Thursday 03.06.14

Bob got his first muscle up yesterday! Ya Bob!

Bob got his first muscle up yesterday! Ya Bob!

***Remember Today is Bring a Friend Day***

Captain Planet
50 Box Jump (24, 20″) Buy In
8 Toes to Bar
12 Burpees

Post Scores to Comments.

Any guesses for 14.2?

Any guesses for 14.2?

Clear your schedule and get ready for…

It's all happening!

Yup! It’s going down!

Friday Night Lights will be sponsored by our friends at Red Line Gear this week! Sign up at CFNE or email if you want in! Event kicks off at 6:30pm! Do the Open WOD, grab a beer, check out the sweet Red Line Gear, and cheer on your friends!


  1. Andy M.

    Congrats Bob!

  2. Fake Doug Bell

    Nice job Bob!

    • Braatz

      Eugene took the Judges Course, and says “No rep!” to that muscle-up. Sorry, Bob.

      • Bozman

        He had already locked out and was coming down off the rings. Good rep!

    • Rick W.

      Seeing Bob’s scores every morning I was very surprised to see that picture – congrats Bob. Now we will see you doing 20+ unbroken in a matter of weeks. Bob, you may want to get with McD. Yesterday he was doing weighted MU’s.

  3. Hell yeah bob!!!

  4. Heather V

    Awesome Bob!

  5. Yeah Bob!!!

    PUMPED for Friday Night Lights!

  6. Congratulations Bob – What an accomplishment!
    Psyched for another round of FNL! Bring it onnnnnn.

  7. Nice job, Bob

  8. Sarah W

    Not surprising. It’s worth getting up for the Mayhem to watch Bob crush the body weight workouts….pretty much every workout, actually.

  9. great job Bob

  10. Colleen (OC)

    YEAH Bob! That’s awesome!

  11. Great job, Bob…no stopping you now.

    Recovery day: Iron Scaps, 2K row, 5 minutes Airdyne

  12. Yeah Bob! Woop Woop! Pumped for FNL. I say 14.2 is 10rft of 17 chest to bar pullups 1 jumping jack and 72 rope climbs.

  13. Captain Planet: 5+ 9 Rx

  14. Captain Planet: 4 + 7 with TTB attempts

  15. Andy M

    Captain Planet: 7+15 Rx

    OTM 10 minutes
    Odd: 15 calorie row
    Even: 10 GHD’s

  16. Great accomlishment, Bob!

  17. Christian

    Congrats, Bob!! Awesome!!

    Mayhem (no time to warmup so I used the workout as one)
    – Captain Planet: 50 KBs (53#) then 16 abmat
    sit ups, 10 hand release push ups — 7+17

    Backroom work

    – Captain Planet: 7+1 rx

  18. Big Mike

    Captain Planet: 5 & 4 Rx…..god I’m awful

  19. Greg D

    Captain Planet: 7:11

  20. Andy L.

    Captain Planet: 6+3 could not catch Greg. almost broke Big Mike’s foot, sorry bout that sir.

  21. Congrats Bob!!!

  22. Stephan

    Nice work Bob, Congrats!
    Captain Planet 4+8, Too slow off the BJ, but did get first set of TTB strung together.

  23. rich t

    sending an email to Gino about the MU. Booooommmmmm!!!

    • Ashley R

      too funny Rich!

      That Muscle Up must have been from the private training session he had with Harry!

      So now Harry- his next session has to be working on the double unders :)

  24. Congrats Bob

  25. Rick W.


  26. Congrats Bob!

  27. Sarah W

    Great coaching by Ben and Rachel this morning. Worked on form on T2B and burpee cycle time. Didn’t count rounds…because we GET TO not count at the 8:30.

  28. Susan Stein

    Congrats Bob!

    Captain Planet: 7+1 (8 GHD sit ups for toes to bar, in & out burpees)

  29. Kristin R

    Captain Planet: 4+11 – TTB were not all good reps but… mostly?

  30. I wanted to thank Heather, the CFNE staff, and the nooners for welcoming my mom for bring a friend day and helping her through the wod. She had an awesome time! Thanks again.

  31. Katrina

    Nice work bob, so excited for you!

  32. Jared S.

    Congratulations Bob! Awesome work.
    Capt Planet: 9 + 17

  33. Captain Planet: 8 + 1 Rx

  34. Alison

    Congratulations Bob.

  35. KarenH

    Bob, congratulations!!
    Ashley, your turn!! :)

  36. Georgia

    Captain Planet: 5 RX

  37. AM 1 hr trainer ride @ LS 4 rds of 5min hill climbs in saddle followed by 1min standing hill climb; 4min active recovery spin.

    Captain Planet – “Water modification” 3rds Rx then 4+9 rds of 15 air squats 12 burpees

    Holy abs – Mega DOMS from Down Periscope…

    PT x 2 today!

  38. Cotter

    “Captain Planet”: 4 + 16 rx

    Left black jump rope and pair of grips by the boxes. If someone finds them, let me know. Thanks!

  39. Gradon

    Captain Planet: 4 + 1 RX

    Paleo challenge: 5 today and 5 yesterday.
    Cindy challenge: 5 today, 15 total

  40. Captain Planet: 7+2 abmat sit-ups and burpees. Trying to save my grip, good thing too 14.2 looks like no joke. Get after it CFNE.

  41. Maureen B.

    6 + 1

  42. Thomas F

    Cap’t Planet: 6+10 rx

  43. Cheryl

    Captain Planet – 4+12.
    Burpees were slow but TTB felt good.

  44. Capt Planet: 3 (TTB/TTB attempts – some attempts were pretty good :-) )

    7 legit TTBs in rnd #1, 5 – in rnd #2, 2 – in rnd #3

    Guess I GET TO learn how to find the rhythm on TTBs mentioned by Coach Max in pre-WOD talk.

    Had to really go ALL the way out on burpees (hello Mick :-) ) in rnd #3 to complete the round. Eventually even had a couple seconds to spare!

  45. Cpt Planet: 6+1 Rx

  46. dylan r

    Capt Planet: 5+1

    TTB used to be a strength. I’m not sure what happened. must work on them more

  47. Lára Vukson

    Nice work Bob! Congrats!

    Good to see the 7:30 crew.
    Oh man, not quite on my game last evening. Just froze on those box jumps though I’ve finally conquered that goat, but I guess not yesterday. 5 plates instead.

    Captain Planet
    AMRAP 12:
    50 Box Jump (24, 20″) Buy In
    8 Toes to Bar
    12 Burpees

    50 and 4 rounds exactly
    New day tomorrow!

  48. Joaquín Paredes

    Captain Planet
    5Rnd + 8 t2b + 1burpee


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