Saturday 05.03.14

Suns out guns out!

Suns out guns out!

Teams of 3
60 Overhead Plate Lunges (45/25)
50 Deadlifts (185/135)
40 Toes-to-Bar
200m run with team plate

Post Scores to Comments.

Tracy and Katrin

Tracy and Katrin


  1. Tricia D

    Paleo challenge q: mustard and franks hot sauce, in or out? Seemingly out bc of the salt?

    • Sonia

      Check out the Paleo Challenge link on the right hand side of this website. It looks like hot dogs qualify for “deli meat” if so then they are ok as long as they don’t have sugar added. Mustard is ok according to the guidelines posted. I don’t think salt is an issue with Paleo but the high sodium is usually not good gor us. It should be ok if used in moderation.

  2. Franks is out for sure. Mustard is mostly seed salt water vinegar. Prob not paleo.

  3. Christian

    Christian-Dina-Nikki: 3+94 rx

    Glad I got roped into this one, fun to reunite with some evening folks.

  4. Michelene

    Team Trishaleen (with Tricia D & Colleen OC): 3 + 103
    That truly was a team effort, but extra special thanks to Colleen for doing so many TTB! What a great way to kick off the weekend.

    • Colleen (OC)

      You forgot to mention how in 2 out of our 3 rounds, you did the 25# plate run and were faster than us even with the weight!!!

    • Tricia D


  5. Braatz

    Team “Welcome Braatz Cotter”: 4 rounds (155#)

    Scaled to protect our backs, but apparently not enough. My lower back blew up at the 19-minute mark so Cotter finished the last round solo. Poor guy. But great partner.

  6. Sarah W

    Sarah W, Sarah B, Heather V: 4+ 150+ 30 meters Rx

  7. Krystle

    Sweaty Betties (Sandy, Kim & Krystle) 3+143 RX

    Loved this WOD!

  8. Alison

    Fun working out with Annemarie and Bonnie this morning – 3 + 111 reps. Various mods.

    Great article in today’s Wall St. Journal – “The Questionable Link Between Saturated Fat and Disease.” Worth the quick read, validates so much of what we do with Paleo. It’s great to see the real science going maintstream more frequently.

    • Michelle

      Thanks for sharing this! It sums up what we have been taught here so well. “” Our half-century effort to cut back on the consumption of meat, eggs and whole-fat dairy has a tragic quality. More than a billion dollars have been spent trying to prove Ancel Keys’s hypothesis, but evidence of its benefits has never been produced. It is time to put the saturated-fat hypothesis to bed and to move on to test other possible culprits for our nation’s health woes.””

  9. Gradon

    Team Killer B’s (Luis, Caleb, Gradon) 3+48
    (DL 65/155, OHL 25/45, knees to chest/Abmat SU)
    Great job Caleb and Luis!

    • Gradon

      correction 3+ 108 (forgot about the last 60 OHL when positing)

  10. michelle

    Team Eugene, Ben, Michelle: 4 + 150 + 100m (various mods)
    I totally lucked out w/ my team- you guys killed it!! Eugene was beast carrying the plate on the runs.

    • Eugene

      That was a real priviledge working out with you guys. Except for the shower when I got home…my kids are scared of crossfit now.

    • Heather Bergeron

      SO cool that Ben’s running again!

  11. Team Sam, Wendy, and Rich: 3+53
    155#DL(Sam and Rich), 115#(Wendy)
    35# plate
    Great weather and new friends at CFNE!

    • Rich C

      Great job today Sam and Wendy! Glad we were able to do most of this outside.

  12. Big Mike

    Team Old Guys Part Deux: 3 & 77
    45#/185#/Some knees to elbows

    Jamie/Ken/Big Mike

    Love team WOD’s on beautiful Saturday mornings….two days of pure paleo-definitely had too much sugar in my diet because all I want to do is sleep and pee. And at my age, that’s a dangerous combination.

  13. Matt C/Jamie/Greg D

    Vegeta: 4 rounds (all Rx except one athlete K2E)

    Great work boys! Way to finish that 4th round just under the wire.

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