Thursday 04.17.14


The calm before the storm and the storm (of fitness).

The Usual Suspects
5 rounds of:
Run 200m
10 Deadlifts (225, 155#)
30 Abmat Situps

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Coach Geoff

Coach Geoff

Coaches Corner with Coach Geoff

Rest vs. Recovery

Do you constantly feel nagging pain or soreness but chose to ignore it? Do you feel mentally drained? Have you looked at your past week of training and realized, you haven’t taken a day off in a week? A lot of us fall victim to this because we get wrapped up in what other athletes at CFNE are doing, or how games level athletes are training in articles or YouTube videos.

The reason that these individuals compete at this level is because CrossFit and training is what most of them do as full-time jobs. They own or operate CrossFit gyms and can train the way they do without any other commitments or distractions. They can do four workouts a day, fuel their bodies properly and have adequate rest in between training sessions. Most of us don’t have this luxury, which makes it even more important to listen to our bodies and “live to train another day.”

Contrary to popular belief rest vs. recovery have completely different meanings when applied to CrossFit, fitness, health or sports in general. Rest is simply stated as a complete day off, the absence of exerting any effort or movement. In other words think to yourself taking a day off from the gym, from fitness or sport. Just hanging with friends, lying on the couch watching DVR shows and getting to bed early.

Recovery is the restorative process by which you regain a positive state of “normalcy,” you “get your mind right” and restore balance in your everyday life. Recovery is far more than just staying out of the gym or training, it is a deliberate and executed plan to offset the physical and mental exertion we subject ourselves too inside the gym. Recovery still includes adequate rest, but comes down to you doing something outside the gym that makes you happy every once and a while.

For instance maybe you go back and revisit something you loved doing before CrossFit; playing basketball or football with friends, going for a hike or bike ride, or even laying at the beach or swimming? Our ultimate goal in CrossFit is to prolong the nursing home, to be able to play with our kids or grandkids. If we don’t don’t shut down the engines and restore a sense or “normalcy” in life, then what good are we to our most valuable possessions; our families and loved ones. Take advantage of those rest and recovery days. Get outside apply your fitness level to something different and love every second of it.

– Coach Geoff