Friday 04.04.14

Congratulations to our Masters Athletes moving on to the round of 200!

Ya buddy! Awesome work Masters!

30 Snatches (135, 95#)

Post Scores to Comments.
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  1. Alison

    Congratulations to all the Masters. You rock!

  2. ………and rock and rock and then in the middle of the night we wake up get out of the chair and go to bed!

    Congrats everyone!

    • Rick W.

      I would have never though you are 45 Neeb, your skin is just so smooth! What products do you use?

  3. Andy M.

    Congrats to all the Masters! Awesome job and keep it up!

  4. Hell Yeah CFNE Masters! Way to set the tone! 😀

  5. Eugene

    Congrats everyone!!!

  6. brien d

    congratulations to everyone! very impressive and inspiring

  7. Congrats Master Athletes! You guys are rock stars!

  8. Curt V.

    Congrats to all the Masters!!

  9. Congratulations Masters!!

  10. Masters of the Universe!!

  11. James Hobart

    Hard work and a reward well earned–congratulations masters.

  12. Patti Jeanne


  13. Isabel: 4:38 Rx (20# PR)…I’m beginning to think I’ll never actually get better at snatches. Luckily, I moved on to something I’m awesome at: muscle ups…oh, wait…

    4 sets of unbroken MUs: 3, 2, 3, 2…whomp whomp

    Odd: 6 HSPUs
    Even: 40 DUs

  14. Andy M

    Isabel: 6:09 (95#) Gut said stay in bed this morning, gut was right. Terrible showing, no speed through the middle, plus i’m sure many other thingsI’m doing incorrectly. You’d think after 4+ years at CFNE I might have this one down. Need to start from the beginning and drill in the form with very light weights.

    Some awesome times and PR’s today, great work all.

    • Hey Andy, turn the frown upside down. 😉 Don’t beat yourself up over this one man. lower the weight work on the form and work back up through the weights. you’ll get it, keep that head up! (p.s. I have the same opinion on DUs I’ve been working on them for “20 years” and I still suck at them.)

    • Sarah W

      Andy, thanks for your encouragement today. We will work the form and figure out how to NOT rush through the movement after classes.

    • Eugene

      Open invitation to anyone to join me on fixing form, specifically the early arm bend. 20 sets of 5 clean/snatch pulls for the month of April. 3 days a week.

  15. Masters: 11 of 200 people that’s crazy! Congratulations!

    Isabel: 3:08 RX (PR, First Time) Have a good weekend all!

  16. “Isabel” with the 630amers 4:04rx

  17. Congrats to all the Masters!! You have all worked so, so hard. Enjoy the friuts of your labor in the round of 200’s!!

  18. Tricia D

    Isabel: 3:09 (60) last time 2:15 at 55. Didn’t feel like the form was there today.

  19. So humbled by all the masters who made it, you guys are incredible athletes, congrats!! Mike, so proud of you.

    Isabel: 7:45 85# (RX by the end of 2014 is a goal)

  20. Rick W.

    Congratulations everyone!

    Isabel: 4:59 110#. (Note to myself – Need to drop weight and focus on form, or keep weight and slow down to focus on form). First 6 reps were nice, last 24 sucked.

    MU practice
    10M OTM 5HSPU/40DU’s

  21. dandoc

    Surrounded by excellence. Congrats to these great athletes AND the coaches that have helped them unlock all this amazing power,strength, agility……..but mostly recovery~

  22. Kaitlyn

    Congrats, Masters!! You guys are awesome!!!

    Isabel – 4:00 RX (2:59 PR)

  23. Sarah W

    Masters of Disaster! Great job, athletes.
    Isabel: 7:18 at 75#. Started at 80# and dropped down after five reps. (sad face). I did this in December at 80# and it took me 7:19. This was not an improvement. Andy and I have a plan though. I’m good.

  24. Rachel E

    Congrats, Masters! As Brad pointed out, 11 out of 200 people — pretty freakin impressive.

