Wednesday 04.09.14

Harry took home 3rd place this past weekend at CrossFit Union! CFNE is crushing it!

Harry took home 3rd place this past weekend at CrossFit Union! CFNE is crushing it!

Overhead Squat

Snatch Balance


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Coach Kevvy Kev using the Force. Strong he is.

Coach Kevvy Kev using the Force. Strong he is.

Coaches Corner with Coach Ashley

Lesson learned.

One of our jobs as coaches is to help athletes modify movement based on level of skill, exposure to the sport, injury, etc. I have recently been on the receiving end of those modifications with an injury that I have been ignoring for months and months and it has changed my perspective in a lot of ways. This is the first time that I have had a true injury that has prevented me from continuing to crossfit at the level that I had been. What I have learned…

First, I realized that I am a terrible “patient.” As a nurse, one would think that I would have gone to the doctors back in October when the pain started waking me up in the middle of the night. Or when my friends would repeatedly check in on me and ask if I had made an appointment with Sean yet. But no, it was not until 6 months later when I decided I didn’t want to have pain anymore every time I worked out. I should have gone when it all started, that is the first lesson I learned.

Second, it got to me mentally more than I was expecting. I actually said to Allison Giorgio this weekend “I am losing fitness by the minute, I can feel it.” So things have to be modified, I won’t be lifting heavy for a while, I won’t be running any time soon BUT when assessing my goats there is a laundry list of things that I can be working on. When Sean said that I could use the air dyne I was beyond excited…what has happened to me?! My fitness will shift for a period of time but I can still work toward my goals and get stronger in a different way…mentally. Lesson number two.

The health and wellness continuum is a model that is first introduced in elements talking about sickness, wellness, and fitness. These are relative terms to one another and any physical or physiological marker could be plotted on this curve to assess if we are sick, well, or fit. As individuals our fitness goals vary but we all strive to achieve what being fit means to us. I would argue that continuing to crossfit with an injury, over training, focusing on intensity before technique pushes us beyond fit and back toward sickness. As Ben says, we are working on a low trajectory towards a distance horizon. Lesson number three, don’t let an acute problem complicate your goals for the long run with chronic issues.

To conclude, this is a minor injury relatively speaking, but it has still put a lot of things into perspective and I think I will grow as an athlete as well as a coach because of it. Focus on your goals but don’t sacrifice the future for a PR today. Keep working toward a healthy, balanced life!




  1. rich t

    Congratulations Harry.
    Kev doing his anti-gravity stuff, AGAIN.
    Nice perspective Ashley.

  2. KarenH

    Congrats Harry!
    Great post Ashley and, who doesn’t want an excuse to crush on the air dyne :)

  3. Great perspective – perfect timing for me 😀

    Congratulations Harry!!!

  4. laura c

    I had a stress fracture one summer and I 100% made a point to come to CFNE 5 days a week with the boot on – my pullups never were better! hang in there Ashley! And yes, we did not have an airdyne back then and “got to” row but the airdyne will be your BEST FRIEND!!!

  5. Sean Rockett

    Great story Ashley, And to all, listen… please listen to your bodies when they are talking to you. Your body is smarter than you are. The restraint can change a 6 month recovery into a 6 day recovery.

    • rich t

      all these years of therapy – “don’t listen to the voices” and now you come up with that.

  6. Shayna

    Great write up Ashley and wow, so relevant!

  7. Congrats Harry, way to represent CFNE! Great article Ashley thank you for sharing.

  8. Congratulations Harry.
    Ashley hit the nail on the head. The restraint is well worth the long term investment (trust me on this one)

    Overhead Squat: 95/115/135
    Snatch Balance: 95/115/135
    Snatch: 135/155/175/185/190 (15# PR) I feel very excited about this one. 😉 cheers all!

    • Nice PR! That’s a big number.

    • Braatz

      Super focused, super strong this morning. Congrats. Best part was your confident “oh, yes!” as you settled into the squat at 175, knowing you had more in the tank.

      • 175 was my previous PR. When I got under it it felt very comfortable and stable. thats about all I remember. After the weight hits my knees, i think pull like hell and I don’t remember anything until I’m under it, only w/ the Snatch. Its really an odd feeling.

    • I saw you jump away from the bar with a huge smile on your face! Nice PR!

    • rich t

      monster on the platform. huge weight.

      after yesterday, i am holding back for a while…but you deserve it.


    • Tricia D


    • Christian

      Pumped for you. Actually upset I missed this. Awesome!!

    • many thanks all! Braatz: that was pointed out to me right after I did it and I total don’t remember doing that. I really thought I did it after… is there such thing as a “lifting high” like a “runners high”? Hope it didn’t come across wrong. I was really having fun with the weight today!

  9. 1RM snatch: 165…had more for sure but stopped when the form (squat) deteriorated, per the usual. Ug.

    10 rds of 10 TTB & 10 G2O @95: 17:01

    Fun times with the crew. Thanks for having me.

  10. Congrats Harry! ANd Ashley Great article, I wrestle with these thoughts myself every day.

  11. Braatz

    OHS: 135/ 145/ 155 (felt very good)
    Snatch Balance: 115/ 125/ 135 (felt fine)
    Snatch: 115/ 125/ 135F (felt lousy)

    Great tip from Rachel, great to be back at WLW after a long hiatus.

  12. Todd B

    Didn’t want the Mayhem to be lacking a Bailey, so I stepped in on the OC’s rest day. :)

    OHS: 135/145/155
    Snatch Balance: 115/125/135
    Snatch: 115/125F/135F (Ugh)

    OHS and SB felt great. Easy day. Then I fell apart on the Snatch. Previous PR is 135. Today got the weight overhead just fine, but could not find any balance under the bar. Here’s to next time!

