Tuesday 03.11.14

Happy Birthday GBL!

Happy Birthday GBL!

Deck of Cards
Flip over playing cards one at a time.
The suit represents the movement.
Hearts = Burpees
Diamonds = Situps
Spades = Kettlebell Swings
Clubs = Air Squats
The number on the card represents the number of reps.
Face Cards = 10
Aces = 20

Good friends will always give you a spot.

Good friends will always give you a spot.




  1. hey Toni, good set up position.

  2. Those are my GIRLS!!! Love you Charlie and Toni!

    Happy Birthday Geoff!!!

  3. Happy B-day Geoff!

  4. 5:30 AM Mayhem – 23:36
    My last recording of this: 2/27/12 – 34:25 a bit of an improvement.

    35# KB for m

  5. DoC: 23:36 w/70# KB

    Bench with the boys.

  6. Tricia D

    Fun class 5:30am, def moved faster than I would have on my own – 26# kb.

  7. Christian

    doC – complete. fun stuff. sorry again for the skull crack, Kate!

  8. Big Mike

    Deck of Cards: What they said (53#)
    ….and full depth squats

  9. Deck o’ Cards: with the mayhem – 35# KB.

    This was fun!

  10. Deck of Cards: 21:36 (55# DB)

    Appropriately named WOD (and easy movement combo) for hotel gym in Vegas, baby.

    Used “Let’s WOD – Deck of Cards” app on iPhone. Great for travelers.

    • Rachel E

      Great idea to hit this one on the road, Braatz! Best travel WOD I’ve heard of so far.

    • By the way, the Ace of Burpees can kiss my ass.

    • What is the name of the App as I can’t seem to find it when I search Let’s WOD…..

      • Search the App Store for “WOD deck of cards”. It’s a free app… There are a couple that cost $, but not worth it.

  11. Chris M.

    Deck of Cards – 21:16 Rx (1.5p KB)

  12. Patti Jeanne

    deck of cards: don’t remember time. 35# KB and 1/2 the air squats as step ups.
    5 rounds of strict Cindy with bands and step ups = MTD 50

  13. DOC: with 95# cleans for KB

    PreWOD burner: 3 rounds of 300m row and 12 WBs (30#)

    Post WOD 5×3 MUs

  14. Deck of cards at home in the playroom: 25:16

    Definitely harder to keep up a good pace without the energy of being at CFNE.

  15. Michelle

    Deck of Cards: 20:58 w the 8:30.
    Love this wod- such a fun way to get after it.

  16. Andrew E

    Loved doing Deck of Cards with some big dogs…thanks to Hamel, Mick, and (special guest star) Connor for getting me through that last set of burpees. Used 35# KB.

  17. That was GREAT fun and a fantastic way to burn some calories. Yeah!

    Cash in: row for calories/1 min on/1 min rest
    17,18,18,18,18,19,19,18,18,18. 181 total.

  18. Jonathan

    Deck of Cards: I needed that…a lot of fun for a WOD with burpees!

    Strict Cindy: 10 rounds (52 MTD)

    • laura c

      you always are ahead of me in every challenge – my new challenge it to beat you:)! HA!

  19. laura c

    strict cindy: 5 rounds 46 RTD

    Oh, yeah, deck of cards with TTB for swings. Some rounds I 1/2 the amount……

  20. Happy Birthday, Geoff!!

  21. work up to 1 rep Bench max: 265 (failed 270)

    12 AMRAP- 7 rounds…I think
    12 GHD sit ups
    9 Ring rows
    6 Bench 155#

  22. Lára Vukson

    Happy Birthday Geoff!

    Great pic Toni & Charlie

    Back from my head cold w/7:30pm for Deck of Cards. Fun one. Option 2/26#

  23. DoC: 25:11 with the 5:30 pm class

    Paleo: 5 point today
    Cindy: 1 (better than none) 21 total

  24. Happy Birthday Geoff!

    Thought I saw the birthday boy at 6:30pm class, but it actually was Max disguised as Geoff – wearing a WHITE cap BACKWARDS!

  25. Matty Noits

    Happy Birthday Geoff!!!

  26. Deck of Cards: 25:11 (53#) with the 5:30 PM crew.

  27. Joaquín Paredes

    Deck of Cards

    Corazón: Burpees
    Diamante: Abdominales
    Pica: Péndulos (24 kg)
    Trébol: Sentadilla

    As: 20 reps
    J Q K: 10 reps


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