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Choose you weapon.

Open WOD 14.1
30 Double Unders
15 Power Snatch (75, 55#)

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Coaches Corner with Coach Heather

“We Are Ambassadors All Day, Every Day”

People are watching you.  They’re always watching.  Whether you want to recognize it or not, what you do…the things you say…the way you behave…it’s all seen, absorbed, and translated in the minds of the people whose paths you cross each day.  The truth of the matter is, sometimes they don’t even know they’re noticing it.

That’s a concept that a lot of us don’t really feel like acknowledging because (a) it isn’t something we want to be worrying about all the time, and (b) it feels sort of suffocating to think that we’ve got to be making good decisions and leading a righteous life more than we thought we needed to.

It’s also easy to forget who all of these people are that might even pay any sort of attention to what you’re doing.  But, there’s more than you think: your kids (that’s an obvious one), your significant other, your close friends who you share a lot with, your not-so-close friends who you casually chat with here and there, your neighbors, the customers and employees at coffee shops and restaurants, gas station attendants, your mail carrier and UPS delivery people, the gajillion “friends” you have on Facebook, your followers on Instagram.

But, it’s like this: the words you choose, the body language you use, the way you present yourself, and the general quality of life you live is a direct representation of so many things.  These things say a lot about the things that go on in your head that you don’t always let out of your head.  These things are a representation of the kinds of relationships you foster within your family, with your individual friends, and with the people that service you in some way or another every day.  These things are what make you an ambassador for all of the people, communities, and networks that you are a part of.

Think about it.  I have a CFNE bumper sticker on my car.  Often, when I drive away from the gym I forget that anyone who doesn’t know me personally makes any connection between me and that community that I am so proud of.  But, when I ignore the pedestrian waiting to cross the street in the cross walk and he or she glares at my car as I drive away and notices that sticker, I have just negatively represented CFNE.  I know it’s an indirect, maybe unfair connection they’re making, but the connection is made whether I think it’s fair or not.

When I speak “down” to the cashier at Bakery On The Common when I’m ordering a coffee and I go in the next day with my kids to get them a snack, those employees are making negative judgments about my innocent kids simply because of the way I behaved towards them the day before.

If I’m at the gym making small talk with some girlfriends after class and am validating one girl’s bitch session about her husband and/or kids, I am indirectly giving the impression that my husband and my kids are annoying, selfish, and a pain in my ass, too.

Again, while some of this stuff may have no ill intention, sometimes it’s all about impressions.  And, I know a lot of us pride ourselves in walking around giving the impression that we don’t care what other people think.

But, maybe sometimes we should care what others think because we’re the ones that made them think that way in the first place.