Monday 03.17.14



Open WOD 14.3


St. Paddy Day Sprint
3 rounds of:
17 Push-ups
17 Sit-ups
17 Air Squats
17 Calories (row)
Optional Beer After Completion

Post Scores to Comments.

This kids is getting STRONG.

This kid is getting STRONG.



  1. 14.3: 130 (7:47)

  2. 14.3 – 92 (5 PR)

  3. Open WOD 14.3: 105 (4:16)

    +2 from Friday. Not much improvement in reps (b/c of fatigue), but the updated strategies (step up, jump down using corner of box + weight adding scheme) are HUGE in terms of pace and split times.

  4. St. Pat: 6:34 Rx (with some questionable air squats)

  5. St Pat: 8:54 Rx with careful air squats and careful rowing to watch the knee.

  6. 14.3: 129 (TB 4:29) +17 PR. Thanks for judging Travaun!

  7. Brook R

    14.3: 110 – tiebreak 4:29. Had lots of time at 275, but I ran out of gas. Thanks to Harry for the strategy tips and to Andy for the judging and encouragement.

  8. Christian

    Sprint – 7:18rx (I think)

  9. Michelene

    St. Patty’s Day Sprint: 8:38 Rx

  10. St. Paddy’s Day Sprint: 8:55 Rx

  11. SPDS: 9:00 Rx

  12. Colleen (OC)

    SPDS: 9:59, Rx. I could have moved faster if there had been a Jameson treat at the end (rather than a beer, no thanks). Maybe next year!

  13. Chris M.

    14.3 – 136 Rx (6:59 tie breaker)

    … completed on Friday – still working out the knots in my back and hamstrings …

  14. 14.3: 135 (7:09)…5 rep PR from Friday.

    My body might be pissed at me, but I want my best on the paper, and that was everything I had. Today, I leave the floor happy. Thanks so much, Max. You can sign my wheelchair.

  15. Big Mike

    14.3, the Bonehead round….DNF
    Was excited all weekend, had the visual of my more efficient weight stack to buy me the precious few seconds I would need to gain 1 shot at 315 and perhaps 50 place points in the WW rankings (the ultimate high risk/low reward play)….and had the visual wrong….stacked 2-10’s first instead of the 25 so had 175 on the bar and not 185 for round 2….mental boo-boo that I then tried to overcome by blowing through the 185 round unbroken and 10/5/5 on the 225 and 5/5/3/1/1/1 on the 275 but realized I was smoked, getting round and was about to get hurt so I shut it down….happy to walk away and post 130….need that WB/Row/KB workout…probably will get MU/HSPU/DU…

  16. Laura c

    14.3. 97 RX 5:43 split

    1 1/2 min split pr and 7 HUGE rep pr!!

    After walking Away on Friday I could not stop thinking all weekend about getting 1 rep at 185. (My 1 rm). I got friggin 7!!

    Literally my best cf moment in 2 1/2 years! I almost cried. Now, looking at other scores I don’t feel all that strong but for little ol 105# me, this is HUGE!

    Best judge ever.. Deb R and thx Ben for telling me my form was excellent bc that have me confidence!

    Tabata hand stand holds

    5 rounds strict Cindy: 81 rtd

  17. 14.3: 90 (6:55) well I’m glad that’s done. need to deadlift a lot more.

  18. SPDS 9:21 Rx

    14.3 1 rep, yup ONE. Could be one of my most significant PRs yet to actually sit out an Open WOD rather than risk more injury to my already fragile glutes/hammies/calves.

  19. Kristin R

    14.3 60 Rx (did 5 reps @155# and then totally failed. rather than sit around for three minutes or so, I dropped back down to 135# – so, I guess my total non-Rx score is 91?). Thanks to Alison for the judging/counting. And, this was actually a 20# DL PR (previous 3RM was 135#, a week ago). I’ll take it!

  20. Patti Jeanne

    7 rounds of cindy mtd:79

  21. 14.3: 116. (10 points more than Friday). Thanks for judging, Kaitlyn.

  22. Brussels hotel WOD: (not sure of time)
    5 rounds
    10 strict pull-ups
    20 push-ups
    30 abs

    Enjoy reading the open posts. Really wish I was still in the competition, but things happen for a reason.
    14.1 knocked me out (Achilles)
    14.2 was in my wheelhouse, would have loved that.
    14.3 would have put me in a wheelchair :)

    Keep up the great work CFNE!

  23. Melinda

    14.3 redo: 147 rx (+12 from Fri)

    Thank you (really) to Kim, Ben, Heather for the push.

