Tuesday 03.25.14

The Chief

The Chief

The Sandman
Odd:  AMRAP of 5 Burpees over the Bar + 5 Thrusters (95, 65#)
Even:  Rest

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  1. Rasheed thinks that 14.5 will be something a little like this: http://games.crossfit.com/workouts/the-open/2012.

  2. cheryl nasso

    Hey team!
    I just wanted to let everyone know how happy I am to be a part of this community! More than that, i am honored to call myself one of your coaches! Over the past 4 weeks, I have witnessed some of the highest levels of determination, effort, grit, and success! Remember guys…success is measured in the effort, not in the result. Each and every one of you should give yourselves a pat on the back more than once! One more week guys! Lets do this thang!! :)

    • U have been a great addition to the gang…and it’s been fun watching you and the other CFNE women crushing the leaderboard! Keep it up.

    • Cheryl,

      You have been a fabulous addition to an already strong roster. I really appreciate all the feedback you provide on movements, standards and efficiency whenever you are in the gym. It has been great to see you have so much success on the leaderboard.

    • Cheryl, it’s great to have you in our community! Super pumped you decided to join us. We’re all better for it.

    • I love being inspired by your consistency and determination, Cheryl. I’m so impressed with your quiet steadfastness and atheleticism. You deserve the best life has to offer.

    • Cheryl, it’s been great having you here at CFNE, both as an athlete and a coach. Your dedication and focus (not to mention WOD performances) are inspiring. Thanks!

  3. I am ready for this: http://crossfitnewengland.com/teen-competition/! But first gotta train.

  4. Sandman: 131 Rx

    4×6 jerks: 135, 155, 165, 135

  5. Colleen (OC)

    The Sandman: 120, 45#. 17, 18, 17, 17, 17, 17, 17. I guess I don’t qualify for the Doug Bell award today!

  6. The Sandman: 111 Rx (17, 18, 16, 15, 15, 15, 15)

  7. Sandman: 108 Rx, nothin’ doin’ today.

  8. Sarah W

    112 Rx. Exposed weakness in my mental game. Thanks for the push on the 2nd to last round, Harry.

    3 sets of 10 OHS at 45#
    double under practice

  9. The Sandman: 105 (45#) (15s every round)

  10. Big Mike

    The Sandman: One better than Wilson Rx (but at least I used a men’s bar)

    Today’s DBP (Doug Bell Point)-Andrew Ho
    Quote: “This isn’t going to work because the only ones that EVER win workouts are me and Bob”

    Rules below-leaderboard coming later today

    “The Doug Bell Award”
    1) You must win round 1 of any workout
    2) You cannot win the WOD
    3) Bonus point if you puke
    4) Bonus point if you DNF
    5) Team WOD is 2x points
    6) Trophy stays at CFNE
    7) Co-Commissioners (Big Mike and Eugene) decide all other rules/point allocations
    8) You amass points from 3/17 start date and they will be tracked on a spreadsheet. Winner is treated to dinner by all who accumulated points during season 1 which ends on 8/1 and season 2 which ends on 12/1.
    9) Workout must be at Mayhem. Working out when the sun is up does not count.
    10) Winner (should it not be Doug) gets to sit next to Doug, but it will be Doug (or Ho).
    11) Ladies are also included, but if you come to dinner you have to leave your spouse at home, and expect to be out all night.
    12) Coaches decide winner
    13) Leader can press once they have the group dormie in order to open up leaderboard for second DBP Dinner Award.

    • Jeez, more rules than the Affordable Care Act. And is it just me, or does #13 make absolutely no sense?

      • Big Mike

        When you have an insurmountable lead, you can declare victory-guarantee your meal and open up the comp to all others that you would like to see fight for the opportunity to join you at the head of the table.
        You could see that playing out:
        Doug Bell in the lead, presses.
        Andrew Ho behind Bob (because they are the only two that win WOD’s) decides he wants free dinner and sprints out of the gate on Helen, pukes, loses. Ho wins, we all win.

      • yeah — my head is spinning. good thing I don’t have to worry about winning it.

    • First, I would apologize for the quote if it wasn’t true. Second, I think the spirit of the award is going out way too hard and blowing up like a dummy (hence, it’s namesake), so I would humbly suggest revising 1 and 2 to allow for more subjectivity on the part of the committee (you and Eugene I guess; assuming age was the determining factor there). For example, you must win or beat the majority of the class in round 1 and you cannot win and must fall behind a number of those folks you beat in round 1. I guess my point being that coming in first in round 1 but ultimately coming in second overall doesn’t seem very blowuppey or Doug Belley…not to mention that allowing people to win the award even though they may not actually win round 1 but fully deserve the award because of ridiculous strategy and blowuppeyness is more inclusive and community oriented. Don’t be exclusive, BM. It’s rude. And lastly, I don’t get 12…wouldn’t points decide the winner. And lastly again, I don’t get 13. Still.

      And lastly…bite me.

      • Big Mike

        -1 for being a whiney bitch

        • Big Mike

          And OK…new rule:

          1) Eugene and I decide who wins

        • Really feeding into that grouchy old man stereotype today, are we?

          Don’t worry. Nap time is soon.

      • great contest Big Mike. i agree with Ho (think he was thinking of me). change rule 1 and i got this, especially with bonus points.

        • wait. if Ben programs alternating spider man stretch as round 1, we do not need to change rule 1. i can kick anyone’s ass in alternating spider man stretches.