  13. 2k row – wasn’t going for PR, more conditioning – 8:50
    PT work and stretching – stiff knee today.

  14. Brian L

    overhead squat- 185

    snatch balance- 155

    squat snatch- 200 (5# pr)

    psyched to get this today. It’s been about a yr since I got 195#, I had been stuck at 185 the last few times we did 1rm. Great working with Neeb today.

    10ttb, 10ground to overhead

  15. Rick W.

    Way to go Harry!

    OHS 135# x 3, Snatch Balance 115#, Sq Snatch 130#
    10rft: 10ttb, 10gto 95#, 18:24

  16. John S.

    OHS: worked up to 65
    Snatch Balance: worked up to 65 (10# pr)
    Snatch: worked up to 65 (10# pr)

    These are terrible (i.e. goat) movements for me…last time I did Snatch balance and snatch, I couldn’t get more than 55# so…thank you Rachel and Harry for working with me.

  17. rich t

    OHS – 105
    SB – 65?
    S – 95

    shoulders not feeling it

  18. 115/95/95

  19. Chad M.

    OHS 185#, SB 115#, Snatch 180 (numerous misses on 190# (not failures because I know I got better today at my snatch)
    Thanks to the 8.30 and 9.30 for cheering me on and Coach Rachel for all of the pointers.

    • Chad M

      And congrats Harry, it was great being able to watch you get after it.

  20. Patrick

    OHS:135#, SB-135#, Squat Snatch 145(Tied PR), 150F.

  21. Tricia D

    Congratulations, Harry!!! In that picture it doesn’t even look like Kevin is working hard, jeezus. Hope you heal quick, Ashley. Great article. Need to find a way to make it to these weightlifting days.

  22. laura c

    Overhead Squat : 100# 20 #PR I think i have at least 105# in me but ran out of time
    Snatch balance – just was not understanding the movement prob kept it at like 55#?
    SQ Snatch: decreased weight to 100% work on form,,,only went to 55# to nail it

    Thanks SOOOO much Sean for the help and encouragement with OHS and Kevin for the snatch stuff.

    Corey = great partner!

    80 WB 535 WB to date

  23. michelle

    Congratulations, HARRY!!! Great article, Ashley. I think each one of us goes through those emotions/thoughts so it is great to share to know it is normal and that being smart and positive can shorten up recovery.

    102# 1rm Snatch- 2lb pr on squat snatch
    10 rft: 10 ttb/ 10 gto 65#: 18:51- c&j from the start

  24. Congrats Harry!

    One of the top 3 days ever at CFNE! Not PR day just a fun memorable great day!

    Amazing Coaching, Lifting and a Metcon! DAMN!!

    OHS 185
    SBalance 155
    SqSnatch 150

    17:04 10 rounds: 10 T2b and 10 G2O (95)

    Fun lifting with Brian L today! That Dude is strong, fast and great technique…….LOOK OUT!!

  25. Krystle

    OHS: 95#
    SB: 65#
    SS: 95# (10 or 15# PR)

    Didn’t try to max until SS… happy I did!

  26. Jonathan

    OHS: 185# (20# PR)
    SB: 135#
    SS: 145# (10# PR if it counts to fall to your knees and then stand it up)?

  27. Congratulations Harry! Great job!

    OHS: 185#, 195#, 200# (55# PR)
    Snatch Balance: 135#
    Squat Snatch: 150#

    Morning Workout
    4×8 Bench: 165#, 185#, 195#, 205#
    Boat Race: 16:25 Rx
    5×5 DL with 20-25 DUs between sets: 225#, 275#, 295#, 325#, 345#

  28. Get it Harry!!

    Busy day…paced most of the WODs to work on form and skills.

    1. Boat Race: 17:05 (:35 pr)

    2. DL & DUs: 5×5 DLs +25 DUs between sets. Worked up to 295#.

    3. WB & BJs: 3 x 20 WBs and 10 BJs (24″)

    4. 10 rounds: 10 C&J (95) and 5 T2B – 18ish

  29. Comp WOD Mod: 10 rnds: 10 TTB 10 1 arm dumbbell snatches (70#): 15:20

    DL 1 Rm got 365 failed 385

  30. Worked on endurance. 2.5mi run


    ohs – 135 ,145, 150… legs felt good! jerk was limiting factor. PR. dunno how much, but pretty big.

    snatch bal – 95, 100, 105

    sq sn – 105, 115, 120… not a PR but glad to be able to get the bar over my head. can’t remember the last time i went for a heavy snatch.


  32. OHS 165, 175, 185 (20# PR) Thanks Max for bro-ing out and for the tips.

    Snatch Balance 115, 125, 135

    Snatch 115, 125, 135

    Great warm up with the James Hobart. Getting fitter everyday.

  33. Kristin B.

    OHS — up to 125
    SB — up to 105
    Squat snatch: 100# PR (finally!) Been chasing this one for.ever. Thanks Meg for your help!

  34. Mike R

    OHS: 145#
    SB: 115#
    SS: 135#

    Thanks for the great coaching and encouragement tonight, Cheryl.

  35. Wonderful post, Ashley. Great to see how you have been able to put things into perspective and hopefully others will follow your lead. I know I will!

  36. OHS — up to 80#/SB — up to 75#/SqS – up to 70#

    Still in trouble with all these 3 movements. So many things to keep in mind at once, especially for SqS … Kind of when I learned to serve in tennis – at first you are so overwhelmed thinking about all the components of a good serve that your serve is totally ruined but with time it becomes your weapon!


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