Thursday 1.30.14


Strong ladies

Lost in Translation
7 minute ascending ladder (3/3, 6/6, 9/9…)
Front Squat (115/80#)
Box Jump (24/20″)

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  1. “Lost in Translation”: 112 Rx

  2. lost in translation – 68 Rx

  3. Lost in Translation: 105 RX

    First RX WOD since back surgery 2.5 mons ago. Great day.

  4. Lost in Translation: 104 Rx

    Unreal score by Heather V this morning.

    I’m sensing some upcoming trouble walking up and down stairs and some general groaning when getting out of my chair…

  5. Lost at the 6:30: 126 Rx

  6. Lost in Translation: 133 Rx

    Fun hangin with the 6:30 crew, even though no one would be my partner. Mayhem complexes, all of em.

  7. Lost in Translation: 102 Rx

  8. Lost in Translation: 109 Rx

  9. Michelene

    Lost in Translation: 60# 106 my attendance has been spotty due to husbands travel schedule so it felt great to get back there today!

  10. Lost in Translation: 136rx.

  11. Lost in Translation: 100 Rx – Thanks to Chad for pushing me on this one when my legs were barking at me to stop.

    • That was all you! You could have done the same thing my kids do…ignored. Great job this morning.

  12. Lost in Translation: 98 Rx – decidedly did step downs today, next time I need to rebound to up those reps!

  13. Lost in Translation: 95 (95#)

  14. Lost in Translation: 77 Rx

  15. Lost in Translation: 115 Rx

    Snatch Technique:
    – Snatch grip push press + OHS: 155#
    – Snatch Balance: 135#
    – High Hang Squat Snatch: 135#

    • I couldn’t catch up to your box jumps! It was great having you in front of me to chase. Great job this morning!

      • it was you. thought i heard you say hello, but then thought it was just a flashback or hallucination(having a tough time with those lately). good to see you Chad.

  16. Heather V

    Lost in Translation: 149 Rx

  17. Lost in Translation: 121 Rx

    This went better than I thought it would.

    Heavy single Snatch Grip Push Press + OHS: 125#

    Heavy single Snatch Balance: 95#. Failed rather spectacularly @ 115#.

    Heavy High Hang Squat Snatch: 95#. Failed @ 105#

  18. Lost in Translation: 116 Rx

  19. Lost in Translation: 109 Rx

  20. LIT: 126 95# 20″ stepups

  21. Lost in Translation 113 rx
    Snatch stuff and Tabata Wall Balls
    Goal points 2/105

  22. Lost in Translation 120RX

  23. 106rx

  24. Lost in Translation. 106Rx. I have almost fallen over my own feet repeatedly since this WOD, good times.

  25. Lost in Translation – 126 RX
    Heavy single snatch-grip push press+OHS – 115#
    Heavy single snatch balance – 90#
    Heavy single high-hang sq. snatch – 120#

    • I was trying to catch up to your score there at the end, but I just. couldn’t. get. there.

      Excellent work!

  26. Patti Jeanne

    Lost in Translation 67 rx – slow on front squats trying to keep elbows up

  27. Andrea F

    Lost in Translation: 72 Rx
    Great working with Krystle and meeting Nicole! Thanks for having me 9:30am :)

  28. Lost: 103 (65#)
    I think I lost use of my quads from that!

    Thought about going to 75# but glad I did 65#.. Was perfect weight!

    Did 30 days to perfect abs with maura and Judi… 1 min planks… Maura upped our game! 2 1/2 weeks till bikini!

  29. michelle

    Lost: 113 w/ bs
    3 DB c&J/ohs OTM x 5: 40# (rt arm)
    3 DB snatches otm x 5: 50# (rt arm)
    Lipson test 11:49–tks Rach!

  30. Lost in translation: 96 with 50# push press

    DU practice…thanks to Michelle’s tip to practice in the back hallway near the locker rooms (forced me to keep arms in), got several rounds of 6 consec DUs. It’s a start!

  31. Lost in Translation: 90 RX.

    Can we do this one again soon? I stopped for two water breaks. I know I can do better!

  32. Lost in Translation: 138 RX

  33. Susan Stein

    Lost in Translation: 101 (65#0
    Thanks for helping me count Carrie!

    Kevin bonus work: 6 rounds of 250m row fast/250m row easy with damper at 10.

  34. Chris M.

    1. “Lost in Translation” – completed the round of 18 (126 reps – Games Standard Box Jumps)
    2A. Snatch Pushpress w/ OHS – 225# (25# PR and 2014 goal off the list – felt solid)
    2B. Snatch Balance – 155# (struggle with this movement)
    2C. High Hand Squat Snatch – 140#

  35. Lynne Mc

    Lost in translation 69 RX

  36. Lost in Translation: 105 (su)

    Nice working with you Andy. You killed it.

  37. LiT: 84 @ 95#

  38. LIT: 136RX

    Great partnering w/ Lynne, and tx for keeping me on point with my back.

  39. Jonathan

    Lost in Translation: 117 Rx

  40. Lost in Translation: 150 rx

  41. “Lost in Translation” – 126 Rx’d

  42. Lost in Translation: 146 Rx

    Sue B, nice to have you back. Thx for being an awesome counter, loud and clear. Love it. You did great today. Re-entry is a bitch. Take it easy on yourself until you get your “sea legs” back! :)

  43. Lost in Translation – 130 Rx

  44. Lost in Translation 83 Rx

  45. Rachel E

    Lost in Translation: 139 Rx

    No shoulder movements! Hooray!

  46. Jonathan M

    Lost in Translation: 72 rx

  47. Lost in translation 65 lbs 102 reps step down box unbroken sets till 18

  48. Nicole D

    Lost in Translation: 112 (70#)

  49. Lost in Translation: 101 (65#)

  50. Lost in Translation: 137 Rx


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