Wednesday 03.26.14

Coach K Monteez the Muscle Up Master!

Coach K Monteez the Muscle Up Master!

Man on Fire
5 rounds of:
6 Power Snatches (135, 95#)
12 Box Jump Overs (24, 20″)

Post Scores to Comments.

Krystle getting after the row in 14.4 Photo Courtesy of Jordan Samuel Photography.

Krystle getting after the row in 14.4.
Photo Courtesy of Jordan Samuel Photography.


Shout out to the nooners!


Are you ready for the finale of Friday Night Lights at CFNE?!?!


GET PUMPED! 14.5 IS COMING TO CFNE! Come workout, have a drink, eat some food, recover with NormaTec, and stay afterwards to hang with your buds!


  1. MoF: 7:49 Rx…eff you, snatches.

    Burner – 3 rds of 12 cal airdyne & 10 burpees: 2:54…this is like doing Fran…twice…with Fat Albert sitting on your chest…

    • Michelle

      I hear you, Ho. I never had a Fran cough after Fran, but after that burner today, I’m still coughing 3 hours later. What was that?!

  2. Man on Fire: 8:59 (95#)
    figured out the box jump over half way through. don’t stand up on the box, land in squat and kick leg over. or you can do what Saint did and jump the entire box.

  3. Man on Fire: 9:59 RX (my system was/is shot)

  4. Man on Fire: 6:27 (115#)

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  6. Big Mike

    Man on Fire: 6:58 (105#)
    Box jump overs get spicy fast!
    Probably could have gone 10#’s heavier but fear of 14.5 prevailed.

  7. Big Mike

    No winner today-though honorable mention shout out to the Ho for doing the airdyne/burpee test. Show off and there were no babies around so he screamed and poor Tucker had to run and hide.

    • It felt good. I hadn’t let out a nice guttural scream in months. Also, just so some puppy lover doesn’t call the ASPCA on me, BM is kidding about Tucker. We were in the back room. Alone. The only person I frightened was him. Which is normal. As is the small amount of pee that came out when he got startled. Old age: fun for no one.

  8. Chris M.

    Man on Fire: 8:10 Rx

  9. Sarah S.

    Man on Fire: AMRAP 10 because of scaling to 40# and box step overs: 7 rounds + 10.

    Thank you to all of the Mayhem ladies for my party last night!! I am so fortunate to have a wonderful group of kickass women to work out with in the morning!

  10. Man on Fuego: 5:05 @ 95.

    Wanted to keep it fast, unbroken and dizzy! AKA I am beat up from yesterday!

    • You were so fast . . . .I looked over when I still had one round to go and you guys were done. :P

  11. laura c

    man on fire: 5:05 (same as NEEB – TWINSIES) however, I did 55# and was prob too light.
    I disagree with Mike, I kinda like those box over things!!!

    5 rounds of strict cindy – 111 rtd…this may never end…

    I can not believe Ben exposed my weakness to the class..Yes, I have an immature squat….who knew?

  12. Kaitlyn

    Man on Fire – 7:53 RX

  13. Man on Fire: 6:20 @85# 24″ box
    Underestimated myself on this one. Scaled Fors 3
    Rounds to 4 reps–last 2 I did the 6 reps.
    I could have done the 6 throughout and maybe
    Bumped weight up to 90
    But gotta save some f

  14. Heather V

    Anyone remember what the rest time is in between sprints when we do the 8×400 meter sprints? It is 8 right? Or maybe it is 6?

    • We have done both 8 X 400 and 7 X 400. Both times the athlete started on the 3 minute. Rest = 0:03 – run

  15. marissa

    man on fire: 6:45 @ 75#

  16. Man on Fire 8:00-85#

  17. Michelle

    Burner 3rft : 10 cal airdyne/ 10 burpees 3:36
    That was new level of being uncomfortable and very eye opening for me. Thank you for the push, Ben, I learned a lot today.

  18. MoF: 5:10 (95#). Followed Neeb’s lead.

    C&J: a bunch of singles up to 195#
    C&J: 10×1 @ 145# getting under the bar

    DL: 5×5 up to 285#

    Row/MU: 5 rounds of 250m row & 2 MUs

  19. Strained a calf muscle on one of my last spastic attempts at a burpee over bar yesterday. So, I subbed air squats for box jump overs today.

    Man with a Bad Sunburn:
    8:54 (105# and air squats)

  20. Brian L


  21. Molly Crabbe

    Man on Fire 5:36 (55#) – heavier next time.

  22. Man on Fire: 7:01, 85#

    I could probably have done this Rx, but I chickened out at the last minute. Next time…

  23. Krystle

    Man on Fire: 5:55 (65#)

    • Krystle

      PS Great video Kev… you caught me taking a water break and the longest route possible from the wall balls back to my barbell. #fail

  24. Man on Fire 5:26 (75#)
    coulda shoulda woulda done 85#
    practiced sets of 85# after class. 5×1, 4×3

    strict cindy 3 rounds before class; 3 rounds after w/ slightly kipped Chest to bar. Goal was to be strict CTB but that got harder after MOF.

  25. Jonathan

    Man on Fire: 6:50 (115#)

  26. “Man on Fire”: 8:33 Rx

  27. Man on fire: 7:24
    Subbed power cleans @ 115
    Lost track of the rounds in the middle there. Pretty sure that I did an extra round

  28. Man on Fire 9:07 @115#

  29. Man on fire: 7:13 @75#
    Went light and did step ups, listening to my body.

  30. Jonathan M

    Man on fire: 8:42,95#

  31. Maureen B.

    Man on Fire: 6:15 (65#) – fun 7:30 class, panther joke was a good one!

  32. Rachel E

    Man on Fire: 6:46 (95# power cleans, shared boxes)

  33. PT
    Man on Fire: 6:20 (95# power cleans, shared boxes)

    Major nutrition fail…Reseting my goal and starting again. Progress over perfection.

  34. Lára Vukson

    Man on Fire
    8:18 (45#)

  35. Tatiana

    Man on fire 8:27 65lbs


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