Sunday 04.06.14



On the Minute x 14
Odd: 3 Bench Press
Even: 3 Weighted Pull-ups

3x200m Prowler Push
Rest as Needed Between Rounds.

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  1. Eugene

    Nice belt! I have one just like it…

    Here is the website some if you were asking for to donate to the firefighters who gave their lives.

  3. Master’s comp wod: 5 RFT 15:41 (15#dbt/20#dbwl)

  4. Kristin R

    Christine 13:01 (105#, step ups)

  5. Big Bri

    1 min on/1 min off Airdyne, holding 19 calories
    10 rounds

  6. OTM: 65# bench/#10 weighted strict pull-ups
    Could have gone heavier on bench but didn’t bc no spotter. Tho thanks Todd B for the spot after as I went up to 85#.

  7. Todd B

    OTM: 185# bench, 35# weighted pull up.

    Prowler push: first round put 135# on the prowler. Made it 100M and hit a wall. Had to stop 3 or 4 times to make it back. Took a plate off and did 90# he next two rounds.

  8. Big Mike

    Masters Comp WOD: 16:03 (40#DB)
    What is this thing when you go outside and move your legs back and forth to propel you. Don’t let anyone tell Dave Castro about it.


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