Wednesday 2.12.14

Name the athlete. First one to answer correctly wins a CFNE t-shirt!

Name the athlete. First one to answer correctly wins a CFNE t-shirt!

Snatch Complex
5 sets of:
Power Snatch
Hang Squat Snatch
Squat Snatch
Overhead Squat

Do not drop between movements.
Post Loads to Comments.

Shhhhh...don't wake up Jonathon...

Shhhhh…don’t wake up Jonathon…

Coach Kevin breaks down todays Snatch Complex



  1. Coach Cheryl Nasso

  2. Doug Bell. Definitely Real Doug Bell.

  3. nice Kev

  4. Maureen B.

    Laura Cohen is that you??

    • no, there is a photo of me JUST like that so good call. I started a trend..I am a CFNE trendsetter, I guess:)!

  5. Does Jonathan look like that because he just finished rowing 60k row for the month and it’s only day 12? Guess he just realized he’s going to do 120k for the month! Go Jonathan! :)

  6. Christian

    Same complex but cleans – 205#

  7. Snatch Complex: 55#
    Worked with OC who looked good this morning!
    Thanks for the tips Rachel and Harry.

    Rich and Patrick Mashup: 6:36
    (5 rounds of 10 burpees, 10 pull ups)
    thanks guys

  8. Maura??

  9. Snatch Complex: 5 x 135#
    35 Birthday Burbees. thanks for the push Eugene and all the well wishes 530Am class!
    DU Work: maybe that’s what I’ll wish for this year?

  10. Colleen (OC)

    Snatch Complex – 40#. Felt good at this weight so I stayed with it.

    Thanks for the tips Harry! They were really helpful!

  11. Tory S?

  12. Snatch Complex – 50# great working with Alison this morning…thanks Harry and Rachel!

    35 burpees to celebrate Brad’s birthday

  13. I guess no one has guessed the picture yet? I have no idea!! Now I am very curious…

    Snatch Complex: up to 65#

    I liked our warm up Rachel of rowing and pushups!!!

  14. No one has guessed correctly. Keep em coming!

  15. Snatch complex – 75-85-95-105-115
    Thanks Rach and Harry!

  16. wendy P?

    Snatch complex up to 60# – this was more then I had planned and it felt ok.

    rowed a total of 4000 m (I think) 29,600 MTD – dang should have rowed another 400 m!!!!! when I am stuck in the airport maybe I will job an extra 400 meters and count it?? I can not believe by feb 12 I am basically 1/2 WAY TO 60,000 meters – pretty cool for a girl who HATES to row and laughed at the challenge. Gotta think of a way to make it work this week in mexico (if I make it there!)

  17. Snatch complex- 115#, 145# x 4

    9 MUs strung a couple together

  18. Awesome video Kevin! Thanks for taking the time to break that down

    • Yes way to teach us different positions to work the snatch, Kev. It’s obvious your the snatch master. But seriously, thanks for breaking it down!

  19. Patti Jeanne

    Patti Jeanne 55# across
    1500 meter row 11500 to date

    • Patti Jeanne

      Got another 8500 meters in during middle school class so now 20k and 40k to go

  20. Row- 6000m. MTD 30/60

    Ab/ plank with my crew and push-ups

  21. Up to 110#
    5*5 one arm kb press 45#
    goal 3/126

  22. Snatch complex – 50#. Fun morning on the platform with John S. Great pointers Rachel and Harry – thank you!

    I <3 WLW!

    • Christian

      Don’t forget your WBs and DUs… I have a feeling you might not need the extra work tomorrow

  23. Active recovery/light lifting day:

    Bands and Squat Therapy work – 30 mins.

    DL 5×5: worked up to 285
    BSQ 5×5: worked up to 215
    Rowed 250m between each DL and BSQ sets (2500m for the day, 40,000m mtd)

  24. worked up to 155. 2k row total, maybe more later? Kevin, excellent video.

  25. 10 rounds 250m row with :30 seconds rest between rounds

    5×5 bench: 135, 155, 185, 205, 225

    20RM bench: 165 (more there)

    OTM x 10: odd: 5-8 butterfly pull-ups, evens: 6 pistols

    OTM x 10: odd: 5 ring dips, evens: 5 HSPUs

    2,500m row…30,000m mtd.

  26. Snatch complex – up to 115.

    5 rnds
    10 burpees
    10 pull ups

  27. Snatch Complex: 65-80#

  28. Snatch complex:
    75, 85, 90, 90, 95(f), 95

  29. Snatch Complex: 85#, 95#, 105# & 115# X 2

  30. Modified “Space Jam”, courtesy of Coach Cheryl:
    Deadlift 225#
    Box Jump 24″
    Elevated ring rows

  31. Maureen B.

    Snatch Complex: 55-75# Almost didn’t go because there was so much traffic, but so glad I did, thanks Max and Cheryl for the ahhmazing adjustments, literally one of the few WW’s I left feeling great about!!

  32. Snatch complex: 95# across. Felt good, but it’s been a while since I’ve worked them, thanks Geoff.

  33. Joaquín Paredes

    Snatch Complex:
    30kg-35kg-37kg-42kg-47kg Fail.


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