Thursday 2.27.14



Threshold Thursday
On the :90 x 7
3 Snatches @ 65%

On the 2 min x 7
3 Clean and Jerks @ 65%

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  1. Thanks for the cameo Max! Still getting after the 60K challenge. Wrapping it up tomorrow!

    • Niiiiice shirt AK!

    • Front Squat @ 75#
      Squat Clean @ 65#
      2,800m warm up
      1,000m cool down

      MTD: 60k! Yesssssssss!

      Thanks for putting the rowing challenge out Heather :-D

  2. Snatch: 95
    C&J: 135 1st rd, 155 last 6

  3. Ironman: 14:26 Rx. Too much time looking at bar.

    • Tough one to do alone; great job! One strategy Harry and Rachel mentioned yesterday was to take the last 100m relatively easy so you aren’t as gassed when you get to the cleans. Slower rowing is still “productive” work, whereas resting at the bar doesn’t move you closer to the end of the WOD. Next time!

  4. Snatch: 100#
    Clean & Jerk: 145#

  5. Snatch – 65#
    C&J – 115# (took last three rounds off)
    felt a slight pull in high trap. 4th consecutive day after being out for two weeks. protect today to come back tomorrow.

    new (for me) strategy to share – when i feel a muscle start to pull or get tight, strip the bar IMMEDIATELY, and do not give yourself any time or inner dialogue to talk yourself into continuing.

    • forgot to mention – spilled 1/2 a KillCliff drink moving a boxjump. not sure who it belonged to. wiped it up, bought a replacement and left it next to the original. Very Sorry.

  6. Snatch – 85#
    C&J – 135#

    That got challenging…

  7. Christian

    7×3 Back Squat — 275#
    7×3 Push Press — 155#

    100 GHDSU, some back ext holds

    The lifting was tough this morning because I got in so late I had no time to warm up! Juuuuuust snuck into the mayhem!!

  8. Snatch – 95#
    C&J – 105#

  9. Kristin R

    Snatch: 40#
    C&J: 60#

  10. That’s my boy!!! :)

  11. At CrossFit South Hall, in beautiful Flowery Branch, GA

    3 rounds for time:
    800 M Run
    50 sit-ups
    50 back extensions

    • I grew up in Flowery Branch, GA. Used to be just an exit off the highway and a lot of cows. Oh, and of course a Walmart.

  12. Wendler week 1: Deadlifts and snatches. Week 1 Done

    Rowed 4k (I think)
    Mtd:44,100. Getting there

  13. For those of you trying to do the judges course, I think they solved all the issues people were having on how unclear it was and hard to complete. Now, they have just made it impossible to even get on the site to work through it. Congrats Crossfit.

  14. Snatch: 75#
    Clean and Jerk: 85#
    Sit ups
    Stretch mate
    Ready and looking forward to the Opens:-)

  15. Snatch: 95#
    C&J: 115#

  16. Neon Nights: 45#, not sure of time, clock was re-set.

    Great to be back at 5:30 a.m. after a hellish month of travel. No more excuses for the next 8 weeks…

  17. Squat Snatch: 90#

    Squat Clean & Jerk: 120#

  18. Squat Snatch: 55#, my absolute goat… Just happy for the help from Meg and Harry!
    Squat Clean; 95# commit commit commit. Good form day.

    Strict Pull ups – OTM, black band 4×6,1×5

  19. Snatch: 75#
    C&J: 95#

  20. Squat snatch 105
    C&J 135

    3000 row
    MTD 53k

  21. Snatch: 60#
    C&J: 80#

  22. Kristin B.

    Snatch: 65
    C&J: 100

  23. Squat Snatch: 60#
    Squat Clean & Split Jerk: 80#

    I don’t know, somehow 2-3 dry runs between reps with “invisible” dowel helped. Next time will try the REAL thing :-)

    Cash out: Watching the Open WOD 14.1 announcement on Max’s computer with all 7:30pm’ers (including coaches) around!

  24. Snatch: 95
    C&J: 115

    Max and Cheryl, thanks a ton for the pointers tonight. That was the most solid my Squat Cleans and Jerks have felt in a really long time.

    Great class tonight!


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