Sunday 1.19.14

Congrats to JC and Mick for an awesome performance at the "Frosty Flourisher" at Crossfit Free. Nice work boys!

Congrats to JC and Mick for an awesome performance at the “Frosty Flourisher” at Crossfit Free. Nice work boys!

Hang Power Cleans


OTM x 20
Odd: Row 15 Calories
Even: 1-5 Handstand Push-ups (or best push-up)

Post Loads to Comments.

The Rockett Man

The Rockett Man

Crossfit New Englanders! Remember that today at 11am Dr. Sean Rockett will be at CFNE giving his Injury Prevention Lecture. All donations go towards Kevin Ogar’s medical expenses. Sean also has a great website! Check it out HERE!



Dear Members,

Flexibility Fred did a research study with our top athletes and saw some great results. Now he is opening up his services to 12 lucky athletes at CFNE.

Next Tuesday (Jan. 21st) there are 12 spots available to be evaluated and coached through a Flexibility Program.

The assessment will take 30 minutes. You will be evaluated for range of motion and imbalances and given an individual program to increase your flexibility with the goal of improving performance and reducing risk of injury. After four weeks you will be re-evaluated to gauge improvements.

$75 per person, checks or Cash to Freddie Dolan.

To sign up please email Max at





  1. Susan Stein

    Congrats Mick and JC. Awesome job guys!

  2. Huge shout out to Mick. Going into the final event he was in the lead by 1 point. He dug deep and won the row and the competition. No one worked harder, and no one was more humble! He represented himself and CFNE like a champ! It was awesome being there to watch him in action.

    • Thanks JC! You did a great job today! Especially on the hang clean, shoulder to overhead and 30″ box jumps and you crushed the bench press/ handstand hold floater! Hell of a job going steady and smooth, and as Ben says smooth is fast. It was a good time today representing CFNE along side you big guy.

  3. Andrea F

    Is Monday a regular schedule? Thanks!

  4. What time for Flexibility Fred?

    • Just shoot me an email and I’ll send you a list of available times. Thanks!

  5. Awesome job, Mick and JC!!!

  6. Awesome job JC & Mick!

  7. Mick and JC: two amazing representatives of this community! Way to up the bar, guys! Awesome!

  8. Michelle

    Sean Rockett has helped me and so many other crossfitters stay in the game. Looking forward to learning more from him today.

    Congratulations, Mick and JC!!!

  9. Patti Jeanne

    Great job Mick and JC!

  10. Congratulations Mick & JC! The guys at CrossFit Free do a nice job with their comps.

    Open test: 268 Rx

  11. Colleen (c4!)

    Congrats JC and Mick! Way to go!

    HPC 3×3 @105,125, 135#
    20 min EMOM: 15 cal row; kipping HSPUs 4×3 then 6×4.

  12. Congrats guys!

  13. Congrats JC and Mick!

    Hang power cleans 3×3: 165/175/185

    EMOM x 20: Odds 15 cal row/evens 5 unbroken HSPUs

  14. Congrats, Mick and JC, great work!

    3×3 HPC: 135#, 145#, 155#, 165# (f)

    OTM x 20:
    Even: row 15 cals
    Odd: 5 hspu
    Fun getting after it with you this morning, Eugene.

  15. Nice work, Mick and JC!

  16. Way to represent Mick and JC!!!

    3 x 3HPC: 125

    OTM 20: Even: Row 13-15 calories(45 sec)
    Odd: 5 HSPU or regular push ups

  17. Ogar: 9+5 (115#)

    JC and Mick – props!

  18. Congrats JC and Mick!

    Hang power clean 3×3 @ 85#

    Worked on getting consecutive butterfly pull ups. Made it up to 10. So happy! BIG thanks to Tracy for the cues that got me there!

  19. Deadlift 3 X 3 – 335/355/365

    OTMX20 – 15 cal row/10 GHDSU

    Iron Scap shoulder work

  20. Bear Lane WOD w/ Jim B, Doug L &Martha L

    5×5 Deadlift 245

    OTMx20: 7 rounds
    5 HSPU
    10 20# WB squat clean
    15 50# KB
    20 Sit ups

  21. Ogar 8+7 115#

  22. Congratulations Mick and JC!!

  23. Way to GO JC and MIck! Job well done 😀

    Pre WOD PT work with Dina

    Hang Power Clean 85, 90, 95# Felt good!

    Afternoon endurance session: running (20min) and spinning (30min) with Kim P. Count it!

  24. Back squat – 3×5 @ 240
    Bench- 3×5@ 190

    Otm x 20-, 15 cal row, 5 Hspu


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