Thursday 05.08.14


Building community one brick at a time.

15 Calorie Row
20 Kettlebell Swings (53, 35#)
25 Box Jumps (24, 20″)
30 Abmat Sit-ups

Post Scores to Comments.

Emma charging her way through a 5k!

Emma charging her way through a 5k!


  1. Eugene

    Just a reminder about the Wellesley 5k in two weeks. Sunday May 18th. Here’s the link.

  2. Big Mike

    CF Nagercoil: ??
    3 RFT
    30 DU’s/30 Push Ups/30 Sit Ups/30 Air Squats

    Forgot to set the clock and just decided to run through it in my hotel room. Double unders starting to come along.

    Paleo challenge is just that though helped by the fact that I’m only eating about 1200 calories a day. Little omelet and some fruit for breakfast, steamed vegetables and some chicken for late lunch and no dinner. Three litres of water a day. Not a lot of cheats around. Heading home tonight so I can start working on CFNE bonus points again.

    • Sarah W

      Guessing you are sweating out about 4 litres of water over there. Nice work on your DUs. Let’s see ‘em when you return.

  3. Scott L

    Way to go Emma!

  4. Colleen (OC)

    Piccolo: 3+49, Rx. Right hip was hurting (all associated with my back) so I wasn’t at full speed today. It was fun anyway!

  5. Andy L

    Piccolo: 3+60 Rx

  6. Andy M

    Great job Emma!

  7. Andy M

    Piccolo: 4 + 12 w/ step ups (because of calf strain)

  8. Andy M

    And way to go Emma!

  9. Christian

    4+12 lunges (walking lunges w 30# DBs per arm instead of BJs)

    Started on lunges, so:

    20 walking lunges (30# DBs)
    25 KBs
    30 sit ups
    15 cal row

  10. Chad M.

    Emma crushing the run!
    Piccolo w/ 35#kb 3+34. (first metcon post rhabdo diagnosis. Followed Coach Harry’s rules and kept it at a conversation pace. Yeah I know, kidney function is important…blah blah blah.) Thanks for staying on top of me Harry and Meg.

    • Colleen (OC)

      Take care of yourself Chad!!

    • Any insights on what you would have done differently looking back? A good opportunity to share so the CFNE crew can avoid in the future. Hope you are well and on the mend, Chad!

  11. Greg D

    Piccolo: 4+17 Rx

  12. Jen W

    Piccolo: 4+11, 25# KB

    Hurt my back last Thursday so I tried to take it easy & went light on the KB / did struck KB snatch swings (no hips) for the first 2.5 rounds until my back got super warmed up.

    A little but of frustration at the end when my rower display acted like it was trying out for a bit part in The Exorcist.

  13. Piccolo 3+60 first round RX then dropped to a 35# kettlebell to keep form. First time doing all box jumps RX without scaling to step ups or scaling height, which was my goal for this workout/forthcoming workouts with box jumps.

  14. Piccolo: 4+53 Rx

  15. Piccolo: 4+5 Rx

  16. Rachel E

    Piccolo: 4+24 (26# KB, Russian swings)

    Looking strong on the run, Emma!

  17. Amy B

    Piccolo: 4 + 43 Rx though Meg called me out on a few KB swings.
    Started on KB swings.
    Great to try and keep pace with everyone on our end.

  18. Ashley R

    Piccolo- 4+30 RX

    Man, Vinnie’s kids can run!

  19. laura c

    Piccolo: 3+ 13 RX – not sure why – just not my day:(! Gave it what I had today – no excuses…. except the row…just kidding. It is who I am, and i am OK with that!

    And yes, Go Emma and Matt! Impressive runners!!!

  20. Piccolo: 4+4 with 45#kb, 24″ BJ

  21. Piccolo: 4+15 (step-ups, rest Rx)

  22. Sarah W

    P: 4+40 Rx

  23. Todd B

    Scaled Piccolo (Piccoletto?): 10 minutes at moderate intensity – 2+6

    Last WOD of Deload week. Looking forward to ramping it back up on Saturday.

  24. JohnG2

    Piccolo: 3+73 Rx. Wrote +63 on the board but recalculated after catching my breath and realized it was +73. Successfully paced myself instead of burning all my energy in the first half, so I count this as a win.

  25. Eddie

    Piccolo: 4+1 Rx

  26. Patti Jeanne

    Piccolo 4+52 step ups

  27. Susan Stein

    Piccolo: 4 + 15 (35# Russian swings, step ups)

  28. Piccolo: 4+20 35# Kettlebell

  29. Katie C.

    Piccolo 4+23 RX

  30. Rick W.

    4+30 RX

  31. KarenH

    4 + 19 (step ups)

  32. Big Bri

    Modified Piccolo
    AMRAP 20:
    15 Calorie Row
    20 Hip Extension (sub for KBS)
    25 Box Jumps (24, 20″)
    30 Abmat Sit-ups
    5 + 0

  33. Piccolo: 5 + 67 (subbed air squats for box jumps)

  34. Melinda

    Piccolo: 5+8 rx

  35. Annmarie

    Piccolo – 3+73 RX

  36. Nicole D

    Piccolo: 4+13 Rx

  37. LEARD

    Piccolo: 3+80 Rx’d

  38. Corey

    Piccolo: 4 even
    Started rx, then had to switch to step ups.

    Body is tired today. Feeling the effects of some diet tinkering I think. Or maybe just a bad day, who knows. Regardless, it’s done :-)

  39. Piccolo
    4 Rnds Rx

  40. Tatiana

    Piccolo rx 4 rounds plus57 butterfly sit-ups

  41. Erkin

    3 Rnds Rx!

    With 0:10 left ran to the rower hoping to get at least 1 cal, but re-set was too slow …

    Again sit-ups was a rest time – after two sets of basically full-body movements plus 24″ box jumps were for me even more than full-body since legs, hands and a l-o-t o-f g-u-t is always involved :-)

    Anyway, glad to get 2 x 20 KB Swings unbroken – though had to split the 3rd round into 12/8.

    Great class tonight! Cograts to Nick for winning in the Fish Game and almost getting 4 rnds! And Craig was a beast with almost 5 rnds!

  42. Scott L

    Piccolo 4+43 rx

  43. Kelly F

    Piccolo: 3+74 rx.

  44. partner sled WOD with kaitlyn:

    20 min amrap
    sled push to end of driveway and back
    10 WB 14#

    12 full rounds as a team, kaitlyn completed her half of the 13th

    strict muscle up work (green band, 1-2-2-2)

    • Erkin

      Aha … that’s what you two were doing at a pre-dusk hour just outside the box!

      This team WOD looked nasty, but you & Kaitlyn got great pace!

  45. Gradon

    Piccolo: 3+79 45#


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