  24. 14.3: 70 rx. Have been sick all weekend, came in just to log a score. Thanks Marissa for helping me stay slow and smart today :)

  25. 14.3: 132 Rx. (14 rep PR)
    Thx LJ, Neeb, Jared, Ben, Max…315# felt manageable with the crowd pushing me along.

    Post WOD: 5×10 Push Press

  26. Michelle

    14.3. 130rx, pr. 7:46 tie break
    Could not have done it without Will N, Ben, laura h, and Sean Rockett. What an awesome pit crew- thank you!

  27. 14.3: 143 Rx (3 rep PR)

    • Chad M.

      Wish I could’ve stayed to watch it, I guess Ben was right, not that it was doubted.

    • This was the best performance of the day to watch up close. Not many people would hit this nasty WOD again after posting a 140 a few days earlier. To do it and improve by 3 reps at 315# is impressive. And it helped the team score! Gutsy effort.

  28. Kaitlyn

    14.3 – 141 RX

    Congrats to Karyn and Suzanne on their HA-UGE deadlift PRs!!! So proud of you ladies!!!

  29. Chad M.

    14.3 (redo from Saturday) 109 (4 rep PR) that was everything I had a I left feeling pretty damn happy. Of course I’d like more but that was everything I had.

  30. 14.3 redo 139 (5 rep PR) Masters 55+

  31. This one and done philosophy is awesome – actually got to train today

    Snatch Complex up to 135 felt good and by far the best Ive done for three hang snatches

    Clean and Jerk OTM 175 185 195 185 195 205 195 205 215 195 195 195 felt awesome to do these again after almost 6 months singles and a wave format were perfect 0 jerks very rusty

    Metcon 100 75 50 25 Du/Squats 10:23 helped the prescribed DU to save foot.

    50 T2B for time 3:45 ouch

  32. liz messina

    SPDS- 9:01 Rx
    LOVE the energy at CFNE, but love it even more during the opens. Loved watching the nooners go after it. So nice to be back at CFNE. We missed it.

  33. St Paddy Day Sprint: 10:27 scaled up w/GHDSU

  34. 14.3: 93 Rx

  35. Matty Noits

    St. Paddy Day Sprint – 7:13

  36. 14.3 128 (4:10)

    Thanks Maloney for judging and pushing me.

  37. Rachel E

    14.3 re-do: 104 (4:53 tiebreak)

    9 rep, 1:28 PR, yay! Awesome to watch C4 crush it in heat 1!!!

    • laura c

      you were crazy fast doing all those reps since our tie break time was seconds off!! CRAZY!

  38. Nickypants

    14.3: 108 (4:57 tiebreak)

    4 rep, :25 PR I feel awesoooooooome! (in my pants, nahmean?!)

  39. “St. Paddy’s Day Sprint”: 7:36

  40. SPDS: 10:19rx
    Amazing how humbling push ups can be

  41. Krystle

    14.3: 76… I think that was a little PR maybe 10 reps.

    That sucked.

    14.4 TTB and Cleans let’s go!

  42. 14.3 136 (+6 reps from Friday and a -1:21 split time) Psyched. I knew I could go faster, but I really didn’t think I could pick up 205 more than once. My 1RM is 225#!
    Deadlifts used to scare me. Now I respectfully circle them from a not-so-far distance.

    I decided to redo this at 5:15 tonight. I have bursitis in my shoulder and couldn’t even raise a toothbrush to my mouth this morning. I’m so glad I showed up.

  43. Lára Vukson

    St Paddy Sprint: 11:18

  44. Sprint for st paddy 7:02

  45. 1000m row
    14.3 93rx :-D Thank you Krystle and Toni!
    Went into the WOD thinking my 1rm DL was 160. Got to the rd of 185 and almost did not eve go for one because I thought it would be way over my head. Took my time and focused on setting my back and driving through my heels. 3 steady reps in the last min. Went to my WOD log and realized I had a 1rm of 185 last April…Need to update my WOD log this weekend! Either way, it was at least a 2rep DL PR. I wouldn’t mind doing 14.3 again now that I am confident 185 can be done well.

    Inaugural Tri bike ride 30min. Whoa – that’s a different saddle position…
    Zone 1/1 :-D

  46. Tatiana

    14.3 75 rx 155 lbs did all deadlift nextime should get to box jump .

  47. I did this and I got 180 reps. I scaled the bar so it was a 45# deadlift and i did step-ups on a 20″ box.

    • Nice job Malik! Really fun watching you compete with your Dad judging!
      #familyfun, #futurebeast

  48. Joaquín Paredes

    St. Paddy Day Sprint


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