    Isabel-sh: 3:39, power cleans at 105#

    2 x 800m runs — love this weather!

  25. Michelene

    Congrats to all the Masters – impressive!!

    Isabel: 3:52 @ 50#, 1st time. Form felt great which I attribute to Threshold Thursdays.

  26. Isabel: 4:39 (75#)

    5# more than last time, 2:00 minutes slower. I’m good with this – agree with Michelene that my form felt better thanks to Threshold Thursdays in March.

  27. Brook R

    Isabel: 3:57 (95#) – dropped down in weight to work on form and it still felt like pushing a broken shopping cart. Need to hop on the bus with Andy and Sarah.

  28. rich t

    Nice work Masters!!

    Isabel: 6:23 (95#)
    thank you Ben for slowing us down and going lighter. would have been 20# heavier and a mess.

  29. Patrick

    Isabel- 4:19 (125#). Rx next time.

    4×6 MU unbroken

  30. Travaun

    Congrats Masters! I know you all will crush it at Regionals.

  31. John S.

    Isabel: 4:38(65#)

  32. marissa

    isabel: 4:48 (75#)

    #10 heavier, exactly 2:00 minutes slower…. so many things to work on…

    great coaching rachel!

    • marissa

      more importantly – CONGRATULATIONS MASTERS!!! inspirational all of you!

  33. Michelle

    Isabel: 5:26 80#. I agree w rich t. It was great to ignore the clock, go lighter, and really focus on moving better, tks, Ben.
    4x 4-6 mu w band
    Otm 10: odd 8 hspu/ even 15 gto w 25# plate

  34. laura c

    Was gonna run outside at home but someone wound up in my car driving to CFNE

    5 rounds
    20 WB (10# to 10 foot wall)
    400 meter run

    Did not time it but felt good!!!

    50 GHD
    50 Back ext

    cant not believe I up to 300 WB – 1/3 done with the challange I am NOT doing! And I thought it was 10,000 WB!!! I am going to be so good at WB soon

  35. Todd B

    Isabel: 5:16 @ 115#.
    First time at that weight. Also, can’t drop weights at my work gym, so I had to control the weights throughout the movement. Not dropping the weight towards the end of the WOD was tough.

    Strict Press 5×5: 95, 115, 135, 135, 135

    Double Under Work:
    AMRAP 2: 95 (including a pr of 40 straight)
    2 minute rest
    AMRAP 2: 84

    • Todd B

      Congrats to all the Masters too! Incredible performances all around.

  36. 4×6 MU work stringing them on the bands
    Strung a few sets without the bands afterwards.

    EMOM 10:
    Even: 6 HSPU
    Odd: 30 DUs

    Izzy: did 3 sets of 10 (105, 115, 125) and just worked on getting the form right.
    Thx Rachel, Michelle, Bubba, Cheryl for the pointers.

    OHS work 4×10

    30 minute row.

    Thx everyone for the support. Grinding through the Open with the CFNE crew was inspirational! Also, special thanks to the coaches for all the extra pointers you’ve shared with us.

  37. Katrina

    Go Masters!!! So impressed!

    Isabel 3:40RX PR :03

  38. Isabel: 4:01 Rx (14 sec PR), I smiled thinking this used to be a 15 minute WOD for me just a few years ago.

    OTMx10: Odd 8 kipping HSPU, Even 40 DU

    No MUs today, shoulders shot.

    • and thanks for all the congrats – it really does take a community of achievers and we obviously have one!

    • Eugene

      Love it…great job and congrats again!

  39. Isabel: 3ish at 45#. Felt great to not look at the clock and dial in form with light weight. Awesome coaching Rachel.

  40. Rich C

    Isabel: 3:59 @95#

  41. Melinda

    Isabel: 3:35rx (PR :51sec)

    Fun Nooner today!

  42. Isabel 3:50 Rx (:56 PR and 2nd time doing this PR)

  43. Cotter

    Isabel: 2:29 rx (9 sec PR)

  44. 3:15 with 50#


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