Saturday 04.19.14

Bumper standing on a Bumper...

Bumper standing on a Bumper…

Team Tosh
3 x 200m – 400m – 600m Run
One person works as the other rests.

Post times to comments.

Do you have High Schoolers or Middle Schoolers looking for something to do between seasons? Well give our High School or Middle School Class a try!

Do you have High Schoolers or Middle Schoolers looking for something to do between seasons? Well give our High School or Middle School Class a try!



  1. laura c

    LOVE THAT PHOTO! Idea by Grace – I will take full photo credit and I had to grab the bad ass CFNE plates! That dog should replace the gobbler as our mascot!

  2. The plate weighs more than the dog! So cute!

  3. Team Tosh with Rae: 30:30

  4. Sarah W

    TT with Braatz: 27:04. Good wheels, partner. The sunglasses were intimidating and motivating at the same time.

  5. Michelene

    Team Tosh with Tricia D: 31:53 (1:15 PR from September)
    Fun WOD, great partner!!

  6. Wod 3 masters. 3 rounds 50 cal row, 15 HSPU’s, 50 du’s. 13:20 Rx

    Thanks to Ali g, mike g, Craig b and Ben for the push! Such a cool community!

    One more and then Miiler time……….and time and time and time again!

  7. TT with Lisa: 33:00 Lots of room for improvement. We decided to do this WOD every Sunday.

    I also want to congratulate our masters athletes who have been competing these past few days. So inspiring and happy for all of you that you made it this far! You should all be very proud of your accomplishments and hard work–well done!
    I also want to express my appreciation and pride in our box and with our coaches. The support is amazing and it’s so inspiring to know that our coaches make that extra effort and take time to work with/coach/video/count/support for our Masters athletes competing. Just the stories that many of you posted in the last couple of days showing appreciation for this work, made me really happy and proud of our box. There are many masters athletes and maybe even just other athletes out there at other boxes that do not receive this kind of support. I believe this attitude comes from the top–with Ben. Masterful at instilling a very positive and supportive community where coaches enjoy what they do, are really good at it, and want to help everyone succeed. I love the recent addition of the complaint free bracelets–what a great idea. I have had many people comment or ask about it at school/work. It is yet another reminder of the community that we are apart of, the philosophy of the box and the people, and the desire for all of us to be the best we can be as we travel on our life journey.
    Have a great day everyone!

    • Best judges and coaches in the world. I am so grateful and appreciative of all the help and support and encouragement. Makes me want to push harder. Thanks to you all!!

  8. Katrina

    Tosh 30:04PR

    I did this solo to compare my score.

    I pr’d by 5:38. For me this is huge! I kept repeating I love running…as I was running.

    7x7c2b :60 rest.

    Annie 8:27 not a pr but du are much better.

  9. Todd and Ted’s Team Tosh: 30:51
    Goat City

  10. Team tosh with my studly fiancé -27:04
    Great crew in the 10am

  11. Master’s Wod 50cal row,15 HSPU,50 DU’s

    Row RX, HSPU subbed strict press, 25 DU’s
    -not even going to post my time but it was first time I did DU’s in a WOD (Except for the few I did for the Open’s)
    -starting small. If I can do them, anyone can do them!

    Now I guess I have to rethink my “never going to do handstand pushup stance” :)

  12. master qualifier wod 3: rx for my age group. 37:12 first time doing kipping hspu in a wod. (did 45 of them)
    Thanks eternally to meg and kim who had to slug through those 37 minutes with me. Encouraging all the way.
    Man o man this masters qualifier stuff is making me have to dig so deep.

  13. michelle

    Master’s Wod 3: 23:56 rx- thank you Allie & Mike!
    1rm clean: 142# (2# pr)

    Thank you, Harry, John g, Susan W, Dan C, McD, Jerry!

  14. Ashley R

    Team Tosh-
    31:??? with Annemarie!

  15. Tosh: 25:05

  16. Sean Rockett

    Melinda and me 28:40 I think great to be outside from granny outfit to G string

  17. Saving Amanda for Monday. OHS are not friendly, as u might recall from 14.2.

    Spent the day working on snatches and squats with Cheryl….worked up to 115#.

    This is going to be an epic battle…but I will get this one done!

    Thx Cheryl for the pointers.

  18. 5k: 28:10 (8:48/min).
    Working on building up my endurance again.


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