Saturday 2.8.14

Bode - a gentleman and a scholar

Bode – a gentleman and a scholar

The Royal TenenbaumsĀ 
Teams of 3:
100 Deadlifts (135, 95#)
80 Hang Power Cleans (135, 95#)
60 Front Squats (135, 95#)
40 Jerks (135, 95#)
20 Thrusters (135, 95#)
One athlete works at a time. Every minute on the minute, stop where you are and all three athletes complete 5 burpees.

Post Scores to Comments.

Andy L.

Andy L.



  1. Wendler:
    Back squat
    Front Squat
    Squat Clean
    Squat Snatch

    DU work

    Got first butterfly pull ups (5 in a row) thanks to coaching from Kate. Thank you Kate!!!!

    • hell yeah dude.. simple fix and you with be flyin’ through WODs in no time!

  2. The Royal Tenenbaums: 20:52 (135/85)

    Team “We’re Huge in Europe” – Sarah W., Saint, Braatz

    Sarah carried us. Like, really.

    Max – fun, all-out Sat 7am class as usual.

  3. TRT – Team 3 Hung Left (Ho, Eric, Cotter): 22:56 @155#

    10 rounds: 250-500m row & 5 butterfly pull-ups

    Total row in February: 13,500m…if I’m being honest, I don’t know why I’m doing this. Whomp whomp.

  4. Max, great coaching. Squat therapy really helpful. Thanks for being sweet to Gray also.

    • Gray’s an awesome kid! Wish he had traded me his squeezer for my coffee.

      • note: ‘coffee sans lid’.. that’s why he didn’t want it you were holdin’ out on him

  5. TRT – Team Gross GDP (Greg, Dave, Patrick): 21:41 Rx

    Fun working with you guys this morning.

  6. Craig B.

    TRT – Team 3 Hung Low (Mick, Mike G, Craig B)
    18:22 @155

  7. First time dropping in for a team saturday wod.Teamed up with Mike G and Craig for TRT. It was an awesome class, intensity was high and bars were moving! Nice job today guys. Thanks Max and Cheryl for a great class and coaching.

  8. Tricia D

    TRT- OC,Devon, Tricia D: 21:24 (55#).

    Fun!! Cheryl, thx for catching I wasn’t hook gripping on my dl. Grip saver, thank u!

  9. TRT – Team Bacon (or something like that) (Doole, Bubba, Camp):

    16:58 @ 155. Love these Saturday team wods

  10. TRT – With Jamie and Kevin Griggs
    22:35. We did 115# Deadlifts, then dropped to 95# for the rest of the workout.

    Jamie carried us the whole time, great job Jamie!

    Was a beast of a workout, but felt amazing afterwards!

  11. Team Finn’s Bar (Finn, JC): 14:23 Rx (2 man team 2/3 rep scheme).
    This was nasty. Thank goodness Finn is strong as an Ox!

    2500m row (25,000m for the month).

  12. couldn’t make it in time for the WOD, so into the back room for:
    500m Row warmup

    The River Wild:
    AMRAP 30
    2k row
    3 Squat Snatch 95#
    3 Dead Lift 145#

    In hindsight, probably should have just done 3 RFT. Then I would have had a nice round number for my MTD rowing… Oh well. Made it to 2 + 1641

    Then 5 x 6 bench @135

    MTD Row: 12141

  13. Ali, Heather V, Ronda- 17:52 RX

  14. James Hobart

    How is Bode a scholar. He can’t even read?

    Does anyone at the cut hair, well? I look like Mowgli…

    • Poor sweet James. How little you know about me. You’ve been gone for so long. I’ve turned your room into my personal library. Go Dog Go, Spot Goes to the Beach, Goodnight Moon, and many others are lining the walls. Never come home.

  15. Trt: bob costas’s pink eye (cam,chad,Jared)20:38 135/155

  16. Big Mike

    Feb Row Challenge
    30 Minutes (7,278M/2:03 pace)
    3 minute warm down 775M (wanted to end at 8K and needed to put a travel day in the bank)
    MTD: 19.9K (33.3%)

    Off to Hong Kong
    Da Mike

  17. Bear Lane WOD, Mt Abram Maine (w/ Jim B): 13:18

    5 rounds:
    5 OHS 115#
    5 Push Press 115#
    10 Ring Dips
    25 sit ups

    3×7 pause squats 115-135

  18. Going to hit this WOD next Saturday. Here’s a question, if one partner is done with his 5 burpees, can he start on whatever movement is next, or can you not start until all 3 partners are done with burpees?

  19. While the team shot around in the gym:

    AMRAP 10
    1 suicide (high school sized court)
    5 pushups
    10 DU

    7 rounds plus 3/4 suicide. Pretty sad showing… didn’t warm up enough and running got slow quick. DU were actually pretty good.

  20. TRT: team MOD SQUAD (Cheryl, Dina, AK) 20:00
    Dina, AK 75# DL, HPC & FS – subbed 53# rkbs for jerks and 75# squat cleans for thrusters.
    Cheryl 55# all movements.

    1000m cool down with LOTS of rolling.
    MTD: 23k/60k
    PT 2/2

    2hrs yoga for runners class this afternoon with Tori and Dina šŸ˜€


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