Thursday 2.6.14

Trosen showing off his awesome front rack position.

Trosen showing off his awesome front rack position.

***Today is bring a friend day***

3 rounds of:
500m Row
12 Deadlifts (bodyweight)
21 Box Jumps (20″)

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Compare Scores HERE. you hear that? The weights are calling you.

Shhhhhh…do you hear that? The weights are calling you.

Coaches Corner with Coach Ashley

How do our decisions affect us at the cellular level?

Don’t worry this is not going to be a cellular biology lesson by any means. The other day I was sitting in class and the discussion was genetics, but there was one topic specifically that was fascinating to me and I wanted to share it. Epigenetics…prior to class I had never heard of this word; but looking into it further, millions of dollars are being invested into this research and some say this will be more telling than studying genetic diseases. Basically what this refers to is the ability to alter genes in the DNA or mRNA without causing a mutation by either “silencing” or “turning on” these genes (mRNA is messenger RNA which is responsible for translation of genetic material from DNA to make proteins). We can do this by the environment we create for ourselves: what we eat, are there pesticides on our foods, smoking cigarettes, and other behaviors that we already knew affected our health but now we know takes effect at the genetic level. AND here’s the kicker, even though it is not causing gene mutation, you can still pass these alterations onto your offspring. Epigenetic diseases such as cancer, neuropsychiatry (e.g. Alzheimer’s disease), and autoimmune diseases are being studied as well as epigenetic changes: looking at how nurture shapes nature and the effects of social experience, diet and nutrition, and exposure to toxins cause change to our DNA.

Cancer is probably the most studied epigenetic disease and we know as a general population there are so many environmental factors that can cause different forms of cancer. It is by either suppressing or expressing cancer associated genes, which research continues to work to create a well identified list of genes that are more susceptible to changes and mutation in the setting of cancer. There also have been studies done looking at generations that experienced famine as well as generations that feasted and there were changes seen in the grandchildren of those studied. The grandchildren of those that feasted died earlier and had diabetes. Current research is being done to trace back the epigenetic changes linked to the issue of obesity and cancers in our population now.

As a community, we all strive to live our healthiest lives. This bit of information just gives us more of a reason too. This should also continue to drive us to educate those around us, especially those that can effect generations to come!



  1. 15:00 Rx! at 160# (bw)
    Off :10, but in April it was 125# meaning 35# below bw.

    Great partnering with Liam who took care of rower’s set-up for me (including screen set-up, unstrapping and tightening the straps) as for his own baby! Or his little brother considering Liam’s tender age of 21 :-)

    Thx to all 7:30pm class (and friends!) for the push to make it under time cap!

    P.S.: Feeling really bad that in Liam’s round 2 I messed up rower’s setting for him and sure added several seconds to his incredible score of 10:15 Rx.

  2. Christine – 12:55 Rx

    First time doing this bitty and my legs were like rubber at the end of round one, but I maintained some decent consistency throughout, so I’m pretty okay with my time.

    I was so pumped to have Michelle and George (two of my main homies) join us for the night. Great job to Erkin and everyone in the 7:30 for really pushing it tonight!

  3. Christine: 11:17 @ 105# – just a FEWWW pounds short of Rx…if I was in middle school again, haha!

    Had a BLAST with Sarah W. this morning. She lit it up!!! Thanks for cheering me on 😀

    400m warm up
    1500m WOD
    200m cool down

    MTD: 22k/60k

    Huge progress at my PT session today. Still have a bit of stabilization to master before back to overhead. This is the most amazing PT I have ever experienced. Results are hugely impressive. Hip Hip Hooray for good movement!

  4. 15:25 – 195#

    A little short of BW, but by the end my DL form was ba-a-a-d, so it for the best that I didn’t go any higher. Need to improve my lower back and hamstring flexibility so that correct DL setup is less of a strain

  5. Christine: 9:03, 235#


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