Tuesday 05.06.15

Welcome to the family Everly Isobel Schuler! Firebreather in training.

Congrats Jared and Sarah! Welcome to the family Everly Isobel Schuler! Firebreather in training.

Sugar Daddy
Deadlift (225, 155#)
400m run after each round

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Thank you Paleo Power Meals! You guys rock!

Thank you Paleo Power Meals! You guys rock!


  1. Yaaaay! Congrats Sarah and Jared!

  2. Congrats Sarah and Jared. Beautiful picture of everyone!! Enjoy,

  3. Great picture and perfectly appropriate WOD:-)
    Congratulations Sarah and Jared!

  4. Congrats Sarah and Jared!!

  5. KarenH

    What a fantastic picture!! Congratulations :)

  6. Michelle

    Took my breath away! Congratulations, Sarah and Jarod!!!

  7. Shayna B.

    Congratulations Sarah and Jared!

  8. Ken K

    Congrats! Love that picture.

  9. Jonathan

    Congratulations!!! Best post-birth picture ever!

  10. Lisa K-L

    So beautiful!! Congratulations,Sarah & Jared!!!

  11. Heather Bergeron


  12. denise sullivan

    Sarah!!!!!!! and Jared, so amazing!

  13. congrats, guys! what a beautiful family! : D

  14. Patti Jeanne


  15. Wendy P

    Congratulations Sarah and Jared! Gorgeous photo!!

  16. Christian

    Yayyyy Schulers!!!!! So happy the baby finally made it!!

    Sugar Daddy – 8:11rx (my PR for this is 6:49, so gauge anger accordingly)

    Just glad to get off my feet with this one. My left ankle has been all kinda trouble since rolling it the other day. Tough to run, thank god for the weight belt.

    • Andrew E

      Our baby eyes must have finally worked on Sarah.
      Also, have you ever considered wearing multiple weight belts, like one around each leg connected to your shoulders, for runs?

      • Maybe some kind of harness attached to a crane? No impact if your feet don’t touch the ground.

  17. Sugar Daddy: 6:59 Rx (:42 PR)

    Heavy muscle snatch: 125
    Heavy snatch balance: 145
    Heavy (with proper form) squat snatch: 135

    OTM x 6: 1 legless rope climb x 3 minutes; 1 regular rope climb x 3 minutes

  18. Colleen (OC)

    Sugar Daddy: 9:25, 105#. PR of 1:26 and 5# too!

    So thrilled Everly is finally here! Is Max trying to say something with this appropriately titled WOD perhaps?!?! Congrats Schulers!!!

  19. Andy M

    Congrats Sarah and Jared!

    Sugar Daddy: 8:53 (185#, row)

  20. Heather V

    Sugar Daddy: 7:41 Rx

  21. Brian L


  22. Sarah W

    Beautiful photo. Congrats, Jared and Sarah!
    Sugar Daddy: 7:57Rx

  23. Liz M

    Congratulations Sarah and Jared!

    Salty dog – 8:14 Rx

    Yesterday… Filthy 50- 32:44 ( Knees to armpit area- couldn’t control my core well enough to get to my elbows)

  24. Liz M

    Whoops! I guess the WOD today was sugar daddy not salty dog! Lol.

  25. Todd B

    Congratulations Sarah and Jared! Great picture of the three of you.

    • Todd B

      Deload Week (through Friday): scaled down to 135# DL and 400M run. Untimed.

  26. Sugar Daddy: 8:42 (110#)

    Congrats Sarah and Jared!!!

  27. Sugar Daddy: 7:53 (140#). 7 second PR + 15 pounds.

  28. Lára Vukson

    CONGRATS Sarah & Jared!!! She’s beautiful! Great picture of you all – you look amazing!

  29. Amy B


    Knee was grumpy today. Stretched extra and did some intervals on bike with stretching in between rounds.

  30. Lára Vukson

    Sugar Daddy: 11:00 (125#)
    Most I’ve DL’d to date. Thanks Meg & Harry for the technique reminders!

  31. Katrina

    Yeah Congrats S&J!

    Sugar daddy 8:44RX pr by 1:10

  32. Sugar Daddy 9:42 RX/PR- I think i’m guilty of truckin’ too many runs, which really is a mental game. Oh to run with a sense of urgency.

    5x 50M prowler pushes. Worked up to 450#. I would have let Ho sit on top for a sixth rep, but after the fifth rep I was gassed, so I just smiled and nodded as we spoke but had absolutely no comprehension of what Ho was saying until maybe five minutes later.

  33. Kaitlyn

    Congratulations Sarah and Jared!!

    Sugar Daddy – 8:09 RX

  34. laura c

    Sugar daddy: 9:16 125# :14 second PR but 15# heavier = I will take it

    Deads are feeling strong (for me) lately – glad I went up in weight -def can do more but get nervous!!!

    Congrats Sarah and Jared!!!!!!

  35. John S.

    Congratulations Sarah and Jared!

    Sugar Daddy-10:02 @155#

  36. Crabbe

    Sugar Daddy: 7:32 Rx

    Fun morning with the 0830 crew.

  37. denise sullivan

    sd: 8:17 115#
    loved wording with you carrie!

  38. Michelle

    Sugar daddy: 8:56 rx. Feels so great to run again!!
    Ms: 65. Sb: 100. Ss: 85
    Clean complex: 85. Not feeling strong today so tried to dial in form.

  39. Andrew E

    Deadlift 1×5 @ 185.

    Sugar Daddy 8:32 @ 135#

  40. Susan Stein

    Congrats Jared & Sarah! Sooooo beautiful!

    Sugar Daddy: 9:06 (105#) dead lift. Legs just weren’t feeling it this morning.

  41. Sugar Daddy: 9:48 @ 185# on the patio.

    Congrats Sarah and Jared!!

  42. Tricia D

    Sugar Daddy: 8:33 (85). Went light bc my shoulder is feeling a little funky from yesterday. Fun with the nooners and congrats on your first day Lisa C!

    Sarah, Jared & Kellan, congratulations!!!!!!!! Such a beautiful family! xo

  43. Sugar Daddy: 8:40 (115#). Thanks Rachel for the help with hydration today.

  44. Greg D

    Sugar Daddy (modified): 8:21 (135# Back Squats)

  45. Sugar Daddy w/ the nooners 6:27rx

  46. Congrats Sarah and Jared!

  47. Craig B

    Sugar Daddy: 7:08

    Congrats Sarah and Jared!!

  48. Ali G

    Sugar daddy: 7:12 RX

    Congrats Sarah and Jared!

    And happppppy birthday Craig and Eric!

  49. Sugar Daddy: 8:46 (115#). :32 less than pr but 10# heavier.

  50. Sonia

    10:28 105#


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