Friday 04.11.14

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Post Caption to Comments.

Squat Cleans (135, 95#)
Ring Dips

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There are still spaces available for the CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course.

There are still spaces available for the CrossFit Kettlebell Trainer Course.

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Cheryl’s Big Clean Complex


  1. Face in butt. That is all.

  2. The Dirty Martinez?

  3. Andy M.


  4. Rachel D

    CF69… Yes I went there!!!!

  5. Check out Rogan in the back…sketchy…

  6. Michelle

    CFNE time out: bad form on bjs, sorry, you know the drill, girl, . . . and shoot, ya, Kevin just had bean burritos. .

  7. laura c

    I love that both of their toes are pointed….

  8. Kama Sutra CrossFit Style!

  9. Seriously, forget the still photo…. Where’s the video to see how they got in this position? I really want to know how they got there!

  10. Elizabeth: 18:32 Rx (first time doing prescribed)

    Euge, work yesterday helped a lot.

    Rachel and Meg, thanks for the coaching and reminders during the WOD.

  11. Diane: 5:44 Rx (6:15 PR)

    Pretty jazzed about this as HSPUs are a real problem. Psyched.

    …back later for Elizabeth (when the humbling occurs).

  12. Colleen (OC)

    Elizabeth: 10:32, 65# and 9-7-5 ring dips. Should have done more ring dips. Surprised that in my almost 4 years here, I’ve never done this one before!

  13. Photo: Kevin: Hey Rachel, Can you help me out. I was stretching my hamstrings with a lacrosse ball and I lost it.
    Rachel: what do you mean “you lost it”?
    Kevin: well you know I Lost It…
    Rachel: Ooooo myyyyy goshhhhh…. Well let’s take a look.
    (Rachel in Kevin get in “96” position)
    Kevin: YOU SEE IT???
    Rachel: Ummm no, no I donnnttt, wait, yup, yup there is its, but you’re crazy if you think I’m going after that!
    Kevin: pheew, thanks Rachel you’re the BEST! Time for an extra hot burrito at Chipotle.

    Elizabeth: 9:06 RX (PR by 20# & 0:32) 5 WODs in a row with a PR. I feel Blessed.

    Thanks for all the great coaching Meg, Rachel, and Harry.
    Have a great weekend all!

  14. Elizabeth: 10:53 (65# and push-ups)

    Thanks for the coaching and support Rachel and Meg! I really appreciate it.

  15. John S.

    Elizabeth: 14:10, 75#, banded ring dips

    I love that this week started with Diane and ended with Elizabeth…those are my wife’s first and middle names….Thank you…

  16. Elizabeth: 9:26 (85# and push-ups)

    Felt pretty good today. Friday feel good kind of day.

  17. Elizabeth: 12:12 95#

  18. Sarah W

    Elizabeth: 18:10 and guess what? Not Rx!
    95# and 16,15,9 ring dips. When innocent Mayhemers (who had finished about a half-hour earlier) were screaming, “Last set! Finish it, girl,” and I was on the set of 15 cleans AFTER. scaling my dips in first round, a little piece of my ego died.
    Thanks, David, for helping me at the end.

  19. Rick W.

    Elizabeth: 8:49 rx (1:02 PR)
    5 X 225# sled pulls 150ish meters.

  20. Elizabeth: 15:44 (PR by 0:41)

    I can’t honestly write Rx after that. Sketchy ring dip depth in sets 2 and 3.

    Elizabeth… bitch hates me. It’s just because she doesn’t know me yet :-)

    • If I had known the colon-dash-right bracket combo was going to transform into that smiley face emoticon thing, it never would have happened. A guide for 45-year-old males:

      Always: .

      Sometimes: !

      Never: :-)

    • Heck yeah, that’s a PR.

  21. Elizabeth: 9:34 RX
    (2:18 PR)

  22. Big Bri

    75 pistols for time
    Ugliest form ever.

  23. Patrick

    Elizabeth- 9:57Rx. First time Rx.

