Thursday 03.13.14

Middle School Class crushing some Kettlebell Swings.

Middle School Class crushing some Kettlebell Swings.

Threshold Thursday
On the :90 x 7
3 Snatches @ 70%

On the 2 minute x 7
3 Clean and Jerks @ 70%

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Kids love sit-ups. It's a fact!

Kids love sit-ups. It’s a fact!

Coaches Corner with Coach Rachel

“To Zone or Not to Zone”

Let me start by saying I love food and a lot of it. Before Crossfit I was the girl who thought healthy foods were 100 calorie packs, lean cuisines, and granola bars (chocolate chip of course). I think we all know that once you begin Crossfit there is a huge lean and push towards the nutrition that goes with it. I think that is one of the most amazing things about the Crossfit community. You don’t just jump into working out but you jump into a whole new lifestyle with 100’s of people who also want to live the same lifestyle and support you in doing so.

I started eating paleo about a year and a half ago. I was never super strict and would allow myself cheats from time to time. Some weeks were worse than others but for the most part my diet for the past year or so has been fairly clean. Since I have been at Crossfit New England I have heard so much about “zoning.” I have always been anti-zone, my thought was “I am happy with my performance and the way I look and feel right now so why change that up?” I learned why just 4 days ago while I was sitting in Ben’s office.  The conversation started by me asking him about zoning since a lot of our competitors and coaches just started zoning. I was asking basic questions and telling him I didn’t think it was for me. He asked me why and I told him “I eat clean enough and feel good.” His response was “how do you know you feel good? If you came into the gym each day with no timer and no way of knowing what weights were on the bar you may feel good and feel fitter but how would you know without measuring your results with time or increase in weight?” And I thought to myself… why is Ben always right?

Monday March 4th, was my first day zoning. The prep wasn’t as bad as I thought and I am also not as hungry as I thought I would be. Kate Schuh has a great blog: and there is also this great cheat sheet that I live off of . I have found that when grocery shopping I am trying to find proteins that are exactly in increments of 7 grams, carbs that are in 9’s and fats that are in 1.5’s. I am now “that nutjob” and I love it. My favorite find so far has been this Califia Almond Coconut milk to count as a fat, it has nothing in it besides almonds and coconut and its 4.5 grams of fat per 8 oz AKA 3 blocks!

My 3 block breakfast:

3 egg scramble with 1 cup chopped broccoli

Shake with 8 oz Califia Almond Coconut Milk (Whole Foods refrigerated section), ½ cup frozen strawberries, ½ cup frozen blueberries,  1/3 frozen banana!

To Zone or not to Zone? I guess that’s something you can decide!


Are you ready for…

Get ready for some paleo treats!

Get ready for some paleo treats!

That’s right ladies and gentlemen this week for Friday Night Lights we will be sampling some delicious paleo treats! If you want to workout email Max at or sign up at CFNE. If not, no worries! Come in, watch people throw down, and eat some yummy treats! It’s fun for the whole family and kicks off at 6:30pm!



  1. great article Rachel :) that same convo with Ben is what tipped the scales for me too.. and yes I frequently ask myself the same question “Why is Ben always right?”.. there is not a doubt in my mind that he quite possibly knows everything — thank you Ben ;)

  2. Snatch: 85#
    C&J: 115#

    Great coaching Harry and Meg.

  3. Christian

    No plans coming in – made up a workout on the fly, just needed something nice and easy today.

    “Madness of Many” 5RFT:

    10 Deads (225#)
    10 KB walking lunges (45# ea. arm)
    10 GHDSU

    Definitely sub 10 but the clock reset and I don’t remember when I started.

    Thanks to Andrew E for naming my workout on the way out.

  4. Big Mike

    Rest Day: Rx. (8 hours of sleep-90 minute PR)

    Although it was a restless night……
    You know you are hooked when you dream about CF but what does it mean when you have nightmares?
    Flew to NY last night on a bumpy flight for meetings today. In my dream, I had rolled in to an early class but was told I had to leave. It seems that Ben had decided that he had found an optimal number of members (250 if you were asking) and that I was out of the mix so I was sent home. Luckily both Mat and Mel offered to take me in but I could not find Mel’s and when I got to Mat’s it was a yoga class. Ho was there taunting me and told me I could not come back because I cheated. I then when on a rant because Ben sent someone (can’t remember who but completely unassociated with CF) to tell me again I could not come back. Ben was actually an asshole because he didn’t have the balls to show up in my dream to tell me why. Then it got really bad because my non-box jumping wife got invited in to the top 250.
    Then I think I woke up crying.

