Wednesday 04.30.14

Dan Brogan

Dan Brogan

1 Rep Max

On the Minute x 12
Odd – 5 Deadlifts
Even – 5 Weighted Pull-ups

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Wildtree is coming to CFNE!

Wildtree is coming to CFNE!

 Julie A will be at CFNE on Friday sampling her Wildtree products.  Julie will show you how to make your own affordable Paleo dinners with Wildtree challenge approved spice blends.  Check it out!




  1. DL, 1RM: 335#
    OTM x 12: 225#, 5PU (kip)

  2. DL: 405

    OTM: 255 & 5 strict pull-ups

    10 x 250m row w/:30 rest b/t intervals (kept all intervals under 1:50)

    Mid 2012 (globo measurement): 31% body fat
    Early 2013 (CFNE): 24%
    Mid 2013 (CFNE): 18%
    Today (CFNE): 12%

    My wife can’t thank you all enough :).

    • What, she wasn’t diggin’ the cheeto man boob thing?? Congratulations on your progress.

    • Great weight loss numbers Ho. I sure do love me some cheetos too but those days are gone.

    • Tricia D

      Amazing, hard work is totally paying off. Congratulations.

    • nice job! you have worked really hard to get there–congratulations!

  3. DL: 230# (5# PR) – lots of those today with Allison C and Liz M!

    OTM @ 160# and 3 strict pull ups

    I wonder what the PTs are going to say about all this at my appointment this afternoon.

  4. Deadlift: 425# Felt solid.
    On the Minute x 12: (225#, 0#) not so solid…

    April: My best month to date at CFNE. Came off the Open making my goal of finishing in the top 50% and then I got 7 PRs this month. I’m super stoked! Now the Paleo challenge. Bring it!

    • Christian

      Sad I missed the platform love fest this morning! Strong lift, dude!!

      • I was looking for you man. Don’t worry, Travaun got crazy in your place.

    • You have been crushing it lately. We’ve noticed. I, for one, don’t line up next to you any more.

      Keep up the great work!

      • Braatz you’re too kind. One day I’ll be at your level, watch out brother!

  5. DL 1rm: 200#. finally made the 200 club.

  6. Big Mike

    DL: 365# (tied PR)
    OTM: 245# & 3 Sort of Dead Hang PU’s (I can’t break the habit of that little twitch to get my fat arse moving vertically)

    Starting Weight: 215 (up 9#’s from exactly a year ago)
    BF: 16.56% in the tank and 16.2% with Rachel pinching me. I tried to get her to turn the lights off and put on some Marvin Gaye… I slowly removed my shirt so she could pinch the fat under my arms. She just laughed.

  7. DL: 365#

    Odd – 245# DL
    Even – 5 weighted (20#) strict pull ups for 2 rounds, then 3 weighted and 2 unweighted strict for 2 rounds, and finally 5 unweighted strict for last 2 rounds.

  8. DL – 222 PR by .5# (hey, it’s a PR)

    OTM – 155, 5 strict PU then dropped to 4 per Harry. Finally doing them regular grip instead of reverse, progress.

    Fun morning with Amy and Liz. Liz was picking up 275 like it was nothing. Katie C, we missed uuuuuuu.

    • nice PR. were your plates color coordinated? small change, big difference.

      • Purely by accident. There was no 3.2.1 go color coordinating going on, unlike some people who will remain nameless.

    • Nice PR Alison. I think the dancing made it all come together.

  9. Michelle

    Deadlift: 265#
    Otm: 185# dl/ 15lb strict pu 5, 5, 5, 4, 4, 3
    Really different weight lifting experience today- cool mix.
    10 x 250 m row, :30 rest

  10. laura c

    DL: 200# this was a 15# Pr (from the open when I did 185 and that was a 10# PR) – I have more in the tank but that felt SOLID. NEver ever thought I would ever DL that much!

    135# (most ever unbroken in wod), 1 round 10#, other rounds 5# strict weighted PU.

    Felt good today! Fun day at the 8:30

  11. Sarah S.

    Goku: 25+21 with 10# med ball and 45# HPC.

    Then OTM with 60# DL and 5 strict banded pull ups with green band.

    • Tricia D

      hahahaaaa LOVE that you did two wod’s. Baby S., if one wod a day doesn’t do the trick, muma will just do another – boom!

    • still going strong…..:-)

  12. DL: 215# pr
    Odd – 155#DL
    Even – 3 strict pu

  13. DL1RM. 335# (10#off PR)
    Every other minute @ 235#DLs & 35#KB PUs

  14. denise sullivan

    Max DL: 185#
    o-t-m x 12: 125#, strict pus: 5, 5, 5, 2, 5, 3
    not pr on anything, however back and form feel good, getting there

  15. Ashley R

    no deadlifting so did some burpees and oh presses while everyone was deadlifting.