  24. Big Mike

    Elizabeth: Not
    5K row-21:07 (more than 2 minutes off of PR)
    After not having eaten in the last 2.5 days and being curled up in a hotel room for the last two nights, I thought sweating through a workout would help. When I almost passed out after chasing Rae in the circle drill I knew there would be issues. And trust me, no one wanted me to squat this morning.

    Glad I did something. Great to have the doors open this morning….first official sign of spring.

    Oh, and let’s all pre-congratulate Ho on the PR he will set this afternoon when he comes back to Elizabeth……sigh

  25. OTM x 5: 10 HSPU’s

    Elizabeth………..7:26 RX (1:01 PR)

    Du’s and Mu’s 50/5, 40/4, 30/3, 20/2, 10/1,

  26. Laura c

    Elizabeth; 13:10 70#. Rx ring dips. 2:39 PR!

    5. Days on And 5 big ass PR’s. A big BAM!

    Awkward that I’m writing this post in a paper Johnny at the dermatologist office for A total skin check. How am I to explain the whip marks on my abdomen, my stabbed ass and bruised and chaffed triceps…. Gonna be an interesting appt! Yes, doctor, these are from Annie and Elizabeth…. Could be a good story here….

  27. Like the video – just WOW!

    Also tried to re-calculate 155# for me based on Cheryl’s body weight. It would be ~188# – well, some day I would be able to may be DL such a weight in a WOD …

  28. Tricia D

    That photo is the 2014 version Dirty Dancing’s “the lift.” There could definitely be a crossfit movie.

  29. Michelle

    Elizabeth: 12:51 rx. (:41 pr)
    Handstand walks
    6 min amrap: 3 cal on killer new air dyne, then 3x holding 2 (35# db) burpee/ 24″ box walk overs- run back to start. Keeping it fun- thanks, Rachel!!

  30. Elizabeth: 6:58 Rx (3:47 PR)


  31. Elizabeth: 12:08 @ 95# and red banded ring dips
    Slow going for me today. No PR in sight. Could not string the squat cleans together–one at a time–which took a while. wheels are cranky with knees/ankles/elbows not too happy these days. Feel like I need joints to be oiled(tinman syndrome?)
    New Day tomorrow–yay for FGB!

  32. Krystle

    Elizabeth: 12:26 I think… It’s on the board (85#, RD RX)

    Slower than last time but 10# heavier… would like to try 95# but didn’t want to make everyone wait around for me to finish.

  33. Elizabeth: 14:40 (75#, ring dips rx). :20 PR

  34. Elizabeth 8:10rx

  35. Annie: 6:12 (18 second PR)

  36. Diane 18:30 not a typo. My HSPUs went from bad to worse today.
    THANK YOU Cheryl, Brian, & JC for the tips.

    Elizabeth 9:34 w/ banded ring dips 9-7-7 (not 5) and lots of practice after the WOD to find that magical knee kip.

  37. Lára Vukson

    That photo…wow. I’m amazed and speechless all at the same time 😉

    Belated post:

    5:30 pm Thurs.
    CrossFit date w/the hubs

    Double Unders
    Abmat Sit-ups

    12:54. Not fast, however…
    MY FIRST DOUBLE UNDERS ever. Very exciting. Manged to do 3 in a row after class while I continued practicing. Now I’m obsessed. woot woot.

  38. Christian

    12:26 rx feeling lousy today but regardless of that I’m no ring dipper (toothpick arms)…

    Again, skills. Not really my strength. But then again neither is stopping after just one handful of skittles, which has nothing to do with anything, but is one of the things I’m horrible at — like ring dips. So I guess it has everything to do with everything.

  39. Thomas F

    Elizabeth 8:47 Rx

  40. Elizabeth: 9:38 Rx (1:00 PR)

  41. “Elizabeth”: 10:46 w/ GHD dips

  42. Brian L

    Elizabeth-10:55 rx

  43. Elizabeth: 10:06 95# 9-7-5 ring dips
    Over 6 min pr and 30# heavier than when I did it in July

    50 wall balls @ 20#, 750 total for month

  44. Craig B.

    Elizabeth: 7:26 rx

  45. Maureen B.

    12:45 (85#) skinny red band dips

  46. 7:59rx

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