Thursday 05.01.14

Paleo Challenge Starts Today!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

Paleo Challenge Starts Today!!! WHOOP WHOOP!!!

***Today is bring a friend day***

Milo and Otis
Teams of 2
Each partner completes 3 sets of
3 rounds:
12/10 Calorie Row
10 Burpees
Rest while partner works.

Post Team Name and Scores to Comments.

There's still time to sign up!

There’s still time to sign up!

Need more information about the Paleo Challenge? Click HERE!

Coaches Corner with Coach Heather

The Ben Bergeron Puppet
While I always preach about how I’m such a Ben Bergeron puppet (I do whatever the man tells me to do), it’s becoming clear to me that my obedience is really limited to strictly coaching situations: anything related to training, how to use the snow blower, sailing and all other boating related situations, etc.
But, when it comes to things seemingly unrelated to athletic coaching, the stubborn-I-don’t-need-to-change-my-ways side surfaces it’s ugly little head.  This is especially true regarding the CFNE Complaint Free World or the upcoming Paleo Challenge.

Just writing this is like therapy, though; I’m starting to realize that that is the exact approach to life I see in a lot of CFNE athletes that limits them and postpones the rate at which they see progress towards their goals.

Really.  I see it all the time.  People come in wanting to lean out, but they start the conversation with, “My diet is actually great.  I do NOT need to give up my cheese and wine.”  Or, they want to get really fit, but the concern is always, “I do NOT want to get bulky.”

I’m not judging any of these people, mostly because I used to be one of them.

Correction: to a certain extent, I am still one of them.

The very moment I got wind of the complaint-bracelet, I informed Ben I was NOT doing it.  I told him I was a very positive person, I never complain, and I was NOT wearing the white plastic band every day.  He didn’t say a word, he just looked at me with those eyes of almost-fatherly disappointment, tipped his head the perfect 3 degrees to the side, and I was a goner.  I knew this was going to be a rough ride.

And, it has been.  I’ve sadly come to terms with the fact that I am a big-time complainer: my ankles are swollen, I got no sleep last night, Jonah refuses to admit when he’s wrong, Maya won’t take shower, and Bode won’t stop throwing things.

Even with the Paleo Challenge, I’m putting up a fight.  I did strict Paleo for the month of February and didn’t love what I felt like on it.  I switched to The Zone for March, and loved the results.  So, the Paleo Challenge comes up for next month and I “inform” Ben that I am NOT on board.  I even caught myself saying the words, “My diet is actually great.  I do NOT need to give up half and half in my coffee, OR my the Ultima I use in every bottle of water I drink.”  Sound familiar?

I learn some things fast: driving directions, olympic lifting technique, handyman-ish tasks.  But, there are many, MANY lessons that take me a painfully long time to learn.

In this case, I am slowly learning and starting to really accept the fact that the more of these sorts of challenges I am willing to at least take a stab at, the better I am at the end of it…even if they’re little things that I “get better” at.

The complaining thing has, literally, changed a big part of my life.  I haven’t completely walked away from complaining, but I have gotten a little better at trimming it down…and, WAY better at knowing when I’m doing it in the first place.

While I know there are certain things I won’t give up on the Paleo Challenge (Ultima, half & half in my coffee, the white rice that I measure out and balance with the appropriate amount of protein), there are plenty of other little things that I do during the day that could get cleaned up (finishing Jonah’s occasional sandwich, the piece of chocolate I have every night before I go to bed, the trail mix I snack on in the middle of the afternoon).

I think we can all find those little areas in our lives where we can be willing to surrender to the idea that we’re not “quite” as good as we think we are.  We can all give in a little more and be willing to both acknowledge the areas in our lives that could use change…and, take the hard-to-take first steps towards being better.

Because the day I am totally satisfied with myself and unwilling to make any more changes, is the day I stop finding out just how good life can be.



  1. Christian

    1RM Deadlift – 490# (15# PR); narrowly missed 510# (at my knees)

    100 sit ups

    Morning talk with Andrew as rx

    • Andy M

      490? holy crap Christian that is a ton of weight, nice job. And Happy Birthday again.

      • Christian

        Thanks, Andy!! Appreciate it! Nice job today too — all the platform work you’re putting in is definitely showing!

    • Geoff L

      nice job man….it’d be cool to see where some of your other numbers are at. Maybe you should consider a power lifting meet in the future

      • Christian

        Thanks!! The lower body stuff isn’t terrible for my body weight, but I’m really really weak in the upper body. Haven’t maxed out anything in a while except for the dead today. Appreciate the kind words, though!! Suppose I’m due to try some 1RMs again.

        • Geoff L

          You should consider an all around strength cycle, your DL is just fine and I bet it would go up if you didn’t retest it for a few months and squatted

          If it’s something your interested in lets chat

  2. M&O: Team Ho with Crabbes: 20:48 Rx

    OTM x 10: 5 butterfly pull-ups and 30 DUs. Odd/even.

  3. Colleen (OC)

    Milo and Otis with Tricia D: 28:10. Ouch.

    • Tricia D

      you get a gold star for showing up to that wod post day drinking yesterday :).

    • Colleen (OC)

      I’m just thrilled I didn’t throw up!

  4. B Stark

    Excellant post, Heather. Fits my recent mentality spot on!

    See you all soon!

    • Good to have you back today. Hard to row and push a baby stroller!

  5. Andy M

    Milo and Otis with Ted: 24:49 And this might be Ted’s first post on the website ever, even though I wrote it. Nice job Ted!

  6. Braatz

    Milo and Otis: 20:55 w/ Bob R.

    Finally, after 2 years, I’m getting to the point where I kind of crave the agony the comes after a WOD like that. Great workout!

