Friday 04.18.14

The High School Class getting after "Jerry".

The High School Class getting after “Jerry”.

Squat Snatch (135, 95#)

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  1. Fun working out w the 5:30am this morning. Although when my alarm went off this morning I was legitimately confused. Good times.

  2. Andy M.

    Amanda: 14:37 (105#) Lots of great cues from Meg, Rachel and Max during the WOD that were extremely helpful. PR’d muscle ups in first set by getting 4 consecutive. My new key to a good WOD is showing up when you feel like s**t and not sure that you can even make it out of the warm up.

    Good luck to Regional Athletes! Go Crush it!

  3. Amy Brooks

    Amanda: 10:02 55#, 2x kipping pull ups and banded dips plus I totally started on snatches by accident. Oops.

  4. Amanda: 11:47 with 55# and 2x kipping pull ups and red banded dips.

  5. katrina

    Amanda 17:27rx (first time rx.) Amanda was one of my 2014 goals to do RX. accomplished!
    Fs 4X4 at 145#

  6. 8:21 rx

  7. Tricia D

    Amanda: 10:39 (40, 2 x kpu + pu)

  8. Amanda: 19:14 Rx

    Two very difficult movements for me so trying to stay positive and be pleased with finishing Rx. It’s been a goal for a while. That said, the skill work needs so much work. Just so so much.

    1 round of the masters regional event with 50 cals/15 HSPU/50 DU: 3:45

    2×4 front squat at 215…just not feeling it today.

  9. Amanda: 7:58 (135, MUTs) PR from (7:05, standing mu, 65#) however that converts.

    Eugene: thanks for letting me join in with you.
    Front squats: 5×4 climbing from 135-225. First time since last January I think.
    Clean/Jerk work: slowing down the first pull and working on setting the hands up the for the jerk. 135#

    Really had good vibes today! Rock on Masters, make sure you kill it!

    • michelle

      nice meeting you and thanks for the help today! Eugene and you are the best!

  10. Amanda: 10:41 (2xC2B + 2xRingDips/HRPushups, 135# Squat Cleans)

  11. Brian L

    Amanda 11:26RX

    Good Luck to all the Masters competing this weekend…. Have Fun!

  12. Rachel E

    Amanda: 6:44 (65# snatch, KPU and pushups same rep scheme) Scaled the heck outta this today but still so happy to be snatchin.

    Impressive to see the masters getting after it this morning!

  13. Kristin R

    Amanda 9:57 (2xKPU, 1x small band ring dips, 40#). 3:02 PR from August.

  14. “Amanda”: 11:38 (95, 2x CTB, GHD dips)

  15. Ashley R

    Amanda: 60# CTB, asst. dips

  16. Heather Bergeron

    Amanda 18:29 Rx’d.

    SOOOO PSYCHED about that!!! Didn’t think I’d be able to do 1 muscle-up OR those snatches. YESSS :)

  17. Thursday Orlando WOD;
    Bike intervals 4-6-8-6-4

    Body weight BP (185)
    Strict pull ups

    Friday Orlando WOD:
    30 bike intervals

    50# DB Front squats
    3×5 hard

  18. denise sullivan

    Congrats to all masters athletes last night and today!

    Amanda: 17:24 rx (65#)
    Thank you CFNE coaches (especially Ben, Rachel and Harry). Prior to today my “1 time” 1 rep max was 66# 2 years ago. If it weren’t for my coaches believing in me more than I do in myself I would never have achieved what I did today. Achieving something like this out of my element is what pushes me so. Thank you again and again.

  19. laura c

    Amanda: 7:30 55# CTB and ring dips (no band).

    Last time I was over 10 min and did 50# and MU transitions. So I would think this is a big PR? Hard to judge. The snatches felt great! Glad I stuck at 55 to dial in correct form. ONly rode a few down.

    30 WB at 12# – up to 900 WB WOO HOOO!!!!

  20. Amanda: 9:15 @ 85# and CTB/red banded ring dips

  21. Amanda: 10:43 (Rx MUs / 115#)

    5 straight MUs today out of the gate felt good. PR by 1:14 and 11 MUs (last time did 5-3-2 MUs).

