Rx, but not Rx because I cheated but not because I meant to cheat but because I couldn’t feel anything below my crotch (still felt that) after the C&J. Need more cowbell on my squats.

    Rob, sorry for your loss. Thanks for posting about your dad. Come back to CFNE ASAP.

  12. Christian

    10:02 rx, tough one. I knew how this was gonna feel, but knowing is a lot different than actually feeling it, and I just had nothing in the tank either.

    Thank you, thank you to Andy and Alison for cleaning up my bar. The little things, right.

    Anyway, I had a long letter written to the mayhem, but I don’t want to flood the blog. You all are awesome people. I’m gonna miss the 5:30am…

    we rattled this town, we rattled this scene

    • Tricia D

      Wait, you are leaving the mayhem!!!

    • Andy M

      Any time Christian, I thought you were going to keel over at some point and that was when we were warming up; hope you are feeling better. But what’s this about missing the mayhem? Where are you going?

    • rich t

      long letter please. help us procrastinate friday afternoon in to the weekend.

    • Alison

      Leaving? Huh? Not allowed. It’s like the Hotel California. Where are you going????

      • Andrew E

        It’s the Hotel California, and I’m working the desk. #confirmed

  13. Katrina


  14. Ashley R

    11:00 RX – so great to have friends like Jill C and Laura C to give me tips on elbow and squats. Thanks ladies!!!

  15. Mighty Mouse: 9:30 (55#) next time I will go up in weights.

  16. Mighty Mouse: 9:59 (85#)

  17. John S.

    Mighty Mouse: 11:05 (85#)

  18. 11: something. Rx. Really suffered through this one for some reason. Absolutley blew up on the clean and jerk, when hr went up (heat, humidity, dehydradted, lack of sleep?) Wouldn’t have made it through the air squats without Katrina cheering me on.

    • Actually, 11 something could have been totally longer, my maths are foggy with the stagger start

  19. Cotter

    “Mighty Mouse”: 10:43 Rx

  20. Michelle

    Mighty Mouse: 10:02 rx
    7 x 8 unbroken ctbs. ( 2 sets broke at 6)

  21. laura c

    MM: 11:22 75#
    Thank goodness I am fast at air squats…… that is all I have to say. Row felt good and kept to my pace but kills my time – every time!

    Rob – sorry for you loss.

  22. Wendy P

    MM: 10:22. 45#

    FYI… For those of you who like a good estate/ garage sale… Big one at my house this weekend. Sat 9-3 and Sun 12-3…. So much stuff!!! 73 Bristol Road Wellelsey

  23. dandoc

    Mighty Mouse 10:22 at 115#

  24. Thomas F

    Go Mighty Mouse!
    8:02 Rx

  25. Mighty Mouse: 11:20ish (75#)

  26. Melinda

    Mighty Mouse: 9:04 rx

    Those air squats are sneaky…

    Thanks to Harry for the “aha” rower cue today!

  27. Ken K

    San Diego WOD:
    stationary bike 500 cal.
    mix of sprints and pace

  28. rich t

    Mighty Mouse: 11:23 (?) Rx
    think that was my time but not sure.

    EMOM x 10, 5 Pulls Ups

  29. Mighty Mouse: 11:16 Rx

  30. Pre game: 5 x 10 strict pull ups + 10 push ups

    3 rounds of: 5 ub strict HSPU + 10 ub DL (215#)

    Mightier Mouse: subbed OHS for Air Squats, otherwise Rx.

  31. TC 47

    MM: 8:47

    Football player from USD…been out of it for about 3 months now…

  32. Mighty Mouse: 8:06 Rx

  33. Rick W.

    Rob, sorry for your loss.
    MM 9:29, subbed 50 box jumps 24′ for C&J’s

  34. Alison

    Mighty Mouse – 11 something it’s on the board. 75# jerks only. got off the rower in decent time and then took my time with the jerks, was spaced out a bit. Oh well.

  35. Nicole D

    Mighty Mouse: 10:34 Rx

  36. Kevin K III

    8:42 Rx

  37. Laurie D

    Did this one at home. Added another 1000m to end of WOD. Missed my 930 crew but JZ, The Backstreet Boys and Gorillaz were there for support!!!


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