Thursday 03.27.14

Just hanging around.

Just hanging around.

Threshold Thursday

On the :90s 8×2 @ 80%

Clean and Jerk
On the :90s 8×2 @ 80%

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"Do you even squat bro?"

“Do you even squat bro?”

Coaches Corner with Coach Føx

The Close of the Open

If you’ve spent any time at all during the last 4 weeks at CFNE, you’ve felt the excited buzz in the air that surrounds the gym during Open season. You’ve heard the side conversations that happen during shoulder pass throughs and buddy stretches as our own athletes nervously strategize on how to game the latest open workout. We’ve watched each others successes and we’ve seen the disappointment in each others eyes when we haven’t accomplished what we’ve set out to do. We’ve proudly celebrated our achievements together and consoled one another with positive thoughts for every rep left undone.

To put it in perspective, we all know that the Open is a great way to check in and measure the progress we’ve made since last year. But let’s make sure not to get too caught up in the final number on the leaderboard as 14.5 closes this coming Monday. After all, it’s important to remember that placement has no effect on our effort, or on our accomplishments. Some say that the end of the open is a good time to close out the year and assess how we’ve spent the last 365 days, but if we’re really trying to get the most out of our experience, the smartest thing to do would be to use the last five weeks to propel us into the NEXT 365 days of CrossFit.

On the most elementary level, we can reflect back on the last 5 weeks of testing to refocus our sights and set new goals for the year, month, or even week. Didn’t do so hot at 14.4 because of the muscle ups? Now is a great time to make a plan with any of the coaches to approach building the skill and strength to take them on again. You don’t have to wait until next year’s Open buzz begins around New Years. Pumped about nailing your first double-unders during 14.1? Come up with a plan to nail your first 20 unbroken double-unders by next month. Maybe your mental game kept you from picking the barbell back up during 14.2. Start to iInvestigate resources on building mental toughness and day by day, work to get stronger at that. Not just for next year’s Open, but for your day to day life. And remember, in all of this, that the hard way, and the right way are usually the same. Reinforce to yourself the things you are proud of in your performance this year, and use that positivity to sky rocket you through your next set of goals.

Most importantly though, it’s easy in all of the competition and rep counting to forget what this is all about. The spirit of CrossFit is about our community, the people, the love, having fun and giving our best every day. It’s about the smiles on our faces and the high fives that happen when we walk through the doors to the box and get to work out with all of our best buds every day. It’s about being the best version of ourselves that we can be – in and outside of the box. It doesn’t matter if you came in 1st or 9,991st. It’s about giving our best within these walls and when no one is watching alike. And it is above all about enjoying what we do here. Love what you do. Remember why you love it. If you love what you do, the rest will fall into place.

It’s been a pleasure to compete with all of you over the last 4 weeks. I’m so proud of all of your achievements, but I have to say, I’m so much more looking forward to spending time with all of you and seeing you grow over the next 48. That’s the part that I love the most. Here’s to the Open 2014, and everything after.