Friday 1.17.13

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Post Caption to Comments.

Charlie Horse
3 rounds of:
15 Chest to Bar Pull-Ups
12 Burpee Box Jumps (20″)
9 Front Squats (165, 115#)

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The Messina's are coming back! Hip hip hooray! We missed you guys!

The Messina’s are coming back! Hip hip hooray! We missed you guys!


Hey Crossfit New Englanders! Looking for something to quench your thirst for competition? Well you’re in luck! Crossfit SBF in Dedham is holding a team competition this Saturday! There is no entry fee, but they will be collecting donations to send to Kevin Ogar to help with his medical expenses. If you’re free and looking to compete this Saturday then check it out.




Individual tickets are sold out!

Individual tickets are sold out!

Single day tickets to the Kill Cliff ECC Competitors Division are SOLD OUT! Two day passes are still available. Tickets will not be sold at the door – so don’t miss out!


  1. Charlie Horse: 9:19 (85#, kipping)
    Felt better about my pull ups (some good chunks of reps), and focused on improving my squat form. Even released the bar for a lot of the reps to try and keep my weight back. Baby steps.

    • Extra @ HS:
      3 rounds for time of:
      – 10 OHS (I did 55#)
      – 50 Double Unders

      struggled on double unders and had to concentrate hard to keep OHS going.
      Also got to do some good videoing of bad dead lift form and yes I did correct and not just video them.

  2. Charlie Horse – 10:37, 95#, kpu

  3. I’ve got nothing for that photo… besides the person in the background with the hoddy sooo does not want their photo taken.

    Charlie Horse: 9:06 (115# unbroken) leg was crushed from skiing last night.

    Have a great weekend all.

    • The Unibomber back there is Dougie B. There are no known photographs of The Real Doug Bell.

    • Colleen (OC)

      I conveniently backed away when I saw Meg with her phone!

  4. Heather V

    Charlie Horse – 9:51 Rx

  5. CH: 12:27 (115#) had less than zero in the tank today.

  6. Charlie Horse: 9:01 Rx

    10×1 close grip OHS: 45#

  7. Charlie Horse: 10:04 (135#)

  8. Charlie Horse: 12:08; 53# KB swings for C2Bs

    5×5 narrow grip OHSs @ 75#

  9. Heather V

    Here is that blog that we were talking about in the 5:30am for all the non facebookers.

    • Thanks for sharing! Hilarious read!

    • I’m offended.
      Also, what’s “Facebook”?

    • this is great and feels familiar from another 47 year old!

    • Heather V, thanks for posting my blog! (Your site showed up in my blog analytics.) It blows my mind that so many people around the world are sharing this thing and talking about it during WODs and so on. Look for more CF content in the near future from me!
      Mark J.

  10. Big Mike

    Charlie Horse: 14:42 (only first round was C2B-165#)
    Two days in a row….overdid it on FS. Broke each round into just 2 sets but had nothing in the tank today. When Rachel said 12 minutes I thought that would be plenty of time. Halfway through was just trying to make sure I didn’t get lapped by the entire second heat and end up with the 6:30 am folks breaking down my bar for me so they could warm up. I guess I should withdraw my ECC entry….

    Caption: “We must, we must, we must increase our bust, the bigger the better the tighter the sweater, the boys will depend on us”….name the movie without Googling it….my next door neighbor Laurie Gulliagmo saw it 35 times in 1978.

  11. Michelene

    Charlie Horse: 10:38 (KPUs, burpee step ups & 60#)

  12. Charlie Horse: 11:14 (135#)

  13. Colleen (OC)

    Charlie Horse: 12:57, 65#, otherwise Rx.

    FS in sets of 5 and 4. Down to single c2bs in the last round. Ouch.

  14. Rachel E

    Charlie the Lone Neon Horse: 8:14 with mods for shoulder (ring rows for C2B, 2 x box jumps, 115# squats from rack)

  15. Charlie Horse: 10:42 145#, 5X5 close grip ohs 45#
    5X200M sprints on 0:90 – Love it when sprints are done and thanks to whoever set that up.

