Tuesday 2.4.14

Cannot believe Mike has a shirt on...I'm a little disappointed.

Cannot believe Mike has a shirt on…I’m a little disappointed.

Bottle Rocket
25 Burpees
25 Power Cleans (135, 95#)
25 Burpees
EMOM 7 Wall Balls (20, 14#)
Workout starts with burpees.

Post Scores to Comments.

"For some reason I can't stop staring at your mouth...it's...mesmerizing"

“For some reason I can’t stop staring at your mouth…it’s…mesmerizing”



  1. Patti Jeanne

    Bottle rocket 7:55 85 lbs and half wall balls half ball squats (knees sore from box jumps).
    Rowing 7k month to date

  2. Bottle rocket 7:49 with 30 lb wall balls.

  3. Lynne Mc

    Bottle Rocket 11:00 with 65# and 14 ball. WB standards were sketchy at best towards end.

  4. Okay, the second caption made me giggle but I’m confused: Who is mesmerized by whose mouth? I must know!!!!

  5. Bottle Rocket: 7:45 (65#, 8#)

  6. “Bottle Rocket” – 5:59 Rx’d

    • Susan Stein

      That’s great Bri. No modifications, shoulder feeling better? Burpees get to mine.

      • Yup, feeling a bit better. Perhaps I should have modified, but no harm done!

  7. Annmarie

    Bottle rocket: 9:00 65#PC, 10#WB

  8. Bottle rocket: 10:56
    Rx weights buuuuut very quickly dropped to 5 reps on the wall balls. Smart choice as that would have taken me forevvvvver…

  9. Kristin B.

    8:36 modified. 8# WB, 15 burpees + 10 air squats, 95# cleans. Easing back into shoulder movements.

  10. Bottle Rocket. 6.45Rx I needed that.

  11. Nicole D

    Bottle Rocket: 4:54

    Mods for back- 15 push ups for burpees, 10# wall ball, 75# clean

  12. Bottle Rocket: 7:42 RX’d

  13. 6:37rx

  14. Bottle Rocket: 11:48 Rx. Brutal.

  15. Pre Wod: 2k Row
    Bottle Rocket: 15:57 115#
    Post Wod: 1k Row

    WBs carried over to next minute twice. Time to start doing those before class I guess…

    What a class! Heck yeah 7:30, way to bring it!

    Collapsing onto something horizontal in 3…2…

  16. Lisa K-L

    Bottle rocket: 7:38 (65#, 8#)
    Cash out: ab/plank work
    Pre-WOD row: 500m
    Post-WOD row: zip
    MTD row: 6500m

  17. Bottle Rocket 8:58 (95#, 16#)

  18. Mike Finn

    Great 7:30 class! Met some new people, thanks Max and Cheryl!

    Bottle Rocket- 4:53 RX

    • Andrea F

      I feel like I blinked and you were done! Great job tonight and come by the 7:30pm anytime :)

  19. Andrea F

    Bottle rocket: 9:41 (75# and 8#) Burpees are my ultimate goat.

    • Outstanding job Andrea! I couldn’t agree more – the 7:30 is where it’s at!

  20. So thankful to my 730pm coaches and everyone in class for getting me through my last few rounds. Definitely a tough one tonight, but so glad I finished :)
    75# cleans
    10# WB till the end, switched to 8# to get thru the end…
    Finished around 18:48 I think. Seriously couldn’t have done it without everyone in 730, much love.

    • Andrea F

      Amazing job tonight! You never gave up :) So glad to have you as part of the 7:30 crew!

    • Way to stick with it to the end! that was an incredible finish, great job!

  21. The 7:30pm class rocked the house tonight! So proud of every athlete who hit the workout tonight.

  22. Bottle Rocket 9:50 95#


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