Monday 2.10.14

"Hey Tom look I'm setting a new PR on the Fish Game" - Scott "I can't look...if you beat my high score we're no longer friends" - Tom

“Hey Tom look I’m setting a new PR on the Fish Game” – Scott
“I can’t look…if you beat my high score we’re no longer friends” – Tom

10-1 Squat Cleans (135, 95#)
10-1 Burpees over the Bar

Post Scores to Comments.

The doctor's in the house...Dr. Bonnie that is.

The doctor’s in the house…Dr. Bonnie that is.

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  1. Rushmore: 11:51 (85# power cleans)

  2. Jonathan M

    Rushmore: 16:32, 115#

  3. Rushmore: 12:45 RX

  4. Rushmore: 11:17 Rx

    Total row for the day: 5,000

  5. 1. Rushmore: 11:41 Rx (broke 9,8,7’s)
    2. EMOM 10 – 10 Close Grip OHS w/ 45# bar

  6. Andrea F.

    Rushmore: 17:18 (65#)

  7. Rushmore – 26:44 Rx

    Psh, time cap? No clue what that means.

  8. Rushmore: 14:12 65# UFF-DA!

    6x300m 1:00rest
    1200m cool down

    MTD: 32k/60k
    Did the math from the start of the month and figured out I added wrong. Big shocker with my sharp math skills. Although, in this case I had more k’s than I thought :-D

    Tons of rolling…

    Strict 21 day nutrition reset starting tomorrow.

  9. Rushmore: 14:44

  10. Joaquín Paredes



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