    Goal points 5/58

  16. 3RFT
    15 – C2B Pullups
    12 – 20″ Lateral Burpee Box Jumpovers
    9 – 225# Backsquats (from the rack)


    … Rx was from the ground sadly my current 1RM C&J is 225#

    2. 5×5 Close Grip OHS – 45-55-65-75-80 (scaptastic)

  17. Charlie Horse – 11:00 Rx

  18. Kristin R

    Charlie Horse 13:10 (KPU, burpees step ups, 60#).

  19. Charlie horse: 12:09 80# step ups with burpees.
    I pumped that I challenged myself (for the first time in MONTHS) with the weight. Almost stripped it last minutes and wound up doing them all unbroken!

    All CTB but still can’t link them and 45 singles is a time kill!!

    Did step ups bc wanted to challenge myself on squats.

    Post party 100 sit ups/ 30 days. Butt hurts

    “My gym is different”…. After doing sit ups, I can pull my spandex down, and show my butt raspberries to friends and ask them how bad it is!? Do they do that at planet fitness or PURE BARRE?

  20. Tricia D

    Charlie Horse: 10:16 (65#, kb #35 for ctb)

  21. michelle

    Charlie Horse: 11:49 rx
    Close grip OHS 5 x 5: 55, 65, 75, 80, 85# ( f last rep at 85)

  22. ch: 12:08
    70#’s, 5 c2b/10 kip, rx burp-bj’s

  23. CH: 14:08 135# Back squats

  24. Charlie Horse: 9:12 (KPUs, plain burpees, 85#)

  25. Charlie Horse: 11:10 with 105#
    Enjoyed visiting the 9:30–big class!

  26. charlie horse: 14:04 (PUs, 95#)

    big 930 again! great job mick!!!

  27. Susan Stein

    Charlie Horse: 9:52 with the following mods for my shoulders: band pull aparts for chest to bars, in & out burpee box jumps (no chest to deck), 70# front squat.

  28. Charlie Horse – 8:25 Rx

  29. Charlie Horse: 7:33rx
    Close Grip OHS = miserable fail Squat therapy and shoulder mobility sessions on the horizon

  30. Jonathan

    Charlie Horse: 9:26 (135#)
    5 x 5 close grip OHS (45#)

  31. Charlie Horse – 11:32 RX <—huge victory on the C2B!! Far from good, but also far less bad than they have been.

    5×5 close grip OHS at 45#

  32. 9:54 rx

  33. ECC WOD “Triplet” 8:36

  34. Charlie Horse: 7:20 Rx

    Max Handstand Hold (against wall): 2:00 Min
    3 x 10 close grip OHS (45#)

  35. Patti Jeanne

    Charlie gave me a horse: 13:47? Ctb with bands trying to get timing for the open. 85# god my front squats still need work. Thanks Rachel & Ben for the encouragement

  36. Charlie Horse: 11:10 (75#)

  37. “Charlie Horse”: 11:32 Rx

  38. CH: 13:41 with 75# and 10 KPU per round. Had to use belt on amd off for that weiht in FS otherwise my back is compromised. Pull ups felt great. I am glad I cut down the reps and focus on standards.

  39. Charlie Horse. 11:31. 115#

  40. Prickly pear ?

  41. Jonathan M

    Charlie horse: 14:11, 135#

  42. 3RFT
    15 – C2B Pullups
    12 – 20″ Lateral Burpee Box Jumpovers
    9 – 225# Backsquats (from the rack)
    … Rx was from the ground sadly my current 1RM C&J is 225#
    2. 5×5 Close Grip OHS – 45-55-65-75-80 (scaptastic)

  43. Whoops cut and paste error from Chris M

    15 – C2B Pullups
    12 – 20″ Lateral Burpee Box Jumpovers
    9 – 225# Backsquats (from the rack)

    2. 5×5 Close Grip OHS – 45-55-65-75-85 hard to keep heels on ground

  44. CH: 12:41 with KPU and 55#.

  45. 15:54 (115) bbj/ chin to bar broken x3

  46. 7:53 RX


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