Friday 2.21.14


Brent showing off his awesome flexibility. Great squat and front rack position!

Optimus Prime
Wall Balls (20, 14#)
EMOM 5 Deadlifts (225, 155#)

Workout starts with wall balls.
At the one minute mark complete 5 deadlifts.

Post scores to comments.
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Collin push jerked 185lb for 5. These High School athletes are getting STRONG!


The Open at CFNE

Crossfit New Englanders the Open is upon us. Next Thursday at 8pm the first workout will be announced and people around the world will be clicking refresh over and over again. If you haven’t signed up don’t wait any longer, just click HERE to sign up!

Friday Night Lights

This is going to rock the house! This is a chance to do the Open workout at night (6:30pm) with your friends and family cheering you on! This is open for anyone that wants to participate! All you have to do is email me at or sign up at the front desk before Friday at 5:30pm. Super easy right? Alright let’s do this thing!

Still feeling a little nervous about the Open? Looking for an Open checklist? Well you’re in luck! Coach Geoff has put together an awesome checklist for you!

Coaches Corner with Coach Geoff

Open Prep Check List:

Competition season is finally here! For most of us this is just another workout of the day, it’s a rallying point for our community and a fun time to come out and support our friends.  For others this is a test to see where we rank up among friends at CFNE or other local boxes.  For a few this becomes a five week competition battling with every last bit of grit and passion we have in the tank to get to the next stage, and for our newer members it’s a time to see what makes CFNE the best place on earth.

Whether your looking to just have fun, compete and test yourself, or qualify for regional’s and masters, it all starts now… It doesn’t matter what goals you may have or whether you’re a new members throwing your hat in the ring or a Games athlete, there’s a few things we should all be doing leading up to the Open.

Often times we talk about the “Circle of Concern” and controlling the things that we can and ignoring the things we cant (time, other athletes scores, judges, etc.) However, there’s a few tools we want to make sure we have in our toolbox when we begin to prep for an Open workout and leave it all out there.

Are you maximizing your potential?

-Sleeping 8+ hours a night

Not using electronic devices in bed

-Hydrating properly

Not an hour before, but all day

-Fueling your body properly

Meals, snacks, pre-post WOD

-Warming up and cooling down

Foam rolling, stretching, mobility

-Resting and recovering when you should

Massage, ice baths

-Pre-Game Warm Up

Going through movements to “grease the groove” before go time

-Visualizing yourself doing the workout before you do it

Overcoming adversity

-Practicing Mental Toughness

Which Dog are you feeding? The dog of courage or the dog of fear

If you have specific questions, comments, concerns please feel free to contact myself or any of the Coaching staff.

Good Luck CFNE!! – Coach Geoff



  1. 92rx

  2. Optimus Prime: 120 Rx
    Depressing to watch how fast Christian hammered out his deadlifts. This was one rep off of PR and I lost it all dropping the bar in sets 3-5. Felt a twinge when I was trying to go unbroken on the down rep and needed to slow down. Felt like I went pretty much unbroken on wall balls. Stamina was good-got 31 in the first minute which carried me.

    Row: 2K warm up/2K warm down MTD: 53,916…am going to row 84 meters tonight just to make this easy.

    • I’ll take that number Mike, nice job.

      Yeah Christian was so fast I looked up after my first rep and he was walking to WB’s.

    • Big number, Big Mike. I also gave Christian the “WTF look” several times after his ninja-style Rx deads.

    • Christian

      Nice job, Mike!!!

      And awwwwww shucks… Thanks, guys.

  3. Optimus Prime: 105 RX (PR: 17)

    “Not using electronic devices in bed” that’s boring… But all seriousness, its a good list Geoff.

  4. Optimus Prime: 67 (12#, 105#)

    Last time 52 and did wb to btw 9-10. This time only missed the 10ft about 5 reps. Making progress on the WB’s.

  5. Everyone from CFNE


  6. Optimus Prime: 85 (135).

    First time doing this one. Had some no reps on the WBs. I was going for sets of 5-6 in rounds 3+ and would miss that last WB. Helps if you yell “get there” to the ball.

