Sunday 04.20.14



***Open Gym from 9am-11am***

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 reps of the triplet:
Deadlift: 1.5 x Bodyweight
Bench Press: Bodyweight
Squat Clean: .75 x Bodyweight

Set up three bars and get after it.

Post Scores to Comments.

There will be one class on Monday at 7am. The gym will open at 6:30am for members to warm up and prime themselves for “Murph”. Afterwards come and join us for Marathon Monday at James, Harry, and Rachel’s house! Here’s some information from the man, the myth, the James Hobart:

Monday between 9-2ish
Come over and hang out on Monday to watch the Marathon, we live directly on the route just shy of the race halfway point. We will be out watching and eating BBQ and anything else we can get our hands on. Harry recently bought a meat smoker that he is dying to test out so make sure you come over and taste his meat.
If you plan on stopping by and can, bring something to share picnic style. Seltzer water, trail mix, chips, fruity salads, paleo and non paleo desserts and other hand food are good choices. Or bring some tasty meat for Harry to smoke–he is ready and willing to sizzle that beef.
Our apartment sits on the corner of Cemetery st and Route 135 just short of the halfway point in the race. But keep in mind 135 will be closed nearly the entire day.
The address will posted at the gym tomorrow and Monday.