Wednesday 1.29.14

The Easiest.


Snatch Balance

3 Position Snatch
(pockets/above the knee/ground)


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Coaches Corner with Coach Cheryl

“With realization of one’s own potential and self-confidence in one’s ability, one can build a better world.”

Dalai Lama

One of the most important characteristic that is shared amongst some of the most successful people is self­confidence. Self­confidence is defined in several different ways. I define self confidence as the ability for an individual to believe and trust in one’s own abilities, powers, and judgement. What most people fail to realize is that self­confidence is something that can be learned. The more you practice self­confidence, the easier it will become.

How does this relate to your training? Every time we step in the gym we make a choice. A choice to approach a workout with confidence in our abilities. A choice to try something new. To add 5 more pounds on the bar, to throw the heavier wall ball, to try and do a workout as prescribed. To give 100% of ourselves to a workout. Then when the workout is over we make another choice. Our reflection on our workout is one of the most important things we can do to build our self confidence.

Do you tend to leave a workout with statements like “I suck at double unders” or “pull ups always kill me, i knew I was going to break down.” These are just examples, but if this is the self­talk you give youself when you have just thrown yourself at a workout with everything you got, what do you think you are doing for your self­confidence? This is where practice makes perfect. Easier said than done, but perhaps if we can learn to replace that negative self talk, with positive and encouraging words, we might actually leave more motivated than ever! It is easy to be confident when you feel good about a workout. It requires effort to find the positive in the ones we don’t feel we performed as well as we wanted.

Someone once told me that I will always learn the most about myself from the training days I feel the worst about myself. I believe that. Mostly because those are the days that require me to practice self confidence. Learning to replace the negative with the positive can make you stronger in ways you would not even dream of.

So next time you are having a “rough” day in the gym, take the time to really think about how you will react to the negative thoughts that will pour into our head. Find the positive in even the worst of days because they make you stronger. Remember that success does not come easy. It requires hard work, determination, dedication, and definitely self­confidence.



  1. Great words Cheryl

    • Agreed. I think having the proper perspective and a positive attitude is more than half the battle. Watching all our competitors this weekend, this was a huge differentiator. They seemed confident, and prepared to take on every challenge. They had a special look in their eyes that comes from the positive mental (and physical) preparation you outlined.

      Thank’s Cheryl for sharing this with us.

  2. Cheryl – what a great and timely post! I’m taking a LOT away from this coaches corner. Thank you for providing this perspective. It is exactly what I needed to hear!

    Congrats, again, to all the CFNE Competitors – I’m still gushing about my weekend to my colleagues at school ;-D

  3. Great post, Cheryl – thanks!

  4. SB: 65, 95, 95 (did sets of 3…whoopsie)

    Complex: 95, 105, 115

    3×1: 145, 155, 165 (10# squat PR), 175 (5# power PR)

    • dude, your crazy strong get your ass under that bar. nice work in the back room and congrats on the PR.

  5. Snatch Balance: 65#, 75# & 95#

    3-Position Snatch: 95#, 105# &115#

    3X1: 125#, 135# & 145#(fX2)

  6. 40 DU’s and 20 Squats with one minute rest between for 25 minutes.

  7. One year ago, on this Wednesday, I got a 20#PR and went for a 40#PR that didn’t go so well. I’d like to thank my wife and the CFNE family for all the support over this past year; I am certainly better off because of you all! Cheers.

    I’m not sure what I did for weights today, I had one goal in mind: that today I WAS going to PR my Snatch. So this morning was a blur leading up to the snatch.
    SB: no idea but i’m guessing = 65, 95, 115 (did sets of 2)
    Complex: no idea but i’m guessing = 95, 105, 115
    3×1: 135, 145, 155, 165, 175. (10# PR) BooYa! Weight felt good, stopped the urge to go for 20# ;-)

  8. Snatch Balance: 65#, 95# & 115#
    3-Position Snatch: 65#, 85# &95#
    3X1: 115#, 125# & 135#(PR!!)

    Goal points 5/103

  9. Is this intended to be climbing on every rep? Going to attempt to sneak this in tonight in the garage…

    • Yes. Climb through the snatch balance, continue climbing through the 3 position, and then through the 3×1.

  10. Thanks, Cheryl! I definitely lack self-confidence on any workout that involves C2B and T2B. Time to be a bit more positive!

    Snatch balance – 75-90-105
    3-position snatch – 75-85-95
    Snatch – 127-130-135 (10# PR)<—so pumped!! Thanks Rach, Harry, and Katrina!!

  11. snatch balance- worked up to 115#

    3 position snatch- worked up to 135#

    3×1 snatch- 155#, 175#, 185#, 195# (tied pr), missed 205×3

  12. 3×1 snatch balance 75, 90,105

    3×1 3pos snatch 75,85, 95

    3×1 snatch 115, 125, 127 (PR 7#)

  13. Busy Day:

    EMOM 10
    Even PUs: 15, 10, 10, 10, 15
    Odd WBs: 15, 15, 15, 15, 20

    Clean Ladder
    5 DL, 5 Hang, 5 Power
    95, 115, 135, 155, 165

    2 min drill: Hang Cleans @ 95#: 35
    Maintaining grip was a challenge

    MU work: 20 MUs
    10 x 1
    5 x 2 unbroken
    I think I’m ready for sets of 3

  14. Tricia D

    Thanks, Cheryl, great post.