  7. Sarah W

    Milo and Otis: I brought a friend. We had fun. Thanks, Harry and Meg, for spending time giving rowing and burpee instruction.

    • Christian

      Succinct. Minimalist. You’re the Cormac McCarthy of blog posts, and the Sarah Connor of cfne. Nice work, Wilson!


      burpee queen! this one was right up your ally today. great job! nice to meet julie! hope we did’t scare her away with a plethora of burpees she comes back soon. : )

  8. Jen W

    1RM DL: 245#, 5# off PR

    My back tightened way up on me after the next weight so I ended up backing off the rest of the workout

    EMO2M for 6 rounds: 3 x box-assisted barbell pull ups

  9. Big Mike

    Big Doug: 23:59 Rx (Big Mike and THE Doug Bell)

    I thought it was appropriate as this was the WOD that inspired the DBA (Doug Bell Award) to partner with said namesake.
    He certainly did not disappoint. Despite my advice that this is a burner, pace your row, breath on your first round of burpees, Doug managed to be 2 calories into the first row before anyone else sat down. Fortunately for us, I paced my set and allowed Braatz and Bob to win the round 1 pairs finish. They were subsequently beat by Ho’s with Crabbes (sounds better and likely more descriptive).
    So-today’s DBP tally:
    Braatz & Bob: 2 points each (you get double when it’s a team effort)
    Doug Bell: Get’s his first point!

    • I really enjoyed the trophy sitting in the middle of the class the entire time, just waiting to be claimed. I like everything about this. Just all of it so very much.

  10. Lára Vukson

    Mayhem Milo and Otis: The L’s!
    Liz & Lára
    You rocked those burpees Liz! Amazing!

    May have had a rowing breakthrough on the last two. Let’s hope the trend continues.

    May 1. Happy Paleo Day. Paleo Challenge. Challenge accepted.


      great having you on board, lara!

      great job on the rowing today. : )

    • liz messina

      Great job today Lara! It was super fun being your partner.

  11. Braatz

    “I allowed Braatz and Bob to win the round 1…” That’s rich. Thanks for “allowing” us to kick your Big asses by 3 minutes, too.

    • Braatz

      Sorry, this was intended as a reply to Big Mike ^

      • Big Mike

        Braatz’ point has been removed from the scorecard and he must sell his Mayhem T-shirt to Oprah.

    • Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Big Mike has a big butt. Hahahahahahahahahahaha.

  12. Milo and Otis with awesome partner Kristen-

    Day 1 and
    Highly motivated

  13. Wendy P

    Milo and Otis: 27:54 with the fabulous Denise- good times.

    FYI… For any interested runners- today the registration opened for the Boston 10k on June 22nd- we have a few people running from the 8:30 class. The more the merrier!

  14. Tricia D

    Heather B that is such a great post! After 5:30am mayhem class I came home and said to Greg, ‘I mean I’ll wear the bracelet they are talking about, but I don’t complain that much. I think I have a pretty good outlook and mostly try to see the positive side of things.” Fast forward one hour (post getting showered, getting lunches, getting two kids and myself out the door by 7:20am to face a packed day) had to switch my bracelet before I even got work :). Great oppty to create awareness and implement better behavior. Love your article and love the continued challenges presented at CFNE to help us become better. Looking forward the paleo challenge I wasn’t going to do :).

  15. Amy B

    Heather V and Amy B: 25:13 Rx
    I fell off the cliff but Heather kept us going.
    I think I was still sweating when I got to work.

  16. Andy M

    Great comments Heather!

  17. milo abd otis: 29:29 with Sergio.

  18. Susan Stein

    Milo and Otis: 24:24 with Kayla at the nooner. RX for her, in & out burpees for me (shoulder issues still). Great working with you Kayla!

  19. M&O 24:01 with Todd. Good one for opening up the lungs.

    Warm up: 5 rounds: 10 strict pull ups, 10 push ups, 20 DUs

    OTM 12: 5 DL (255#) and 5 strict pull ups

    Push Press work: 6 sets of 3. worked to 145#

    T2B work: 10×6 OTM

  20. Kathy

    M&O with Lori 24:59

    Shout out to Will for the best “bring a friend day” ever. Epic that we all had to “guess” how he knew his friend, with such questions as “are you lovers?” “do you wear costumes?” (to which Will answered, “1 of us does” and then Ben asking “are there donkeys involved” and so on… after 20 of such questions, Heather wins by asking if they know each other from church. Yup, he was the pastor from Will’s church. Pretty sure the 8:30 is going strait to hell. But we will have fun the whole way there :)

  21. Milo and Otis: 20:42 Rx with Cam

    Great job today Cam! I’m glad we partnered up early.

    I’m highly motivated and really excited for this Paleo Challenge. Bring it!

  22. Krystle

    Milo & Otis: w/ Susan C 26:55 Susan did PU because of her foot.

    I also did iron patriot this am 7:20 (55#) 105 su

  23. Ken K

    Milo & Otis:
    Jamie and Ken 26:15rx

    nice work Jamie!

    Paleo Day 1:
    Dunk Tank
    13.01% body fat
    191 lbs
    166 lean body mass
    55 bpm

    Goal weight: 180

  24. LEARD

    Milo and Otis: Team T & A 28:42 RX’d

    Strong work Alison, great meeting you and way to get after the rows, solid the whole way through.

  25. Nicole D

    Milo & Otis: 25:58 with Corey. Nice work 6:30 and friends that joined!

  26. liz messina

    Milo and Otis with Lara- 26:15 I think.

    Super fun partner WOD!

  27. Bridget

    Milo and Otis with my mom! Thanks 7:30pm-ers for making her feel welcome. She had a great time! (Hopefully I can get her back for more soon)

    M&O: 26:06 (my mom did 6 cal/6 burpees…like a champ)


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