Thursday 2.20.14

Bob L.

Bob L.

If you loved Weightlifting Wednesdays then you’ll love…Threshold Thursdays!

Squat Snatch
3 Squat Snatches @ 60%

Clean and Jerk
3 Clean and Jerks @ 60%

No touch and go reps.
Post Loads to comments.


Question: What's cuter than Harry and a puppy? Answer: Harry and a puppy taking a nap.

Question: What’s cuter than Harry and a puppy?
Answer: Harry and a puppy taking a nap.


  1. 2nd picture has too much cuteness for me to handle. Night made

  2. Maureen B.

    If you added Bode to that picture the adorableness would be out. of. control.

  3. I thought for a second that Tucker was wearing the normatec gear.

    Try it.

  4. Matty Noits

    The cutest thing ever, and I mean ever… is Bodie doing Burpee’s!

  5. Squat Snatch: 95# Clean & Jerk: 115# DU work.

  6. Christian

    7×3 back squat 245#
    7×3 deadlifts (reset no TnG) 315#

    Back and hip have been flamed up all week so took it easy and stayed light, no OLY today — no way, no how!!

  7. Our daughter is learning about water in preschool this week. There are quotes on the board about why we drink water. Her quote “so we can be strong and go to the gym.” Proud muma! Being part of this community is teaching my 3 year old daughter to be strong, so grateful.

    Also love that picture, Harry!! Of course you sleep sitting up, beast.

  8. Squat Snatch: 75#
    Clean and Jerk: 105#

    OTM x 10:
    Odd: 10 HSPU’s
    Even: 10 PU’s

    Mini flight simulator: 5-25 and back down – little over 10 minutes

  9. Squat Snatch: 85#
    Clean & Jerk: 135#

    Row: 2K (7:35) MTD: 49,916

    For the first time I felt fast on the snatches. Going to be religious on this Threshold Thursday and not let the ego get in the way of driving perfect form.
    C&J’s, added about 10 lbs from recorded PR and felt it after round 1. Managed to get through but was definitely spicy.

  10. Squat Snatch: 95#
    Clean & Jerk: 135#

  11. Squat Snatch: 35#
    Clean n Jerk: 55#

    Can’t find the ampersand on my blackberry. Technologically challenged.

  12. Squat Snatch: 55#
    Squat Clean & Jerk: 75#

  13. Squat Snatch: 85#

    Squat Clean & Jerk: 115#

  14. Squat Snatch: 35#
    Squat Clean & Jerk: 55#

  15. Colleen (OC)

    Squat snatch: 40#
    Clean & Jerk: 65# (push jerk, no split)

  16. Snatch 85#
    C&J 115#
    Tng Pwr Clean 5X3@155

  17. Recovery:

    Iron Scaps

    2,500m row (47,500 mtd)…I’m committing to nothing!!!!

    • Of course nobody is fooled by your committing to nothing …

      If by morning Feb. 28th – in extremely unlikely event – Ho is 10k short of 60k, there will be 10k row right after Open 14.1 :-)

  18. Squat Snatch: 45#
    Squat clean and Jerk: 60#

  19. Little burner –
    4 rounds of:
    10 FSQ (95#)
    10 Pull ups
    10 DL (95#)
    10 BJ (rebounding)

    TnG Snatch work 6×5
    65, 85, 95, 105, 115, 125…then 5 singles at 135

    100 DU cash out

  20. Lára Vukson

    Threshold Thursday

    Squat Snatch: 35#
    Squat clean and Jerk: 35#

  21. Kristin R

    Squat snatch: 35#
    Squat C&J: 55#

    Forgot how much I liked this series of workouts from last year – looking forward to it!

  22. 20 500 meter rows with minute rest
    10,000 meter total
    150 Abmat Sit ups

    As of 2/20-50,333

  23. At Reebok Crossfit Fifth Avenue

    Stars and Stripes: 5 rounds/ 1 min. Rest between each round
    10:51 (85#)

    3×10 good mornings
    3×10 T2B

  24. Patti Jeanne

    Power Snatch: 55 (Did 6 Squat Snatches to loosen knee up)
    Power Clean and Jerk: 85

    rowed 5K for a total of 42,500.

  25. Hi all, I’ve been following the open program for about 5 months now and love the program. Question I had for you guys was if there was a specific diet that you follow and works. I’m getting results and getting stronger at all the lifts but not as quick as I want. I’m by no means out of shape, I’m 5’10 at 175 but I think a better diet could definitely help. Thanks in advance!

  26. snatch @ 95

    C&J & 145

  27. Squat snatch: 55#
    Squat C&J: 75#

    DU and chest to bar work with Maureen after

  28. Maureen B.

    SS: 55#
    C&J: 65#

  29. Squat Snatch: 55#
    Squat Clean & Split Jerk: 75#

    Nice post-WOD talk by Coach Cheryl!

    Props to Pat for doing 95# and 135# – that’s H-E-A-V-Y!

  30. Snatch: 90
    C&J: 110

    pre wod:
    row 500m
    10 burpees
    row 500m
    10 burpees
    4 minutes tabata row
    total: 2k row

    post wod:
    row 1000m

    • Aha that’s what you were doing pre wod – I felt that there was some structured work, but wasn’t able to figure it out at the time.

      Great job tonight!

  31. 35lbs for squat snatch

    55lbs for clean and jerk.

    Squat snatches are feeling easier each time :)

  32. Joaquín Paredes

    Squat Snatch

    Clean and Jerk


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