  15. Patti Jeanne

    Snatch Balance – worked up to 55
    3 position snatch – worked up to 65
    snatch: worked up to 80 lbs

    ab workout with the 8:30 ab crew
    5X500 row with Cary just because the rower was there

    PS – Big Thank you for Rachel and Ben coaching. Snatch actually feels good. Also Ben videotaped me then showed me the video. This usually leaves me almost in disgust when I see myself. First time I didn’t see a big belly hanging over my spandex. Couldn’t stop smiling. Ben talked about keeping my shins vertical and being patient on my pull and all I could see was a very small belly roll!

    Thanks Ben – 20lbs gone since I joined over 2 years ago so no fast weight loss. Lots of bumps in the road but I’m getting there. Can’t thank you enough.

    • Susan Stein

      That’s great PJ. Keep up the good work!

    • Keep smiling Patti Jeanne!! You have come a long way!!!

    • PJ – it’s been fun to watch how hard you have been working before and after class! The results have been terrific too. Very inspiring!

  16. JC
    I left the money for ECC ticket at the front desk in an envelope.
    Thanks again

  17. 3×1 Snatch Balance: 95# – 135#
    3×1 3 Position Snatch: 95# – 135#
    3×1 Squat Snatch: 115# – 155# (10# PR)

  18. 3×1 Snatch Balance: 55, 75, 55
    4×1 3 Position Snatch: 55, 65, 75 ,85
    3×1 Squat Snatch: 95, 105, (115 fail), 105 (115 fail)

  19. Shannon Dren

    I LOVE this post!

  20. Stayed at 55lb to work on form. (35 for the snatch balance). But at the end, it did feel a lot better. As Harry promised, it was the best snatch I ever felt.

  21. Tough Ruck Training: 4.71 mi, 1:21:53 (17:22 per)

    Snuck out of work early to get this in. A bit slower than last week. Feet started to feel it too. Meh – got the miles in.

  22. snatch balance – 15, 25, 35 – LOVED this. Will incorporate it into my training

    3 position snatch – 35, 45, 45

    3×1 – 45, 55, 60 65(f) – I consider the 60 a win, as in the summer, my notes say I didn’t get under the bar well, and today’s 60 was a good rep.

    Fun on the platform with John S, as always. : )

  23. Catching up from yesterday

    Groundhog Day: 6+2 Rx T2B got hard much faster than I thought – likely too tense in DU

    OTM MU Progression: 1 2 3 4 5 (5) 1 2 3 4 (4) 1 = 35 reps – so close on that 6 reps

    5×5 Bench: 185 195 195 205 4×205 these need work.

    Iron Scap – ouch

  24. 3×1 snatch balance: 95-105-115
    3×1 position snatch: 95-115-125
    3×1 squat snatch: 135-150-155-160 (15# PR)

  25. Nicole D

    3×1 Snatch Balance: 55, 65, 75
    3×1 3 Position Snatch: 55, 65, 75
    3×1 Snatch: 75, 80, 90 (5# PR)

  26. 3×1 Snatch Balance: 45,35,35
    3×1 3 Position Snatch: 35 across
    3×1 Snatch: 40 across

  27. Kristin B.

    Shoulder isn’t ready for snatches yet. Instead, did:

    3×1 3-position squat cleans: up to 135#
    3×1 squat cleans: up to 145#. failed 155, my previous PR, 3 times. frustrating, but fun working with AK!

  28. 3×1 snatch balance. 95#
    3×1 3 position snatch 95,95,115
    3×1 Snatch 175, 185, 190 (5#pr, the last time I was in that realm had to be close to 2 years ago) it must be something in the water at CFNE)

  29. Snatch Balance: 95-105-105
    3 Pos Snatch: 95-105-115
    Snatch: 135-135-145

    5# off my PR but I’m happy with it. Haven’t really gone for it since last July (when I set my last PR) and I haven’t been coming in enough lately. You and me Snatch… next time!

    Max and Cheryl thanks for the pointers.
    Killer class 7:30! #wedoitatnight

  30. Snatch Balance: worked up to 65#
    3-Position Snatch: worked up to 65#
    3×1: worked up to 75# (PR)
    Went to the class with low expectations and zero self-confidence, so Cheryl’s post was just in time :-)


    Just realized the other day that changes in this year Open’s schedule are quite unfortunate to the 7:30pm class (and in a lesser degree to 6:30pm as well). There is no way to participate in the Open @ the 7:30pm class:
    – WODs will be announced Thursday night
    – there is no 7:30pm class on Friday
    – deadline is Monday 5pm PT

    Luckily for the 6:30pm on Mondays there will be a 30 minute window for them to submit the results after completing Open WODs.

    Not that I’m about to qualify to the Regionals :-), but it was an incredible experience & fun last year – even with scaling each and every movement.

    Tonight Max was quick to generously offer to have the 7:30pm class on Fridays during the Open, but would it be fair to Max?!

  31. 3×1 snatch balance: up to 105
    3 position snatch: 75 across (working on that upright pockets position and not slamming the bar on my hips for momentum)
    3×1 snatch: 85, 105, 120(f) 115(f)

    Rushed into the third set and had too much weight too fast. Wanted to surpass the PR, was being greedy. Got too hung up on the numbers and not focused on the lifts. Not a great night, but, I’ll live to see another weighifting Wednesday.

  32. 3×1 3 position squat cleans: worked up to 100#
    3×1 squat clean: 100, 95 (100f), 95

    WLW are AWESOME! Glad I had a partner in crime or cleans.

    PT 9/10 so far! :-D

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