Wall Ball (20, 14#)
Double Under
Abmat Sit-up
Kettlebell Swing (53, 35#)

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Two years of CrossFit and Paleo. Congrats Corey!

Two years of CrossFit and Paleo. Congrats Corey!

Hey CFNE – get ready to walk on the beach with confidence. The MAY PALEO CHALLENGE is coming!!! Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing will be offered throughout the day/night next Monday the 28th for the most accurate measurement available. It’s done in the private water tank, and only $100 for BEFORE and AFTER measurements, or $60 for just one. Reserve a spot today with – don’t miss this rare opportunity! All welcome – do not need to be a CFNE member.

Coaches Corner with Coach Max

How to be successful during the Paleo Challenge:

1. Throw out the junk. If you have a stockpile of junk food throw it out, or eat it all before May 1st (kidding of course).

2. Find some go to recipes and cook once or twice a week. If you have the food you’ll eat it, if you don’t you’ll end up at Chipotle (say hi to Kevin).

3. Drink lots of water. Who cares if you’re peeing 24/7 you’ll feel awesome!

4. Hang out with people that are doing the challenge. Get an email chain going with your classmates.

5. See if you can get your family on board. Nothings worse than doing the Paleo Challenge while your family is having pizza, mac and cheese, taco night (not sure if this exists but it sounds wonderful). Seriously though, if everyone is on the same page it’ll make it that much easier.

6. Sleep! Get lots of it! Your recovery will go through the roof.

7. Give yourself a break. You may slip up during the month. It’s ok, understand that you’re human (except for Kevin, he’s some sort of super hero) and you’ll make a mistake here and there. Pick yourself up and get back on the Paleo Train. CHOO CHOO!!!


And here are the details…
CFNE Spring Paleo Challenge:
Dates:  May 1 – May 31, 2014
Entry Fee: $30

Before and After:
1. Measurements are highly encouraged, but are optional.
Two ways to get measured:
– Skin-fold body fat measurement, bodyweight, and waist circumference.
– Hydrostatic (Underwater) Body Fat Testing! This is the most accurate form of body fat measurement out there, and requires a professional service to drive their portable tank to the gym. Rare opportunity! Coming THIS Monday, April 28, and again for the after measurement in late May. This will be a cost in addition to the challenge – $60 for one measurement, and $100 for both. Sign up at the gym when you come to class!

2. Performance: Benchmark WOD (To be released)

Daily Requirements:
1.  Eat Real Food. Meat and Vegetables, Nuts and Seeds, some Fruit, little Starch, and NO Processed Foods.
2.  Record you daily scores on the CFNE Paleo Board

4 – Perfect day of eating. No cheats.
3 – One minor slip. Milk in the coffee, condiments (salad dressing, mayo, bbq sauce, ketchup, etc), a tortilla chip, a Cheerio.
2 – Significant slip, but not an entire meal:  One glass of wine or beer, finished your kid’s Mac ’N Cheese, piece of bread at dinner.
1 – Major slip. Pizza or pasta for dinner, 2-3 of beers at a game, ice cream.
0 – More than one solid cheat throughout the day. 2+ meals lost.

Bonus Points:
There is a chance for up to (3) bonus points per day. Earn a bonus point by any of the following:
– A CrossFit class at CFNE.
– 8+ hours of sleep in the night.
– 64oz of water (completed with the ***CFNE Nalgene***). Each athlete will receive a customized CFNE Nalgene! Not sold or given to anyone else, this 32oz bottle has been designed to assist you in meeting your water goal for the day.

How to Sign Up:
New Paleo board is up on the wall in the gym! Put your name on the board and we’ll charge your account for the entry.
Hydrostatic weigh in – Separate sign-up sheet posted in the gym (you choose your time – but it’s first come first serve!)