Tuesday 03.18.14



The Abyss
Teams of 2:
Each teammate completes three sets of:
3 rounds of:
12/10 Calorie Row
8 Burpees over Rower
Athlete One completes 3 rounds of the row/burpee couplet as fast as possible.  Then Athlete Two completes 3RFT while Athlete One rests.  Once Athlete TWO has completed their three rounds the team has finished their first set. Repeat this sequence two more times for a total of three sets. 

Post Scores to Comments.




Looking for something fun to do on Friday night?

Look no further!

Come cheer on Becca and many other CrossFit Games competitors!

Come cheer on Becca and many other CrossFit Games competitors!

That’s right! It’s going down this Friday night at CFNE! Email Max at max@crossfitnewengland.com if you want to throw down. If not come and enjoy some delicious drinks and treats while you watch the best of the best take on 14.4!



  1. YAY FNL! Let’s go LADIES! 😀 Strong is beautiful!

  2. 1. This workout is confusing
    2. I love team workouts. Love. Also love Ben Says and Dodgeball.

    3. August 29 2010 I had a breakthrough seizure at the 6:30 class. Two weeks later I had a second… I think at the same class. Some of you were there, some of you heard about it, some of you don’t even know me. You don’t know me because I’ve been away from the gym SINCE those two seizures. The details are on my website.

    Chances are you either know me, or you know somebody else with Epilepsy. I’m going to Washington DC Friday to support the Epilepsy Foundation in their National Walk/Advocacy event.

    The Epilepsy Foundation has benefited me directly and tangibly the same way CrossFit New England has, and always will.

    I HATE soliciting donations.. but if you feel called or pressured into donating, follow up in the next 4 days :) I appreciate it.



    • michelle

      Thanks for sharing, Chanda- great website! I forgot about “Ben says”- I loved that warmup, too.

    • even if you can give 5-10 dollars, every bit will help!
      thanks everyone!!!

      • Please give to this US Olympian Hockey goalie Bronze Medalist from 2006, I am sure she would appreciate any amount.

    • Always happy to support you Chanda! Miss you!

  3. The Abyss: 26:45. (with Rae

  4. “The Abyss”: Cotter & Rapp 25:38

  5. Lára Vukson

    Nice pics today! Looking good Melinda!

    Mayhem of Abyss
    Team Lisa & Lára 31:44

  6. The Abyss: 25:36 with Rich “Boom” T.

    • thank you Andy. great working with you at the Mayhem.

      Awesome ‘Booom’. More “o’s” and a few “m’s” cant’t hurt. I use an approximate 2:1 or 3:1 ratio. Keep at it. Excellent work.


  7. Chad M.

    CFNEers, I don’t think I’ve ever posted anything like this but, here goes. I know when 14.3 was announced everyone was thinking there was going to be a GLOBAL increase in chiropractic visits. That has happened, I’m not sure about the GLOBAL part, but not for the reason most people were thinking. Yes there were a few instances of low back pain and sciatic stuff, but I’ve seen a lot of headaches following 14.3. If you’re one of these people, I recommend getting into your chiropractor and having them check you, and if you don’t have one, now is a damn good time to start. I hope you enjoyed your public service announcement.

  8. The Abyss – Team Da Braatz: 22:50 (w/ Greg D.)

    Do not underestimate this WOD. You may be thinking, “Oh, it’s just a few seconds on the rower and 8 burpees… with rest! A nice little recovery day after those heavy deadlifts.” Oh no. Nasty. Capital N.

    • Mike, put a thought in my head… After I was done, had to settle the saliva gland too… Holy moly.

  9. The Abyss: Team Big Ho (Big Mike & Ho) 21:15

    Ditto what Braatz said. If you seek the stimulus and really redline each round (as you should), this is absolutely nasty as sin. It’s good to blow up every once in a while. And if blowing up is good, today I did GREAT! The only person that laid in a fetal position longer than me was Big Mike. He’s probably still there. Dead.

    • Oh, and 5 rounds of 3 MUs and 3 135# hang squat cleans.

      Have a great day, gang.

    • Big Mike

      The reason that I love Crossfit (and CFNE) is that I don’t have to think. Come in, listen, do work. This morning Harry said….redline…I repeat, redline. Ho and I were faced off against Eugene and Bob, then Kate and Cotter showed up to the party…For the record, I crushed Kate (in round 1). Redline + Redline + Redline = Flatline
      And I am old enough to be her father.

      As told to by Newton-Wellesley Cardiac Nurse Mildred Ratched

    • who put in the higher performance?

  10. Christian

    5 rounds not for time

    10 ghdsu
    10 KBs 53#
    10 KB Walking Lunges (53#/arm)


    5 rounds not for time

    10 push ups
    10 back ext with 3 sec pause/hold at the top

    While I didn’t time these I moved pretty quickly through them. Rowing has been bugging my back (and go figure) none of these movements bother me.

  11. John S.

    The Abyss w/Danielle 28:57

  12. Rachel E

    Rach E and John G: 23:05 Rx. Waaaaay to go, partna!

  13. The Abyss: 25:00
    Odd number in class today and I was the odd one. Surprised?
    Set my breaks as a 1:1 work:rest ratio. Splits of 3:42, 4:14, 4:35. Slogged through my last round of burpees. Let Heather V catch me.

  14. The Abyss: Sam and Justin–24 something I think
    This was very challenging. Great job, Justin!

  15. Brian L

    The Abyss: Brian L and Leo-22:03
    great work today Leo

  16. The Abyss, Judi and Denise: 25:55

  17. Michelle

    The abyss w laura h: ??? Woah! Left the gym starving. Awesome job, Laura!

  18. Abyss-ish: 15:13
    LJ and I did this but we read the instructions wrong. We did 9 rounds each, alternating each round. So same calories and burpees. Turned into a crazy sprint without much rest between intervals.

    Pre WOD:
    5×12 WBs (30#) OTM

    Post WOD:
    5 rounds of 3 MUs and 3 135# hang squat cleans

  19. Tackled this one solo at the work gym. Because I had no partner, I just gave myself 3 minutes rest in between sets.


  20. Krystle

    The Abyss: 24:43 (I think) with Jonathan!

  21. 18:11 w Captain America.

  22. Melinda

    The Abyss with Kristen P: 25:05

  23. The Abyss with Kevin Daigle – Team Tro-gle: 24:16

    Nice working out with you again buddy!

  24. The Abyss. with Dan (don’t know your last name) 20.57. My lungs feel Fran-ish. Good stuff.

  25. laura c

    The Abyss with Eliane – Took a long time…

    Felt like NOT flat lining it – needed to just workout…. some days like that

    Cindy strict: 5 rounds 86 RTD

  26. The Abyss with Stephan. 24:30. All I can say is go to the light!!!

    • Stephan

      Good working with you Rob. I think I was yelling Go Joe, Go Joe in my delirium after round 2. Took me a while to realize you are Rob.

  27. The Abyss with Ally B 19:07rx

  28. Yay, Malik!! 14.3 = 180. So proud of you!

  29. Abyss – Team Did Not Redline (Bob R and Eugene) 20:11 Rx

  30. The Abyss
    Bubba and me
    RockGood Rockettmen BubbaRock SeanBub Bubbett pick a name

  31. Maureen B.

    Team Sickypants: 25:29 (me + Corey)

  32. The Abyss: team Toni & Amie – 24:18 Rx

  33. The Abyss: 25:11 w/Kyle

  34. Joaquín Paredes

    The Abyss
    4 min x rnd…
    creo que 25:10

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