    • Michelene

      Like any of you actually needed a reason to be any more competitive. This will be fun to watch. :)

  11. Brian L

    123 rx

  12. Sarah W

    Quote: “This isn’t going to work because the only ones that EVER win workouts are me and Bob”
    (Judges, please consider that the above quote deserves at least an extra point on ‘likability’ alone assigned to Ho).

    • Big Mike

      The point system is somewhat counter-intuitive. The penalty for hubris or lack of noblesse oblige is actually taking points away, resulting in the offender potentially opening his wallet and buying someone else dinner vs. the inverse.

  13. Rachel E

    The Sandman: 120 Rx

    Meg, thanks for sharing your not-actually-invisible friend Flexible Fred with us today! Can’t wait to get my bend on. <–not pervy, you sickos

  14. The Sandman: 121 Rx (20/20/17/16/15/18/15)

    That’s right, Big Mike, I used a green (35#) bar. Never going back, either.

  15. The Sandman: 122 Rx (21,20,17,16,16,17&15)

  16. Nick Cr

    The Sandman – 94 Rx

    It’s hard working out so early. I don’t know how y’all do it.

    On another note, Flexibility Fred is awesome!

    • Andrea F

      Are you leaving the 7:30pm? This is the second day you’ve ditched us! Boo!!!

      • Nick C.

        Never!! I just couldn’t come tonight because of a work thing and I didn’t wanna totally miss out on the workout, so I went early. I’ll be back on Thursday!

  17. Katrina

    Sandman 140RX

  18. Kaitlyn

    Sandman – 139 RX

  19. Chris M.

    1. The Sandman – 140 Rx (20/round)
    2. 6 UB Jerk (OT3M) – 145-150-155-160

  20. liz messina

    Sandman- 112Rx
    Great working with you Kim!

  21. Laura c

    Sandman : 110 rx .. Highest was 18, a few 16 then decided to just stop
    At 15….

    5 rounds strict cindy: 106 RTD

  22. Michelle

    Sandman: 117rx. Then got to watch James & Mick do wod scaled up & w axel kill it w 21-23 reps / round. Awesome.

    4 x 6 strict press-no jerk / save ft: 55- 65- 75 f @ 4, 70

  23. Michelene

    Sandman: 121 (40#) I should know by now that whenever a WOD has that much rest built in I shouldn’t think “oh, that doesn’t look too bad…”

  24. 4×6 UB Jerks 155

    Sandman: 129RX.

    That just hurt……..BAD!!!

  25. Ashley R

    Sandman: 121 55#. Went lighter on the thrusters since we haven’t done them in awhile and I don’t want to be sore for 14.5. We’ll see if my strategy pays off.

  26. Sandman: 105 Rx.
    15’s across. Thrusters and burpees – blech. Looks like I have my next Goat Day WOD programmed for me.

    Probably could have gotten 16 or 17 reps in the first three rounds, but thought it would ultimately cost me more in the later rounds. I was barely getting the 15th rep by the end. Not sure if it was a good strategy. Next time I’ll have to pick that bar back up!

  27. Tricia D

    Sandman: 96 (45)

  28. Patti Jeanne

    sandman: 97 rx

  29. Sandman – 115, 55#. 15, 16, 17, 17, 18, 17, 15. Last round of burpees was a mess – my barbell got in the way, I slipped on the wood platform so I was just a disaster. Great WOD. Thanks for pacing me, Braatz.

  30. Sandman: 130, subbed Front Squats for Thrusters.

  31. Jonathan

    Sandman: 109Rx. 20,17,15,15,15,12,15. Regretted the 10 Cindy rounds I did before class…but only 25 more to go!

  32. Sandman 125 Rx (20,20,18,18,17,16,16)

  33. Sarah S.

    Sandman: 77 at 40#. 11 across all 7 rounds.

  34. Sandman – 123 Rx

    Today’s Doug Bell Award winner is a tie between Ho and Greg D. Ho for the big disparity between top and lowest rounds and because Meg judged it so. And Greg because Ho complained too much.

    • Words hurt, guys. Words hurt. And Meg, I really expected more. The under 40 club has to stick together. These old people already get discounts everywhere they go. Get on the right side of history!!!

      In other words, I get it. I win the damn award.

      • Big Mike

        Get off the board and get your ass back to work making money so there is enough in Social Security for Eugene and I to live comfortably.
        Dinner in an hour.

  35. Sandman: 105 @45#

  36. Melinda

    Sandman: 141rx

  37. Travel WOD scored a pull-up bar at a nearby park:
    Burpee Fran 5:15

  38. Sandman: 90 Rx

  39. Krystle

    The Sandman: 113 RX

  40. Sandman: 82 Rx

  41. The Sandman: 118 (45#)

  42. Awesome to get in and actually train today!

    5×3 pause squats at 255

    4×6 push jerks 145 150 155 160 these were tougher than I remembered its been a while

    Sandman: 143 Rx – with the amazing John Doole! Ready for 14.5!

  43. The Sandman: 90 with 35# for thrusters and knee pus ups instead of burpees

  44. Sandman: 107rx
    Can’t wait to do that again Friday…. I mean….

  45. 112 rx ouch…must breath now (a la James Kirk)

  46. Kevin Kelley II

    Sandman 90rx

  47. “The Sandman”: 102 Rx

  48. Sandman: 94 RX

  49. Maureen B.

    Sandman: 6:15 (65#) – fun 7:30 class, panther joke was a good one!


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