Saturday 03.08.14

Full house for the 5:30pm!

Full house for the 5:30pm!

The Quake
7 rounds of:
200m Run
15 Box Jumps (24, 20″)
15 Wall Balls (20, 14#)

Post Scores to Comments.

All together now.

All together now.


  1. Andy M.

    Wendler back squats, deadlifts, squat cleans, OHS
    1RM OHS 160# (5# PR)

  2. The Quake: 16:31 Rx

  3. The Quake: 21:40 Rx

  4. The Quake: 22:04 (10# med ball)

  5. Mike R

    The Quake: 19:08 Rx

  6. Tricia D

    The Quake: 23:38

    Anyone want to meet at 9 tomorrow to do 14.2?

    • Tricia D

      10# wb

    • Mike R

      I still need to do 14.2 as well and am going to try to do it tomorrow at 9 too. If I can make it, I’d be happy to judge for you.

  7. Brian L


  8. Braatz

    The Quake: 13:30 (5 rounds)

    Rolled out quads/IT band for long, painful time. 14.2 was sneaky in all sorts of ways…

  9. Rachel E

    The Quake: 22:34 Rx — no engine today but happy to be running outsiiiiide, wheeee!

  10. The Quake: 23:19 10 reps/Step Ups

  11. Nick C.

    The Quake – 22:44 Rx

    Running is soooOOOooOoOoOOOoo hard… but fun to get outside today. Awesome to join a Sat. morning class for the first time in a year. So awesome.

    • Nick C.

      Whoops…think maybe it was 23:44? Either way, a victory for me to not be lapped by anyone else for once!

  12. Ashley R

    The Quake: 23:47 RX

  13. Laura c

    Quake: 31:05 all weights rx but 9 foot target

    HUGE gains today for me…. Decided to pick up 14# ball… Been about a year that I went down to 8# and re-Learmed how to
    Actually link WB and feel confident. So, went in with the idea of doing the 14# to 9 foot line (opens have ladies use 9 foot) but do only 7 reps/ round. Well, I
    Got first 7 unbroken (NEVER did that with 14#).. So did all 15 reps. Took a long time but so thrilled

    So, lesson is.. If struggling with a movement not a bad idea to bring back to basic and relearn it!

    5 rounds strict cindy: 36 RTD

    • Heather Bergeron

      Maybe THAT’S what caused the anal cramping?

      BTW-you’re beating me on Strict Cindy rounds. Tomorrow’s catch up day :)

      • laura c

        LOL! For some reason our conversation mid wod about sphrinter cramping had just popped in my head and I burst out laughing!

  14. Kelly F

    The Tremor: 22:00 on the dot (had to grab 16# med ball because all the 20#s were being used).

    Jeremy, I had a great time chasing you this morning – awesome job!

  15. The quake: 29:45. 24″ BJ and 16# wb
    I struggled today. But it felt good to do a longer
    Metcon and run outdoors. Time to shed
    that winter layer of fat!

  16. Greg D

    The Quake: 18:54

  17. Marcus

    The Quake – 23:53

  18. The Quake: 21:15
    14# ball/ step ups

  19. Kristin R

    The Quake 23:19 w 10# WB squat jumps (shoulder).

  20. Stephan

    The Quake 26:56 Rx

  21. Hellooo CFNErs!!!

    The Quake totally modified(solo in back room): 27:07
    7 rds of
    200 mts walk as fast as possible
    15 step ups on 2 35# and 1 45#plates(3 plates)
    15 wall balls without squating and without target

    So happy to be back and start moving after surgery(5 weeks off)
    I feel alive again

  22. Wendy P

    Quake: 25:40… 6# WB… Taking it easy on the shoulder… Wow- nothing like sucking wind during the runs. It was hard but it felt good to be back running :).

  23. Michelene

    The Quake: 23:34 with 10# med ball. I “got” to do wall balls today… even though I hate them.

  24. Eugene


  25. Tough Ruck training: 16.47 miles w/ 35# pack.

    Legs were shot after 13 miles and I slowed waaay down. NormaTec after was super helpful.

    Nap time.

    • wow, Jen. This is amazing and sounds very tiring and time consuming. Good for you!

  26. AMRAP 15- 5 rounds
    500 row
    30 weighted sit-ups

  27. Kristin R

    The quake – 17:15 Rx.

  28. Gradon

    The Quake: 25:38. RX

    Paleo challenge: 3 yesterday. 5 so far today
    Cindy challenge: 15 total.

  29. The Quake- 23:50 Rx
    Felt good to run after hibernation.

  30. If anyone accidentally grabbed my grey CFNE sweatshirt with the yellow CFNE letters, please let me know. I’ve had it for 3.5 years and miss it so!

  31. Quake: 22:40 something. 14lb WB

    10 rnds of Strict Cindy, green and red bands, half knee PUs. Definitely seeing form improvements.
    MTD: 65 rnds


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