  7. Optimus Prime: 72 (185#) 6 rep pr but could have done better, didn’t push enough today, poor showing.

    Bench 4×5: 135, 155, 160, 165

    Comp. WOD: AMRAP 10 of 35 consecutive DU’s and 10 OHS, hold each rep 2 seconds at bottom: 43 OHS

  8. Christian

    93rx deads were light and easy WBs caught me fast… HAPPY FRIDAY, PEOPLE!!!!!

    • I hear you on the deads. my body was like “can you please stop doing these wallballs and go back to the Deadlifts”.

  9. Optimus Prime: 82 Rx

    Significantly worse than November. Not sure why.

    AMRAP 10 of 35 unbroken DUs + 10 OHS @ 45# w/ 2 second pause: 3+35.

    Struggled to get my first set of 35 unbroken; it went pretty smoothly after that.

    5536m row (54694 on the month)

  10. Good time woddin with the 630amers. Optimus Prime 103rx (30#)

  11. Eugene fed my “dog of courage” (mine is a papillon with really beady eyes) by shaming me into the 14# wall ball. Gulp, 72 Rx.

  12. Optimus Prime: 100 not Rx (hotel WOD)

    Subbed pair of 15# DB thrusters for WB / 185# DL

    AMRAP 10 of 35 consec DUs + 10 OHS w pause (45# barbell): 5 sets

    See you tomorrow CFNE!

    p.s. Erkin, I hope you took the hint and shoveled my driveway.

    • Sure. Welcome back from whatever place “where it’s not snowing” you are coming :-)

  13. 1. Optimus Prime – 100 (30#/225)
    2. AMRAP 10 – 35 UB DU + 10 45# Pause OHS – 6 rounds Rx

  14. Colleen (OC)

    Optimus Prime: 60, Rx wall balls and 105#.

  15. Optimus Prime: 75 (16#, 185#)

  16. Mark Warren

    Optimus Prime – 87 RX (#30/225)

  17. Optimus Prime: 90 (185) felt reeaally slow on deadliest even at this weight.

    AMRAP10 – 35DU and 10 45# OHS (didn’t pause) 5+30

  18. 103 with #20

  19. OP: 100 (8# wb to 9.5 feet average.., 105#)
    Keeping it light but liking it!

    This was not the welcome back WOD I was looking for – soooooooo weak right now and shaky!

    1000 meter row – both pre and post WOD 27,600 MTD- now that i am back gotta catch up!

  20. Great write up Geoff, thank you!

    OP: 75 (30#, 225#)

    5 rounds of OHS (45#) + 30 DUs

  21. 71rx (30#)

  22. Optimus Prime: 85 with 20#

  23. Optimus Prime: 69 with 20 # ball
    First time using 20# wall ball. Doubted myself a lot more than I should have during the WOD–which I think hampered my overall performance. Glad I gave it a try and pleased that I actually could do a decent amount.

    On another note—has anyone used the MyWOD applicatoin for the iphone and had it disappear off your phone? I heard this happened to a couple of others. Warning–if you are using this app–make sure to back it up. I lost all my WODS from last 9 months:-(

  24. OP:

    91 Reps 110# DL and 14# WB. PR on DL weight and reps.

  25. OP: 76 Rx. 26 rep PR but wall balls are still a major goat!

  26. OP – 119 Rx 30/225

  27. OP – 99 Rx

  28. 5K Row-21:42 PR!!!

    As of 2/21- 55,333…Great challenge for the month!!!

    Less than 5k to go!!!

  29. At Champlain Valley Crossfit today.

    Worked up to 2 X 250# front squat

    3 X 1000M row, 2 min rest.

  30. OP: 107 Rx (30# WB/225 DLs)

  31. Active Rest
    Row 3000M
    58,000 done
    two to go!

  32. Maureen B.

    75 (125#) (7 rep PR)

  33. OP – 85 (30/225)

    OTM x10 odd: 15 cal row, even: 10 x OHS with bar

  34. Optimus Prime – 105 Rx (30#)

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