Thursday 1.30.14


Strong ladies

Lost in Translation
7 minute ascending ladder (3/3, 6/6, 9/9…)
Front Squat (115/80#)
Box Jump (24/20″)

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  1. LIT – 142 Rx, fun one

  2. lost in translation
    139 (subbed 80# HPC… GRIIIIP! WOW.)

    • then a little back room ditty w/ earl doole:

      10 80# alternating stone to shoulder
      10 cal row
      10 ring dips

  3. Lost in Translation: 108 (75#)

    Speaking of lost in translation, I thought Rx for the ladies was 115#. Oops did 75# when I might as well have done 80 at that point. Liked this one in a quad-pain inducing kind of way.

  4. Lil Tony

    Lost in translation: 127

  5. Lost in translation: 96 55#…. Great partnering with jill and crashing the 5:30 pm class!!!

  6. 4nsome60rx

  7. 168 rx

  8. Lost in Translation 100 RX’d

    Felt a ton better today than earlier in the week. Consistency is key.

  9. 83 (75#, 24″)

    S-o-o-o wanted to use in a workout new amazingly cool super-thin Game-grade green 25lb plates.

    But didn’t feel that I would be able to do twelve unbroken 85# FS (per Coaches recommendation for scaling). Instead ended up with fifteen unbroken 75# FS with regular black 10lb plates. What an irony . . . Well, next time. May be will pack my barbell with them for a deadlift :-)

    Welcome to all new guys&gals at 7:30pm! Quite a crowd tonight!

  10. Lost in Translation: 92 Rx

  11. Lost in Translation: 105 65#
    2hr spin class with Tori and Dina. Whoa nelly!

    PT 10/11

    0530 tomorrow for my 20th time at CFNE this month – one monthly goal accomplished!!! :-D

  12. LIT: 66 Rx

  13. Lost in translation: 102 at 65lbs


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