Saturday 03.01.14

Happy Birthday to the Jedi Master!

Happy Birthday to the Jedi Master!

Happy Birthday Ben!

The Force
Teams of 2:
Wall Balls (30, 20#)
Power Cleans (135, 95#)

Post Scores to Comments.

Watch out Ben!

Watch out Ben!


  1. Happy Birthday Ben!Love you!

  2. BEN! Happy bday! Best coach on the planet- have a great day, bud!!!

  3. Happy birthday Ben! Enjoy!

  4. Happy birthday Ben!

    Happy birthday Max!

  5. Princess Vespa

    30# and 20# wall balls?! For real?

    Also – Happy Birthday Ben and Max!

  6. Happy Birthday Ben and Max!!!

  7. Heather V

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEN and MAX!!! Now drop and give me some burpees!

  8. Ben!! Happy Birthday to one of my favorite people in the whole wide world. Love ya!!

    Max!! Happy Birthday to the number one person who can make me laugh the most. xoxo.

  9. Happy Birthday Ben and Max!

    Traveling today so missed 14.1 – question is the standard a power snatch or ground to over head?

  10. Happy birthday Ben!!! Hope you have a great day!!

  11. Dang! Two super cool dudes born on the same day. What are the chances? Happy birthday guys!

  12. Happy Birthday Ben and Max! Hope you have an awesome day!

  13. Short CrossFitters

    Happy Birthday Ben & Max!

  14. Nick C.

    Happy Birthday, Ben & Maxi baby!! Two of the coolest homeboys around!

  15. I love this post. Happy bday homeslice.

  16. Happy. Birthday Ben and Max!!

  17. Katie T

    Happy Birthday Ben & Max!!!!!

  18. Patti Jeanne

    Happy birthday Ben and Max!

  19. Happy Birthday Ben and Max! Have a great day!

  20. here’s to ben and max for an excellent 2014 on their birthday!

  21. Andy M

    Happy B-Day boys!!!! Enjoy!!!!

  22. Christian

    HBD Ben & Max

    The Force – Christian/Doole: 15:36 rx… The round of 30, whew.

    • Christian

      And a brief cameo by Bob R when Doole caught chalk in the eye — thanks again!!

  23. julie a

    Really enjoyed feeding the Friday Nights Light Crowd with my WIldtree recipes. What a fun group! May have to join you for a WOD some Friday night!

    Happy birthday, Ben!

  24. Ben, Happy Birthday to the best coach, boss, person I know!

    Max, Happy Birthday my BFF! Hope you have a great time tonight!

  25. laura c

    Happy Birthday to Ben and Max!!! May you both have a year full of happiness AND health! With both of those, what more do you need?

  26. Braatz

    The Force: 17:55 Rx

    Team Gold Bikini – Braatz and Brian D.

  27. Colleen (OC)

    The Force, with Tricia D: 18:38, 65# and a 14# ball for me and a 12# ball for Tricia (way to step it up TD!!)

    Happy birthday Ben and Max!!!

    • Tricia D

      Fun morning, thanks for the push! Even redid my no reps per Cheryl’s inspiration to stick to standards. Wb no reps are terrible!!

    • Christian

      You two were moving! Nice job!

  28. Luke or Puke (Kevin & Greg D)

    The Force: 21:55 Rx

    Awesome job by Kevin today! Fun WOD.

  29. happy birthday Ben and Max!

    • Christian

      Fun working with you today, bud. Glad you came back a second time after Ronda bailed on me. Yup, calling you out, Rockett.

  30. Tricia D

    Happy birthday guys!!! Cheers!!

  31. Gradon

    Team Dark Helmet: 12:52 (20#, 115#)
    Great teaming up with you Sumo

  32. The Force: 17:50

    (16# WB for Erin, 12# WB for Rae, Rae subbed deadlifts for PC – 95#)

  33. The Force: team Lisa and Sam 17:30
    95# and 20# wb for Sam
    65# and 10# wb for Lisa

  34. Katrina



  35. Team Amie & Toni: 15:03 (65#/10#wb/&8#wb)

  36. Eugene

    Bob + Eugene – 16:00 Rx

  37. Lára Vukson

    Happy Birthday Ben & Max!!

    Lára + Caitlin
    The Force: 50-40-30-20-10
    Wall Balls (10/8#)
    Power Cleans (45#)

    Great job Caitlin!

    Lára extra:
    10 min OTM KTB practice
    3K row

  38. 11:30 w King Leard

  39. Travaun

    Happy Birthday Ben and Max!

  40. Krystle

    The force: Krystle &Bridgette: 16:24 (85#/65# (8#/10#)

  41. Sarah W

    The Force: Liz and Sarah 15:09. with some scaling stuff as needed. Great fun working with you and meeting you, Liz.

  42. Alison

    Happy Birthday Ben and Max.

  43. team FOXLYN
    “the force”
    13:59 rx

  44. marissa

    happy birthday ben! happy birthday max!

  45. What a BIRTHDAY! Ben & Max, I hope you had a blast celebrating! Wishing you a year of continued growth and success!


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