Thursday 04.10.14

Craig doing 3 x bodyweight deadlift...well at least 2 x's a lot of weight.

Craig doing a 3 x bodyweight deadlift…well at least 2 x bodyweight…it’s a lot of weight.

Double Unders
Abmat Sit-ups

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Calling all ladies!!! Get Psyched for…

CFNE Ladies Night of Wine & Jeans!

Thursday, April 17th

You are all invited to Tobey Grey Boutique, formerly National Jean Company, on Linden Street in Wellesley for a night of shopping and socializing!

We all talk about how hard it is for Crossfit women to find jeans to fit our bodies…so come to the store and we can help you find jeans that fit your crossfit thighs :). The store has new spring styles and plenty of dresses/tops for you to look at as well.

Everyone will get 20% off their purchases!!

Bring a bottle of wine and let’s have some fun!

Feel free to forward to a friend…everyone is invited!!! !

Any questions, email


  1. ECizzle

    I need to fly up for this ladies night!!

    • I’ll host a ladies night if it means you’ll come and visit. Also, we have the new Kill Cliff…

  2. Craig’s a beast!

  3. Annie: 6:33 (0:21 PR)

    OTMx10: 6 C2B

  4. Colleen (OC)

    Annie: 8:17, with half double unders. More double unders than in December (14 more, I think) and :56 seconds faster!!!

  5. Annie: 6:08 (1:18 PR)
    1RM OHS: 195 (35# PR)
    1RM clean: 290 (5# PR)
    1RM DL: 410 (10# PR)
    Boat Race: 16:38 (:40 PR)
    Iron Scaps

    Thursday Funday complete…I’m bringing sexy back. Yeah.

  6. Michelene

    Annie: 9:23 Rx – 1st time doing Rx DUs in a WOD!!

  7. Annie: 6:58 Rx (4:55 PR)

    1RM Snatch: 115#. Just couldn’t get 125# today. Well off my PR. I need to spend more time snatching heavy; I just don’t feel comfortable getting under the bar.

  8. Annie: 7:33 Rx (2:06 PR)

    my Annie history
    2012-08-06: 12:17
    2013-04-30: 9:39
    2014-04-10: 7:33

  9. Annie: 7:15 Rx (2:15 PR)

    PR thanks to Harry’s coaching about jumping like a pogo stick. This clicked for me this winter and made such a difference. Now when I do DUs, all I’m thinking with every jump: “Pogo stick, pogo stick, pogo stick …”

  10. Rick W.

    Annie: 7:28 rx
    5X5 Back Squats @195
    7X5 Power Snatch OTM @95#
    7X5 CTB OTM

  11. Annie: 9:05 (2x su)

    • gosh. just looked it up and that is a 4second PR. need to work on DUs and play with the grown ups.

      hear ye, hear ye – by 1st of June, i will be ready to do DUs in a WOD. ya’ll witness, by penalty of a flogging.

  12. Sarah W

    6:19 Rx. First time doing this Rx.

  13. Andy L.

    Annie 7:40Rx (1:40 PR) gotta move faster on those sit-ups to keep up with the mayhem this morning!

  14. Rachel E

    Annie: 7:03 Rx (:55 PR) First time getting 50 and 40 DUs unbroken so I’m puuumped. Now, if only I could keep my hair outta the rope in later rounds . . .

  15. Ashley R

    Annie: 8;24 RX not my best double unders today….

  16. laura c

    annie: 7:29 1/2 DU 1 min PR
    THe last time I did Annie I wrote “did not look at time….did 10 DU attempts per round and got ZERO!!!!!!!) so today was actually a bigger PR than a minute! It is pretty much a 7:29 and 75 DU PR Now I gotta try is RX and get rid of the damn single

    I left today with a chaffed butt and as I got undressed I saw a HUGE whip mark along my entire abdomen….. SO WEIRD! Gosh, I love CF

    120 WB – 575 To date

    • You were going good (nice PR, btw) until you go to the second paragraph. Then you veered off into the vaguely dirty more common of Naughty Nooners.

  17. Christian

    10:29 rx (I think my pr is in the low 8 min range?)

    I mean this involves a skill, so clearly not my strength. Also got to 72 sit ups in round one before realizing the scaling option to double up applied to just single unders. I don’t listen well.

  18. Krystle

    Annie: 8:26 RX… first time ever doing this RX and I got 44 DU in a row in the first round that’s a PR!

    I also showered at CFNE for the first time ever after class, so I guess you can say I’m not the smelly kid anymore… THAT’S a PR!

  19. Brook R

    Annie: 7:27 Rx

  20. Where do we get one of those “Built by Bergeron” t-shirts?

  21. CrossFit Max Effort:

    Push Press 5X3: 125#/135#/145#/155#165#

    3X20 GHD sit ups & hip extensions

  22. Jonathan

    Annie: 8:06 Rx. 52 second PR.

  23. Annie – 7:00 Rx

  24. Annie: 9:23—havn’t picked up a rope since 14.1(like many of us)before class started I somehow strung 3 double unders in a row together which has never happened. I usually do double-single-double. thank you Michael Trosen for the tips and others that helped–I was psyched. But, then WOD started and I could not do that. So, back to double-single-double(awful efficiency and max ehaustion)So, I did 25 DU each round for all 5 rounds. Which ended up being 25 less DU to make it RX. The positive that came out of today was that I now know I can string double unders together. Worked after class and got 6! If you want to be good at something you have to practice. I admit I only practice when they are in the WOD(which is really not that often). My goal is to practice 3X a week. Gonna get this!

  25. Liz messina

    Annie- 7:19 Rx (pr)

  26. Annie: 7:21 Rx. :59 PR

  27. engine work: 22 mile bike ride- some hill repeats

  28. “Annie” at home: 12+ Rx. Had clock malfunction. Need some major work on this one

  29. Annie: 9:14 Rx’d. (:09 PR) sit-ups need to be faster, doubles were there all day.

  30. Annie: 10:40. Got in DUs when I could otherwise did 2X singles. Got my last 10 as DUs unbroken. PR there for sure.

  31. Annie:10:44 Rx over a 2 min pr

  32. Annie: 15:20 DU & DU attempts. Think I got 5 or 6 straight at one point. This will go much faster once the DU start to click.
    Did this in the garage so no wall balls today. 700 WB total for month.

  33. Annie: 6:53rx
    1:26 PR

    All dubs unbroken except for the first round where I got to 40 and tripped up.

  34. Big Bri

    Subbed jumping lunges for double-unders, abmat sit-ups Rx’d

  35. 13:34 (10 DUs/round)

    50 DUs in a WOD – PR!

  36. Annie: 12:48 Rx – total slashfest but still a great time with the 7:30 PMers

  37. Bridget

    First time RXing Annie… Before class DU were so not there, but then suddenly during class they somewhat appeared. Decided to go for it, and they came through for for the first time in a WOD. Small sets but kept moving!
    “Annie”- 12:14 rx

  38. jerk 1RM off blocks… just getting back into anything heavy overhead. 160#. 5# PR.

    boat race at a conversational recovery pace. nice rowing outside.

  39. Annie: 8:50 Rx

    This was a PR because I know I’ve never done sub 9:00 before, just not sure how much of a PR because all I wrote last time was “PR”!

  40. Kristin B.

    Annie: 8:12 w/2x singles — 44 second PR

    This felt really good. Surprised myself. The first time I ever did Annie I finished in 13:16 and halved the situps. Crazy.

  41. Craig B.

    Annie: 5:45

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