Thursday 04.03.14

6:30pm getting after Christine.

6:30pm getting after Christine.

***Today is bring a friend day***

Spice Night
10 rounds of:
12 Pull-ups
12 Burpees

Compare results to 5.10.13

Post Scores to Comments.

Katie T

Katie T


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  1. Colleen (OC)

    Aka: Caribou Lou (circa 2010) Aka: Spice Night (circa 2011-2013)

    • Andy M

      Thought this one sounded familar. These name changes are killin’ me.

  2. Andy M

    Lone Star: 16:25 Rx (0:03 PR)

  3. Chad M.

    Lone Star. 12.13, or 12.31, I can’t remember what I wrote on the white board. Damn it’s good to be back at the 5.30!

  4. Colleen (OC)

    Lone Star: 17:27, Rx. PR of 3:25 from when we did Spice Night last September. Tried unsuccessfully to keep up with Heather V but it was a fun chase!!

    • Heather V

      OC beat me in rd 1… I think rd 2 too.., thinking Doug B award goes to OC today!

    • Colleen (OC)

      Eugene and/or Big Mike: can one receive the Doug Bell award even if they PR?!?!

      • Big Mike

        In absentia judge can make a ruling:

        And the point goes to…….OC. Welcome to the club

        (but I’m sure Ho beat you)

      • Colleen (OC)

        Ho was absent. I’m the winner!

      • Todd B

        I’m so proud of you OC! Your first Doug Bell award!

        Please take a picture with the trophy tomorrow.

      • Braatz

        The Doug Bell Award is not about results (i.e., your PR). It’s about style.

    • Sarah W

      I remember trying my hand at beating Heather V at Spice Night this fall. It didn’t end well.

    • Andy L.

      Huge PR!

    • Alison

      Where’s Brad when you need percentages? Great job!

  5. Heather V

    Lone Star: 15:49 Rx

  6. Braatz

    Sour Morning: 13:37 (10 RFT of 12 sit-ups, 12 burpees)

    Spice Night modified for hotel room workout in Naples, FL.

  7. By myself in the back room after almost a week off.

    Christine: 17:37 @ 200# (BW). 6 minutes slower but 45# heavier than last time. Now that I’m finally doing it Rx, I can speed it up.

    BCC: 85-95-105-115-125 (had to stop to get to work) 10# PR. Happy with this after Christine.

    • My time on Christine could have been 16:37 (started on the one minute, don’t know if I accounted for it.)

  8. Sarah S.

    Christine: 15:35 at 65# and step ups.

    • Sarah W

      still rockin’ it, lil’ mamma. I love it.

      • Alison

        I am amazed, humbled and inspired by Sarah S., Devon, Andrea, Heather and all the other pregnant ladies who continue to rock it all the way through. You are all role models for fitness. Way to go.

  9. Rachel E

    Probably hitting up Christine at 6:30pm if anyone wants to join me!

    • Christian

      Hey I didn’t get to do Christine the other day — I might take you up on this. Maybe we can put on The Lone Bellow and Jason Isbell in the back room?

      • Rachel E

        Haha, of course — nothing says “CRUSH THIS WORKOUT” like some slow bluegrass

  10. Spice Night: 9 + 5 (DNF time cap).

    Painful but fun, as usual. Last time I was on the blue band and finished at 18:49, so this is a PR.

  11. Spice Night: 17:28 Rx

  12. Rick W.

    Spice Night: 16:23 rx
    Back Squats – work up to set of 3 @235#
    50 Wb’s 15-20-15, 3X20 GHDs

  13. Andy L.

    Spice Night: 17:06 Rx

  14. Ashley R

    Spice Night:

    18:31 RX. I wasn’t setting any records with those burpees. Glad to get this done hand tear free :)

  15. Spice Night: 18:34 Rx
    Nearly a minute off my PR but after a long week of workouts, not surprising.

  16. Greg D

    Spice Night: 15:02 (3:34 PR from 06/02/12)

  17. Susan Stein

    Spice Night: 16:25 (ring rows for pull ups and step out & up burps)

    50 8# wall balls, 155 WBTD

  18. laura c

    Spice night: 18:01 RX FELT SLOW today!

    Have not done reg PU in a while and they felt off..gotta get back to those basic KPU!!!

    Thakns nooners for welcoming my friend Jena today!

    150 WB today = not sure how it happened but when Ben comes up to you and says “lets do sets together”..even if you have already done 50 and were about to be done..somehow you just play along with him. Anything to help your rehab, coach:)!

    Total 200 WB in the challenge that I am not doing….well, that I am kinda sorta doing. WB felt good though! Hands still shaking

  19. The Trosen Transformation: 4/3/2014:
    Spice Night: 27:04. Let’s just say this is not my favorite workout. #butifinished

    100 20# Wall balls (250 of 1000 completed)
    3,000 meter row (8500 of 60,000 completed)


  20. Active rest day:

    3 round burner (3:01): 15 WB (30#) + 25 DUs

    5 x 300m row (1:33-1:41 pace)

  21. Scott M

    Spice Night: 20:02.
    Suck it time cap.

  22. Gradon

    Spice night: 17:43 (scaled 10/round)
    100 wall balls @ 20# (250 total for month)

  23. Alison

    Big Clean Complex – my body felt too beat up to do this yesterday. Hot yoga was even hard.

    55, 60, 65, 65, 70, 75. And, had some issues with synapses as many of my push presses were push jerks. 5:30 am brain.

  24. Do what I want day:

    Iron Scaps
    1RM Bench: 270 (5# PR)
    1RM Thruster: 225 (20# PR)
    1RM Deadlift: 405 (30# PR)
    50 GHDSU
    1 mile fun run: 7:45

    Deads are a real goat for me. So psyched to hit 400+ finally.

  25. Crossfit affinity Stamford.

    Work to heavy squat clean. 225

    10 min amrap: 7 rounds plus 3
    3 HSPU
    6 power cleans 135
    9 t2b

    Can’t wait to get home!

  26. Spice Night: 16:11 Rx

  27. Spice night: 23 and change rx
    Brutal hand tears to punctuate a tough workout. But I needed it. I’ve been sneaking waaaaay to Reese’s peanut butter eggs.

  28. Krystle

    CF Union comp WOD 2 (5 min burpee/FS up ladder 3,3 6,6 etc): 80 reps.
    And 1 min Abmat sit-ups: 48

    Anyone else doing this on Sat?

  29. Spice Night: 13:58 rx

    PR by 45 sec, but need to be sure all PU’s are legit (ie chin over bar).

  30. Mike R

    Spice Night: 16:07 Rx (1:17 PR from 5/10/13)

    Really fun class tonight, Max, and what I thought was a spot on talk after class.

    • Mike, we love having you in the 7:30pm class! Great work tonight!

  31. Salt Night: 11:20 10 rds of 15 ab mat sit ups/15 35# rkbs

    First workout since 14.5 – fighting the worst allergy reaction I have ever experienced…Hard to breath, so I went nice and paced tonight. Just felt good to walk in the doors tonight.

    Left hipflexor/vastus lateralis pull still raging…14.5 – you are my nemesis!

    No Battenkill race for this body Saturday…bummed.

  32. Cheryl

    Spice night – 19:03 6 pu/12 burpees per round
    5:30 PR same rep scheme from last May when I was first getting pull ups.

    Thanks to everyone for being so welcoming to my friends!

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