Monday 03.24.14



Open Workout 14.4


Deadlifts (185, 135#)
Burpees over the Bar

Post Scores to Comments.

Thank you to everyone who came out last Friday night! Now get PUMPED for the grand finale of Friday Night Lights!

Thank you to everyone who came out last Friday night! Now get PUMPED for the grand finale of Friday Night Lights!


  1. Ali kicks ass!

  2. Open WOD 14.4: 181 (12:43)

    It’s interesting how one extra rep can feel so good.

  3. Way to go Braatz!

  4. 14.4: 180 – time break time 13:37

    18 seconds faster than Friday. Psyched about this.

  5. Big Mike

    14.4.2: 180 (12:52) Rx
    38 second improvement from 14.4.1
    Stuck to the game plan on wall balls (4×10) and used the 35# bar which allowed me to keep the hook grip all the way through.
    Thats a lot of heavy breathing for 109 place points….

    • Big time improvement! Way to go Mike!

    • I’m disappointed… you used the term heavy breathing and didn’t break into the next chapter of one of your stories…

      Congrats to everyone. Killing it…

  6. Michelle

    14.4. 180. 13:55, rx just under the buzzer!
    8 rep pr. Thanks for the encouragement in the house!
    Huge thank you to Rachel and Ben!

  7. Bane – 7:33 Rx.

  8. Colleen (OC)

    14.4: 150 (3 rep PR) Thanks Heather V for yelling at me to pick up the ball! My goal was to make it through the wall balls and I did it.

    It’s so disheartening when you’re on calorie 38 and Ho is next to you, getting off the rower…

  9. Tricia D

    Bane – 7:23 (85#)

  10. Annie: 8:45

    Disney is great for the kids but wish I could’ve done 14.3 again. Travel wods = double under work.

  11. 184@11:28.

    Thanks for keeping me moving Eric B!

    Any CPA’s out there? Looking to establish residence in NH. If you can help, email Thx

    • Great effort and congrats on the MU gains! Loved watching your expression when you got the last one!

  12. Brian L

    14.4- 181 (12:15 TB)
    Felt great to get that MU…

  13. Both Rocketts at 180, weird

  14. Bane 8:17RX

  15. 14.4 149 RX I think I doubled my lifetime total of TTB today so I am calling this a win. (but I really wanted that last WB)

  16. 14.4 156 RX
    3 rep improvement

  17. Stephan

    14.4 163 Rx, I rep improvement from Friday. Completely changed strategy from Friday hoping to get more time on the PC. I had more time, but was totally gassed. Thanks for the ecouragement Johnathan!

  18. 14.4 161 reps Rx, 3 rep improvement from Friday

  19. Bane: 7:06 Rx!

    Three rounds of modified Strict Cindy, 5 green band stricts, 10 sit-ups, 15 air squats
    Felt pretty good on shoulder. MTD: 163

  20. 14.4 160?
    (sorry, lost count on the cleans)

  21. Christian

    “Bane” (Hero) Workout – RIP, mercenary… the fire rises.

    10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 — 7:41

    Deads 315#
    Hand Release Push ups (shoulder didn’t want burpees)

    Kind of annoyed I forgot to grab the weighted vest before we started… very un-Bane of me.

    “Oh, you think darkness is your ally. But you merely adopted the dark; I was born in it…”

    • Andrew E

      When your lumbar is ashes, and you no longer have feeling in your shoulders…then you have my permission to die.

  22. Michelene

    Bane: 8:17 (95#) Thanks for counting Alison!

  23. Sarah W

    14.4 166 Rx

    • Big Mike

      I owe you….you go away for a week and I forget things.
      You would have gotten 167 with me.

  24. Open 14.4 with Hamel Crew 196rx (9:30 tie break)

  25. 14.4 181 Rx (took forever to lock that out)
    thanks everyone for the encouragement!

  26. marissa

    14.4 – 180 rx (tiebreak 13:56)

    thanks for being awesome jill!

  27. 14.4: 160. That’s a 3-rep PR even with a total wipeout on the first try at the cleans. Thanks Scott for the great tips and coaching during the WOD.

  28. Laura c

    14.4: 150 RX 20 rep PR BABY!

    I went 40 seconds slower on the row and 20 reps better! Walked away defeated on Friday. Was not gonna do it again bc it sucked so bad and I felt miserable. Decided to go about it again with a different strategy and it worked!


    5 rounds strict Cindy… I think
    That’s 101 rtd

  29. 14.4 150 Rx.

  30. 14.4 182 (2 rep PR) I’m glad I made up with the rings on Friday, they were much nicer to me today.

  31. Jonathan

    14.4 (re-do): 172…same as Friday:(

    • Laura c

      “That was worth nothing”…. Said while rolling on the floor on a heap… Best nooner moment. You should have done 20 rounds of cindy!!

      • Jonathan

        Agreed! Is it wrong that I am still angry?

        • laura c

          HA! I understand but at least you know that you are consistent and NO doubt in your mind that you can not do one rep better – says me who is saying “I should have gone faster adn gotten on the bar….”

  32. Molly Crabbe

    14.4 166 Rx – thanks to Lynne and Rachel for the encouragement on cleans!

  33. Patti Jeanne

    Bane 9:06 at 125 lbs

  34. 14.4 158 Rx – 15 rep PR

  35. liz messina

    14.4 158Rx (17 rep PR)

  36. Jonathan M

    14.4: 155,rx

  37. Matty Noits

    Open WOD 14.4 – 171 (10:48 tie breaker)

  38. Bane: 11:21 with 73# burpees minos the jump(more like push ups over rhe bar). Feeling better every day, it must be the great CFNE environment!!!

  39. 14.4: 153 Rx. 7 rep pr. Thanks AK. You’re a great coach/judge!!

    • laura c

      yes!!!! That is great and 95# is a strong lift for you!!! WOO HOO!

  40. Krystle

    14.4 redo 157 RX … 5 rep PR. Would really like to have been able to make it to muscle ups. Is it sick that I want to do this again?

  41. Nicole D

    14.4: 162 Rx (2 rep PR – I’ll take it!)

  42. 14.4 redo: 167, 1 rep PR

    Everything tonight felt better and faster – even did a couple touch and go cleans because they felt so good. So not sure why there wasn’t more improvement. Oh well, on to the next one.

  43. Rachel E

    Bane: 7:28 Rx (all unbroken per Coach Max’s orders but still now wondering if I missed a round? Pretty sure I didn’t. But this is my disclaimer anyway.)

    Way to get after 14.4, 6:30!!

  44. Modified Bane:7:58
    185 DL
    subbed TTB for burpees

  45. Maureen B.

    14.4 Re-do: 162 6 more reps than Friday yay!

  46. 14.4 180 (13:25 tie break) Had :30 seconds for muscle up attempts but didn’t want to bloody anymore equipment. Bring on 14.5

  47. Bridget

    10:20 rx
    also, besides the Open workouts, 99% sure this was my FIRST rx workout :)

  48. Nick C.

    Open 14.4 – 162

    TTB totally killed me, but with a sub-3 minute mark on the row and solid moves in the other parts, I’m feeling pretty good. Awesome job by the whole 6:30 tonight.

  49. Georgia

    14.4: 158 RX

  50. Tatiana

    14.4 – 153 reps rx


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