    Front squat 4×4: 155/175/185/195 (PR)

    Clean & jerk EMOM x 6: 135/155/175 (2 each)

  22. michelle

    1 RM C: 140# tied pr
    Amanda: 32:10 rx, (11:20 pr)- thank you for the help, Ben. I will def redo, your tips finally sunk in by the last round. Allie & Laura- love my camera crew- tks. Having the CFNE people around while I did this was the best feeling. thanks!

  23. 1rep clean 247. 7 lb pr.

    Amanda 12:22 Rx. First time Rx.

    Thanks to all who helped me today. Craig b, Rachel, Ho, Harry, max and my daughter McKenna. Fun to do this stuff with her.

    Special thanks to Harry for helping the masters qualifiers. Staying late, sending emails, answering questions etc! He cares, he listens, he responds…….The dude is just pure QUALITY and we are all very lucky he is at CFNE. Thank you!

  24. Amanda: 4:43 (35# single pu/pu subs). Time is irrelevant. Purpose for me today was to try and snatch correctly. It’s still under construction…

  25. Rick W.

    OTM 9 C&J 145 X 3, 155 X 3, 165 X 3
    4X4 Front Squat up to 185#
    Amanda – 8:30 115# CTB and Ring Dips
    Nice to see you masters getting after it and all the people supporting them – good luck this weekend!

  26. Krystle

    Amanda: 19:05 (65#, Banded MU)

    Got 5 MU in a row in the first round which is a PR but failed my very last one several times spent minutes working on it. Thanks Harry for the tips!

  27. Melinda

    Amanda: 7:15 85#, MU transitions

    Great job masters today and everyday!

  28. John S.

    Amanda: 8:55 (55#, kpu)

  29. Lára Vukson

    Amanda: 10:01 (45#) + pu’s
    Thanks Harry, Heather + Ben for all the great coaching. Felt better about my snatches by the end!

    Our prez announced early close en route home, so grabbed the chance for a post run with the pup. Have a great long holiday/marathon weekend CFNE fam. See y’all in a week. I’m off to NYC for a shoot.

    AND Congrats to all masters athletes!

  30. Amanda 10:11rx, 4×4 FS 280#

  31. Jonathan

    Amanda: 6:41 (95#)

  32. Amanda: 16:42 (95#, C2B+GHD dip)

  33. Last 24 hours have been busy. Did 2 Masters last night and 1 today.

    1. Clean: 235# (30# PR). Power cleaned it up. If I can get a bit lower there’s more there. Will give it another shot on Monday.

    2. Row/HSPU/DU: 15:37
    3. 100 PU/100 WB: 11:00

    SO many people to thank. Let’s start with Harry who epitomizes everything good about CFNE. He stuck around till 10:30 with LJ any I last night to coach, judge and encourage us. Also Terri, Nell, and Nancy who videoed, counted and cheered us on late last night.

    Today, just before I started the WOD Ben grabbed a WB and said he would pace me through 100 PUs and 100 WBs…who does that?!! He shaved minutes off my time by keeping me in motion when things got tough. Jerry thx for judging. And Mick, Rasheed, Tracy, Todd, Cheryl and C4 for all the support.

    1 more to go!

  34. Sarah W

    Amanda 11:08 (65#, transitions).

  35. Masters’ Qualifer WODs:
    1 RM Clean: 165#
    2. Amanda: 0 (standards are do all of Amanda or it’s zero)
    3. Row/HSPU/DU WOD: 24:40 not great in the scheme of the 200, but a total joyful PR to put together the kipping HSPU timing and body position the “right” way.
    4. I’ll defer a long as possible on this so my pulled arm tendon can continue to recover from last week’s C2B tweak.

    Good luck Masters!

  36. Amanda: 10:45 (35#, 2 x pull-ups and push-ups)

    Thanks for the coaching today Rachel and Meg!

    Meg: The weekend is here, I guess I have time to practice my squat therapy at the mall! :)

  37. Master qualifier
    1rm clean 95# 5# pr
    Amanda:27:24 55# and c2b first time doing c2 b’s evahh
    Will def redo both
    Thanks Harry and cheryl for judging and encouragement

  38. Amanda: 14:17 (Rx MU/115# SS) PR of 1:35 and 10#… Linked first 5 MUs and got doubles through the set of 7 then singles. Fun way to head into the long weekend.

  39. Nicole D

    Amanda: 5:48 (55#, pull up/push up)

    Took it easy and focused on form. Felt good!


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