Saturday 2.15.14

Michelle crushing muscle ups in American Dream.

Michelle crushing muscle ups in American Dream.

Team 10k Row
Teams of 3
One athlete works at a time.  Switch every 250m.  Athletes must complete 7 burpee box jumps (24/20″) before returning to the rower. 

Post Team Names and Times to Comments.

Big Bri

Big Bri



  1. Hell yeah, Michelle! You were nailing the MUs today. Great pic too!

    Also, big shout out to Heather V, who got her first (among many ) MU today with the Nooners! Pretty good timing 2 weeks before the Open.

  2. Hot mama

  3. Maureen B.

    Lookin hawt Michelle!!

  4. Holy abs Michelle!!!!

  5. Hard Work, Dedication=Michelle

  6. Great post on coffee brewing in the Journal the other day!

  7. Michelle, super strong!

    Rushmore: 30:07 (a.k.a. the same amount of time it took to create the monument). Pretty sure I did not get the prescribed stimulus but was looking to do some weight lifting today and pretty happy I got 55 reps of squat cleans Rx.

  8. Michelene

    Team Neon (you should have come earlier, Rachel): 45:00 with Colleen OC and Heather V. Great team, fun WOD!! Now off to Colorado for the week…

  9. Great pic Michelle – so strong!

  10. Christian

    Team CD (just me) – 12x250m rows (90-120 sec rest between — thanks, Cheryl!)

    :48, :48, :48, :50, :52, :51, :50, :51, :52, :52, :52, :50

  11. Looking good, Michelle!!

    Team Sam, Lisa, Kristen—45:02

  12. Molly, Greg & Tricia D: 43:02

    Fun WOD’ing with Greg D and great to meet you Molly!

  13. Team Kim, Jen, & Wendy: 43:17

    774 rowed after, monthly total 37.737k

    8mi ruck w/ 35# pack on the way to the gym for Tough Ruck training.

    • Great team today- you gals motivated to to push myself at the rowing… It’s so nice to surprise yourself. :). But those burpee/ box jumps pretty much sucked!

      Michelle- looking strong- those abs!!!!!!!!

  14. Old School Lifting day:

    Bench & Pull Up Mash:
    Bench (185#) 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 + 10 unbroken pull ups each round.

    BSQ & DUs
    5 x 10 BSQ worked up to 185# + 10 DUs each round

    DL & DUs
    5 x 10 DL worked up to 275# + 10 DUs each round

    2500m row (47,500 mtd)

    Good time throwing weights around with Bob, LJ and Jared.

  15. Team row 10k: 38:38

    Matt, Scott, Ken (I subbed 10 step up/10 sit ups each round for 7 burpees)

    Great effort guys, love the team WOD’s!

  16. Team Ho Bags (John, Brian, Ho): 40:00 Rx…way to work fellas.

    3,500 meters rowed today equals 38,500 rowed for the month. My inability to quit things is a real downer right about now…

  17. Team Bitch Session (Saint, Bob R., Braatz): 37:53 Rx

    Michelle and Big Bri = two strong pillars of the CFNE community!

  18. Corey, Maureen, AK 44:00 They Rx’d; I did step ups after a week of being sick and eating crap my achilles were not having the jumps today.

    Glad to be back at the gym!!!

    3250m in WOD
    MTD: 35,250
    PT – check

    Crash B’s tomorrow with Cheryl, Georgia and Martha!
    Here goes nothing!

  19. Team 10k and then some: it was either 46:18 or 47:18. The Freys and Shayna–such a great time with such an awesome team :)

  20. Rae, Eric + Erin: 42:10 Rx

    Lots of fun working with you Eric!

  21. 39:06 with Justin and Dave! So fun being on your team, you speedy rowers!

  22. Dan c, Thomas and Eugene. 37:14

  23. Catching up for yesterday:

    American Dream: 8+2 Way off Pr PC were very heavy for me today – first time at 205 in last 6 months. Wrist seemed to hold up – will see tomorrow

    10xOTM 6 Paralette HSPU (kipping)/ 15 GHD alternating minutes

    Iron Scap

  24. Great pic Michelle
    Team Brauny Rocketts Stephan, Ronda, me
    Didn’t think you could add more to a 10 k row

  25. Lára Vukson

    Go Michelle! Great photo

    48:59. Great Sat. AM workout post kiddo’s gymnastics class. Thanks team Bonnie & Andrew!


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