    OTM: 60# back squat from the ground 7 reps
    3 strict pull ups. not even the slightest kip..but I could only get 3 each round.

  16. Krystle

    Deadlift 215# 10# PR

  17. Jonathan

    DL: 325# (10# PR)
    OTM 12:
    Odd – 225#DL
    Even – 25# weighted pull-ups

    • You continue to stay one step ahead of me. Bastard.

      Kidding… great job lately. Crazy times/numbers you’re putting up!

      • Jonathan

        Only sometimes! And I must admit that I check your scores every day to give myself a goal…so no more slacking!

  18. Heather Bergeron

    1 x Deadlift @ 265#

    OTM 12:
    Odd: 5 x Deadlift @ 225#
    Even: 5 Pull-ups with 15# dumbbell

  19. 1rm Deadlift 425#

    OTM12: Odd:5 Deads @295# Even:HSPU

  20. DL: 245# – big PR – felt great – pretty fun to PR something again!!
    OTM: 155# and banded pull ups.

  21. liz messina

    DL- 275# 10#PR
    OTM- 180#DL and red band strict pull ups

  22. DL–215(15# PR) Heather was on the platform with us. Had to bring my “A” game :)

    OTM: 125DL,Green band strict

    250 row X 10 at home

  23. Kristin B.

    Deadlift: 310# — 10# PR! So, SO excited to break 300#!

    OTM: 210#

  24. 1 RM Deadlift: 345#

    OTM X 12:

    Odd – 245# DL
    Even – 3 strict HSPU (4 on rounds 4 & 5)

  25. 1RM DL: 145 not my PR but 70% so I’m moving in the right direction :)

    OTM DL: 100
    Strict PU with tick black band

  26. Its great to be back at CFNE! Thanks Max, Ben & Sonia M. for your words of encouragement and for helping me work out my fear that I had developed for not being here for months. And whaddaya know I PR’d DLs baby…..wooot wooot!!!! I totally feel like a teenager at Demi Lovato’s concert right now hahaha…

    1 RM DL : 225 (10# PR)

    OTM x 12

    Odd: 135# DL
    Even: Banded Strict Pullup Attempts. I think I pulled myself half an inch up maybe…gotta work on upperbody & core strength. A good reminder hehe…

  27. 1 Rep Max DL: 195#
    OTM: 135# DL, pull-ups 4,4,2 strict & 3 red band/5,5,5 red band

  28. Kelly F

    1RM Dead: 385#

    OTM: 255#; Strict PUs

  29. Deadlift 1RM: 315# … Up from 265# in January. Progress! Thanks for the coaching Max … And thanks for the push not to drop in between reps during the WOD, Cheryl! What a team!!

  30. 3mi easy on treadmill at LS

    1 Rep Max DL: 195# 10#PR
    OTM: 135# DL, red+green band pull-ups. First time on the rig in months. Shoulder felt okay.

  31. Bridget

    185# DL…which was a 30# PR.

    OTM: 135# DL and green band strict pull-ups, though I was doing a little flutter kick on some of the pull-ups to get up there haha.

  32. Tatiana

    1 Rep Max DL: 175 need to keep shoulders up an back
    OTM: 125 DL, red+band pull-ups when could not do more broke down 2 at a time.

  33. 1RM Deadlift 410# 5# PR

    OTM: 225 and 2-4 strict pull-ups

  34. DL 1RM: 365# (40# PR)

    OTM x12:
    Odd – 225# DL
    Even – Strict PUs w/ 30# dumbbell (had to drop the weight after 4 rounds)

  35. 1RM DL 385#
    OTM12: Odd:5 Deads @235# Even:5 Weighted Pull-ups @ 35# for 3 then strict for the rest

  36. 1RM DL 315# (OTM 155# / 5 strict pull ups)

  37. Nick C.

    1RM DL: 435# (PR, but not sure by how much. Def felt like I could’ve gone higher.)

    OTM12: 305#/2 rds of strict PUs (lost my PUs for the last four rounds, even with the band.)

    • Les A.

      Nick, you are one strong dude…it has to be the beard! Congrats on the PR, brotha.

  38. corey

    1 rep max dead: 255
    OTM12: 165 and 3 strict pull ups

    then 8x250m row

  39. Nikki Z

    1 x Deadlift @ 305#

    For those who know me I am TERRIBLE at writing down my weight, times etc. The last time I wrote down my DL it was 265# feeling pretty exciting for a 40# PR :)


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