Friday 1.24.14

High School Class warming up.

High School Class warming up.

Open Seas
6 Overhead Squats (135, 95#)
12 Calories on Rower

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  1. Hey gang. Out of town on vacation. Just saw yesterday’s post. 5 years! Wow!! Congrats, Ben and Heather! Walking through that door 5 years ago is one of the best things that ever happened to me. Love you guys, love CFNE. Here’s to the next 5!

  2. Goodt time with the mayhemers this morning. Open Seas 4+2.

    • Great to WOD with you this morning.

      • Ya man too. It was a rough go today. Now I know why you guys are the mayhemers haha. Takes a lot to WOD that early. Nice job today big guy.

  3. Open Seas: 4+7 Rx

    Flight Simulator: 20:00 cap, failed at 45 on the way up. Seven times. That was an exercise in frustration, especially since the ones before it went so well.

    • Hey, first you went Rx and did really well, then you kicked ass by doing a boat load of dus. Give yourself a hug.

    • Catching up from last night: 4.48 mile ruck with ~25# in 1:16:15

  4. Tricia D

    Open Seas: 4 + 1 (40#)

    Thanks for your help Alison!! Very helpful to keep on form having a partner for this WOD!!

    Happy belated anniversary CFNE! You have accomplished quite a lot in just 5 years!!

  5. Open Seas: 4+16 (115#)

    Flight Simulator: got through first round of 45, knew it was time to stop when the glacier hit me in the ass.

    • I want to know what that means. Good job today, Braatz.

    • It means I was taking so long that a glacier, typically thought of as a slow-moving object, caught up to me.

      I’ll file that in the “Jokes That Did Not Work” folder.

      • Rachel E

        I thought you meant the garage door being opened to load up the ECC trucks. POLAR VORTEX INDEED

      • Maureen B.

        haha i have a lot of jokes that can go in that folder

    • Braatz,
      can you shoot me your cell or text me at

  6. Open Seas: 4+16 @ 85#. Great to be in the box this morning …fun working with Brian. Congrats CFNE ON 5 years. Though I sense a more meaningful metric is number people you have made a difference in. Best day still in front of you CFNE.

  7. Open Seas: 5+1 (95#)

  8. Open Seas: 4 + 9 (I think – can’t remember now) @ 65# and form was UGLY.

    Sets got better as I went along – always takes me awhile to warm up and remember how to OHS.

    Thanks Jen for keeping me going – I didn’t drop the bar on you!

    • Hee. It was fun working out with you (and the rest of the Mayhemers) this morning. Enjoy your vacay!

  9. Capsized: Failed on 6th rep of first round at 75#. Life raft at 55#. 3 + 7.

  10. Rachel E

    Open Seas: 4 + 6 modified (85# FS)

    Flight Simulator to 20 but stopped when shoulder hurt. Someday I’ll get this one in the books!!!

  11. Colleen (OC)

    Open Seas (otherwise known as Goat Day): 3+13, 40#. Back felt ok, could have probably gone a little heavier on the OHS.

  12. Open Seas: 4+14 95#

  13. Open Seas: 4+17 Rx. Missed the 5th round by 1 damn calorie.

    Flight Simulator 20 something. Felt like forever.

  14. Open Seas: 4 + 13 (55#). Could have gone heavier on the OHS but my form felt good today.

    Good luck to CFNE peeps competing tomorrow! You are our heroes!

  15. Open Seas – 4+6 Rx
    Flight Simulator – 20:23 Rx (finally!) now that i know i can do it, will be more aggressive next time (i.e., fewer breaks)

  16. Open Seas 4+6 (115#). Sort of a comedy of errors at beginning good lesson.
    Flight simulator – went up to 47 reps then hit 12 min time cap.
    5*3 bench press @ 155#
    Front Lever / Back Lever practice

  17. Chris M.

    “Open Seas” – 5 rounds + 4 Rx
    “Flight Simulator” – 9:36 Rx (2:47 PR)

    … crashed twice on the 10s on the way down …

  18. Kristin R

    Open Seas: 3+11 (35#). OHS still a weird one for me – some sets felt wobbly, some totally fine – but am glad to be going overhead again.

  19. open seas: 3 + 12 (65#)
    If I could have just overhead squatted for all 7min I would have done much better…. its the damn rowing – OHS felt great!

  20. I’m volunteering this Sat/Sun at the ECC. Does anyone want to carpool at the crack of dawn tomorrow morning?
    Text me back at 617-785-6504
    See you all there!! Super exciting!!!

  21. Thomas F

    Open Seas: 5+6 Rx

    Felt great! Fun, fast WOD. Really creeps up on you!

    Happy Anniversary CFNE! And GOOD LUCK this weekend!

  22. Open Seas 4Rds 115#

  23. Open Seas- 4 rounds +8 55# front squat. Jane- great partnering with you!

    Happy anniversary CFNE!!!!

