Sunday 03.30.14

Finn finishing up 14.5

Finn finishing up 14.5

Strict Press


10 Calories (Row)
25 Double Unders

Sunday Funday Mobility
Improving your front rack position.

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  1. Brian L

    sick picture Mike. Where is that?

  2. Mike did you take off all your clothes?

  3. Cool picture!

    Sunday WOD’s are the best! Lifting and a Metcon!!!!!! It’s like chocolate meets peanut butter!!

    Let’s do more!

  4. Mike Finn

    The picture is from the the venue in Glasgow Scotland. Tried to take off all my clothes but they asked politely to leave my shorts on.

    • Love it! Getting it done where ever you go. At least they asked politely.

  5. Sammy B

    Strict press: 60, 55, 55#
    Failed on 8th rep of first set so dropped down

    DL: 185#
    Felt plenty heavy

    Burner: 3 rounds + 10 cals (twice singles)

    No PRs today, but given a little too much whiskey on the rocks (queue acdc) last night, I’ll take it!

  6. Christian

    3×8 deads 315# (stayed really light because my grip is shot and my hands are so torn up I bleed during the barbell warm up)

    Then went to singles – 405#, 425#, 455#, 475# (tied PR), 480# (failed twice – ridiculously annoyed as this would’ve been triple body weight)

    Felt like an unproductive day. One those “hey, at least I showed up” days I guess.

  7. Laura c

    12 rounds strict cindy with 200 Meter row in 10 of the rounds to bring heart rate up

    I’m only at 120 rounds. Kinda bummed. Need 30 rounds tomorrow but I am taking a cleanse/rest day I’ll finish this week! I Promise!!

  8. Colleen (OC)

    3×8 press: 45, 50, 55
    3×8 bench: 65# across cause I didn’t have a spotter

    Lots of mobility. My triceps and shoulders and shins are shot.

  9. 3×8 Press: 115# across

    3×8 Deadlift: 225# (First time dl more than 200# since I hurt my back a couple months ago. Slowly working back up, but felt good today.)

    Tabata Row (meters): first 3 rounds about 105M, rounds 4-8 in the 95-99M range.

  10. Awesome pic

  11. Engine work: Stationary bike
    w 3 minute rest in between

  12. 45 min treadmill 3 mph 15% grade
    Press 3×8. – 95, 100, 105, 115, 125, 135, 145 (1), 115, 115 on the 2 min
    Trap DL 3×8 275 OTM


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