Monday 04.21.14

The Protector

The Protector

***Gym Opens at 6:30am***
***Class Starts at 7:00am***

1 Mile Run
100 Pull-ups
200 Push-ups
300 Air Squats
1 Mile Run

Post Scores to Comments.

Join us afterwards for an awesome BBQ at Harry, James, and Rachel’s house! It’s going to be a blast! Address is posted at the gym.


  1. Colleen (OC)

    Murph: 53:36, Rx. :54 second PR, with a chest cold. Thanks Vitti and John G for doing this early with me!!!

  2. Ashley R

    Murph: 54:35 RX.. Third time doing Murph.. I seem to be getting slower!!

  3. Murph: 49:30 Rx
    I don’t think a PR. Push ups really caught up with me, this time. Note to self: don’t bench press day before a Murph WOD

  4. Laura c

    Murph: 45:35 rx

    2 min faster then November but 35 seconds off PR. Pull ups somehow got slower! Lost my link! What?

    Such an awesome way to begin this day!

  5. finished the Masters qualifier’s off. Wod 4: 19:27.
    Live to train another day.
    Have fun at the Marathon everyone!
    So great to see EC.

  6. Wod 4 masters 100 pull-ups 100 walk balls. 10:14RX

    Thanks Harry for the great coaching!

    I said this before………but Harry really stepped it up this week in helping the masters! Can’t thank him enough!

    Simply, a top tier individual! No wonder our military kicks some serious A……….because people like him our defending us! Thank you!

    • Great job start to finish on the Open and Qualifiers Neeb.

      And I’ll second your comments about Harry. He single handedly carried me through Amanda today!

  7. Katrina

    Murph 43:17RX/PR 3:59

  8. Andy L.

    Murph: 49:15 Rx

    Yesterday completed a 2014 goal: Flight Simulator: 16:10 Rx

    Enjoy the beautiful day!

  9. Heather Bergeron

    Murph 46:56 Rxd.

    SUCH a great way to start this day!!!

  10. Murph 48:07 green band pull ups otherwise rx. Goal today was to get in under 50 min. First time murph.

  11. 43:29 with medium band pull ups. Feeling like I am ready to graduate to the little bitty red band but was too scared to take the leap today with 100 pull ups in front of me! Awesome way to start the day today.

  12. Murph: 44:16 Rx

    Rest in peace, LT Murphy.

    44:16 total elapsed time. Mistakenly stopped after 3/4 mile on last run at 40:07. Sat down at the picnic table, cooled off, chatted with Ali G. for a while. Then it hit me. Popped up and ran the last 1/4 mile. Would’ve been a PR by 2 minutes or so. Coulda, woulda, shoulda… no excuses, especially on Murph.

    • laura c

      I would like some credit for cat calling you and making you remember….

  13. Michelene

    Murph 53:06 Rx (:32 PR) Enjoy the day!!

  14. Tricia D

    Murph: 40:35 (first time so did scale 2 – 1 mile, half reps, 1 mile )

  15. Murph: 50:10 Rx

  16. Big Mike

    1 Mile Run/150 SU’s/150 Air Squats/150 GHD back ext/1 Mile Run
    Can’t call this Murph….protecting back/shoulder for a few more days.
    Loved being there this morning with so many people that actually sleep in the morning. Great job all of you Masters…will be watching the leader board with you tonight. Good luck to Marathon participants (meaning those that are going to Harry’s….moderation please)…and good luck to all of the runners!

  17. Murph: 37:53 RX, not a PR, oh well. A great morning with lots of energy , always an honor to participate in Murph.

  18. First time in 2-1/2 months I have stepped into CFNE do to extensive traveling for work. Home for a few weeks so I get to attend classes again. Hotel WODs are good but just nt the same. Murph – what a way to get restart. during the second run I couldn’t feel my legs, they were totally shot from the airsquats. it was great seeing everyone this morning and Max on music really helped me get through the pushups and squats. Rita was with me and we agreed to begin doing classes again together (5:30PM most likely). everyone have a great and safe day.

  19. Murph: 1 mile run before after the reps. Half the reps with scaled knee push ups and banded pull ups: 52:00

  20. Away with the family so not able to do Murph but got in 21-15-9 Db 30 lbs thrusters with burpees 7:48, 100 sit-ups 4:38 with 30 overhead presses @ 125 lbs with 30 push-ups. RIP Lt Murphy. Thinking of the marathoners today and the victims of last year. Happy Patriot’s Day!

  21. Murph: 38:47 RX (3:09 PR)

  22. Andy M.

    Flight Simulator: 20:03 ahhhhh. Couldn’t make the box this morning. Anyone want to do Murph tomorrow?

  23. Heather V

    Murph: 45:36 Rx

  24. “Annie” at home: 15:31 Rx. 1st time I’ve got all DUs, in past have counted both DUs and attempts.


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