  24. 1. Row 5 x 300m (1:45-1:50 pace)

    2. MU/DU Mash:
    1 MU OTM + flight simulator DU rep scheme up to 50 for 10 mins.
    1MU+5DU, 1MU+10DU, 1MU+15 DUs….1MU+50 DUs
    DU’s felt good. Broke once on round of 45 and once in round of 50.
    Best day yet on MUs!

    3. Snatch work (65, 75, 85, 95, 105, 115#)
    5 Snatch DL
    5 Snatch Pulls
    5 Power Snatch
    5 OHS


    If you have any extra you would like to sell, please call or shoot me a text at 508-341-7268.


  26. Open Seas – 4 +2 @85#’s

    Don’t have tickets for ECC? You can Flocast and\or you can follow real time updates on TeamApp.
    My firm TeamApp has worked with Max to build a custom phone app for the event. It’s free.
    Here’s are the instructions.
    Download TeamApp from the App Store or Google Play for Android.
    Sign up and sign in.
    Hit the “+” and search for East Coast Championship. Select it and Bam – your in.
    Catch news updates, results, photos from fans, chat from fans and a link to Flocast to watch it live. It’s real time and interactive so go get on it. I posted the first photo from Noon Class. Check it out and comment.

    Dan Doc

    • Susan Stein

      Downloaded the App. Very cool! I must’ve just missed the big guy, bummer!

    • L.J. DiCarlo

      Hey Dan, the app looks really cool! Btw, I never received your text.

  27. Susan Stein

    Open Seas: 4 even with 75# front squats

    Good luck to everyone competing this weekend! Really looking forward to cheering you all on!

  28. Jonathan

    Open Seas: 5 + 3 (95#)

  29. Opening Day: 19:40. 10# WB, 45# thrusters, step ups and 30# KB. Did all the reps, but broken into 4 rounds of 10 reps each, then a 5th round of 5 reps each.

    • Hey! Wish we could have done this together!! I was in need of a friend today:-)

  30. 4+16 rx

  31. Patti Jeanne

    Open Seas: 4+6 55 lbs. Great noon class with Heather and Kevin is that another Heaven coaching team?

    Good luck to all of our competitors!

  32. Opening Day: 17:01 14# WB, 65# thrusters, 20″ box jumps, 35# KB. I did this in the back room, by, myself. Probably not one of the better WOD’s to do by self. Thank you to JC and Ashley who encouraged me(but,in hindsight, maybe they should have yelled at me) This was so mental for me. I had too many negaitive thoughts–for example “maybe I wont do this for time, cause there really isn’t a clock anyways)” or I am feeling fatigued, not my day, or sometimes I just stared at the bar which sometimes felt like full minutes ticking by. Lessons learned: 1)Don’t think too much, stop the negative thoughts, be POSITIVE. 2)You can rely on yourself more than you think;I love the classes and the environment of being around other great CFNE’ers; it’s so motivating and more enjoyable to get after a WOD when you know you are all in it together. But, it’s good to sometimes be put in a position to have to dig down deep from within, and lean on yourself for that inner strength.3)I came, I was there, and I worked out pretty hard. I am fitter than most people I know outside of CFNE.
    Although disappointed with my time and effort today in the chilly and lonely back room, I was grateful for JC and Ashley’s company, and…..I did not quit. Happy 5 years CFNE. Best of luck to all the greatest coaches on the earth, at CFNE, who are competing, and to all the CFNE peeps who are competing tomorrow. I admire you and wish you all the best!

  33. Open Seas 4 + 16 @ 95 lbs.
    Fun to be back a the nooner today, it’s always an entertaining event. Best line of the class, “Palio snacks are like having sex with you pants on”

  34. Sammy B.

    Open Seas: 2 calories shy of 4 Rounds (65# OHSs off rack)

    Didn’t realize how slow I was until I read comments! See why I stopped posting??!! Just kidding… Been a while since I did OHSs and it showed.

  35. Open Seas 4+11 @ 85#
    bummed not to have enough time in Heat 2 to properly warm up to try 95! I like this WOD!

    Flight Simulator (1st time) in summary: 581 DUS in 27 minutes.
    I wasn’t unhappy, uptight or frustrated, I was just living the process and trying to bust out of the 40 unbroken ceiling. Failed twice each during the 20 and 30 count; failed 18 times trying to get to 45. I quit once I repeatedly failed in the single digits. Most of these 18 fails were in the 24 to 38 range. Good practice. Nice day. PR-ed hitting 40 unbroken.

    To all the CFNE volunteers and judges: have fun this weekend!
    To all the CFNE competitors: have the best sleep of your life tonight! Sogni d’oro.

  36. hey ECC people – anyone wanna car pool tomorrow/ Sunday? cut the cost of parking and we can eat coffee too. We can meat at the Jim. lemma no.

    ps. Mr. Miyagi is riding in my car.

  37. Open Seas: 5+9 (115#)

    OHS are getting better, but still need some work before I try a workout with 135#.

  38. Open Seas (or, Goat Day) – 4+6, 40#. Thanks Tricia for counting and re-setting the rower, made a huge difference.

  39. Open seas: 3+13 at 85#

  40. Open Road 4+15 (65#, Airdyne)


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