    • Sarah W

      We all have a friend who enjoys sharing stuff that didn’t really happen last night while he was asleep. You know, the one who expects you to follow their non-sensical, imaginary journey and you feign interest, all along wondering if you should hit Chipolte or Qdoba at lunch. I just had no idea Mike was one if those friends.

      • Big Mike

        Life on the road is lonely. For the record I was wide awake at 4:55 and ready to rumble

        • Sarah W

          I did like the part about Ho and also the yoga class.
          Chipolte. No brainer.

    • laura c

      I just love that Wendy was one of the 250 invited to be at CFNE!!!!!

    • Lára Vukson

      Hilarious and weird. Sounds like some serious withdrawal. Safe travels!

    • This doesn’t make any sense…I’m not the taunting type. Please revise.

    • wow. you may be joking, but i have a similar paranoia of getting dumped by CFNE cause I missed a standard or didn’t count a rep. this is why i will do extra reps if i lost count and no rep myself allot.
      the part about being an @!@#$%^ (can’t event type it)is a total separation from reality, so it must be a dream.

    • Get this man a rowing/wall ball WOD stat.

  5. Threshold Thursday:

    Squat Snatch: 95#

    Squat Clean & Jerk: 125#

  6. Zone Resources

    I have flirted with the idea of doing zone paleo and even went as far as buying a food scale and a set of measuring cups (both of which were returned before coming out of the box). Along the way I came across some really helpful websites for those that want to give it a try.

    Blocks Calculator:

    Zone for Dummies Step-By-Step Guide:

    Additional Information and Cheat Sheets:

  7. Threshold Thursday: (45#, 65#)

    Thanks Harry and Meg for the coaching today. Little tweaks, big progress!

    • Michelene

      I couldn’t agree more about the coaching. I really need to come to the weight lifting WODs more often.

  8. Lára Vukson

    Great class, great practice. Today I want to say THANK YOU Harry, Meg and Andrew for getting up at the crack of dawn to coach us and Andrew for the big smile at the desk every early AM. You made this snowy morning a better one for me because I came in to WOD.

    Snatch: 35#
    C&J: 40#

  9. Snatch: 55lbs
    Clean and jerk: 60lbs. Definitely did not feel like 70% for the clean and jerks, but oh well.

    4 rounds of strict Cindy before class (large band)
    Going to do 6 more after my internship.

    Thanks again to Meg and Harry for the awesome coaching and support :)

  10. Michelene

    Threshhold Thursday: 35# & 50# – still being cautious with my back, although knock on wood, it is feeling almost normal. I did the 1st round of C&J’s at 45 then added 5# before the 2nd round. Thanks again Meg for the great tips today. What a huge difference those adjustments make!

  11. Rick W.

    TT 95/125

  12. Kristin R

    Threshold Thursday: 45/65
    I agree with everyone who has already posted – I love these WODs. Harry and Meg – great class, super helpful instruction and great mid-WOD adjustments. Thanks, guys!

  13. Threshold Thursday -65/115
    i went light cause of shoulder. the unintended benefit is that i actually caught a few of these in the hole, rather than riding them down.

    great coaching Meg and Harry. helped tremendously. i may get this one day.

  14. TT: Squat Snatch: 65# / C&J: 115# (last set at 135#)

    Great class Kevin! Thanks again Jonathan for the tips and push in getting me to do the 135#!

  15. TT: Deadlift 105# Front Squat 85#
    PR’d my dancing during the rest intervals ;-D Thanks for humoring me 5:30!


  16. Snatch: 85
    C&J: 155

  17. Threshold Thursday: Deadlift tng @ 105# Front Squat off the rack 85#. Mods due to shoulder.

  18. Tatiana

    Snatch: 45 tried 55 form compromised
    Clean and jerk 65 lbs since 70% of max weight .

  19. Nick C.

    Snatch: 95#
    Clean & Jerk: 135#

  20. Joaquín Paredes

    Threshold Thursday

    Snatch: 40 kg
    Clean & Jerk: 50 kg


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